Signing Off–Digital Siggies for blogs and forums

When you see this heart, you know exactly who wrote the post you just read.

katie big


That little heart is my digital signature here at The Daily Digi, also known as a “siggy” for short. It’s a way of letting you know who the author of the post was, and it’s a nice little way to close off the entry. I also use a digital signature on my own personal blog. I’ve played around with many different versions over the years but I’m currently using my actual signature of my first name.

Somehow, it just feels strange to end a blog entry without some sort of final “sign off”.  I guess it’s somewhat similar to how an artist signs their work, each blog entry is a piece of me, and one of my own creations. I’ve noticed that digital signatures have become a popular little art form of their own lately. I love the creative ways that digital scrapbookers have chosen to represent themselves with these. Here are some great siggies from a few of our team members:


I love Lauren’s sweet and simple siggy image. She always signs off with an xo. Smile


Heddy has 2 different siggies for different forums. I love them both! Heddy has some great advice for making your own siggies:

(1) Keep them under 400 px wide — anything more looks ENORMOUS in the forums
(2) Don’t forget to shadow
(3) Save as .pngs to keep the background transparent

Trina’s latest siggy is so pretty, and it’s a great way for her to list all the teams she’s on. Trina also wrote a fabulous tutorial on how to make a fantastic siggy!


Some designers have even put out siggy tools to make the process easier. Here are a few of my favorites: (all images are linked)



FamilyMatters: The Signature Pack



If you want some more siggy inspiration, be sure to look through some of your favorite forums to see how your favorite creative people sign off!

katie big