Digi Scrapping the Movies


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Dictionary.com defines popular culture as: contemporary lifestyle and items that are well-known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population; also called pop culture. I’m a firm believer that the “things” in our everyday culture deserve a spot in our scrapbook albums. Movies are a big part of our pop culture, even if you don’t see them. Movie releases shape promotions, inspire toys and other products, and enter into our stream of information both online and offline.

When I (Katie) saw the Harry Potter layout shown at the beginning of this post, I couldn’t help but think about how I am longing to do some pages for our own albums that document our Potter passion.  Harry Potter has been a big part of our lives and we’ve seen every movie, surely I should include that on a page or two! I soon realized that there are many other movies (or even movie series) that have had an impact on our lives and could easily inspire some scrapbook layouts.


Want to digi scrap the movies? Here are some fun resources and tips:

  • Look up the current offerings at your local movie theater. If you go and see one of the movies, take a picture outside of the theater or in the lobby. (Photography is usually not allowed inside of the theater for copyright purposes.) Save and scan movie ticket stubs, or write down the cost of the movie and concessions.
  • Many movie websites will offer downloads of the promotion posters or computer desktops. These would be great to use on a digital scrapbook page!
  • Document how you watch movies. Do you go to the theater? Do you watch DVDs on a tv set? Do you watch movies on a computer or a device like a phone or iPad? Take pictures of the environment you watch movies in.
  • Look up the top movies of this calendar year (or do a Google or Wikipedia search for the top movies of any calendar year) and document the ones you’ve seen.
  • Make a list of your all-time favorite movies. You could even divide the list into categories like they do for the movie award shows (best drama, best comedy, etc.).
  • Take pictures of your DVD cases, or take screen shots of a movie trailer on your computer. The images from movies are copyright protected, but an image or two on a personal scrapbook page is perfectly fine.
  • If you are into theme parties, movies are great inspiration for those, and a fun occasion for memory making. You might enjoy this post about Heather Ann’s family movie night fun.
  • There may be some digi scrap theme kits centered around movies, but usually you will need to be creative in selecting supplies that will go with the theme of the movie. You might also consider using more generic papers and embellishments in the colors or style of a movie.
  • Look for movie fonts for title work. You can often find the very same font that is used for a movie title by doing a search. If you search on dafont.com you can often find fonts or dingbats that are great for movie pages. Try using search terms like “movie” or even type in the title of the show you are looking for.


Here are some great movie layouts for inspiration. All images are linked for credits.



























Now I’m really in the mood to watch a movie, and I can’t wait to scrap about it!

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