Different ways to scrapbook the same adoption story


I (Katie) am so excited to bring you another round of “Play it Again” and share with you many different ways to digi scrap the same memory. We regularly hear from our readers that this is one of their VERY favorite posts each month! We love showcasing the many different ways to scrap the same memory and we love that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to digi scrap!



This time, I coaxed my own Mom into sharing some photos and journaling for this assignment. She is sort of like an informal team member here at The Daily Digi because she helps us out with testing links, and keeping up on some of the happenings in the digi community. She’s comfortable as a behind-the-scenes kind of lady and she was a bit nervous coming up with a story for the world to read. As you will soon see, she did a wonderful job on the journaling and I’m so excited to share all of these amazing pages with her and my brother!


In 1988, as we were waiting for the time that Zach would be escorted from Korea to us, things with the adoption process changed, and it became necessary for his dad to travel to Korea to pick him up. As a result, he was able to meet the foster mother who had cared for Zach for his first three months of life.

She cared a great deal for him, and it was emotional for her to see him leave. She did take a liking to his new dad though. She had put this small blue outfit on him for his trip. She also had a Korean first birthday costume that she had made for his first birthday that she sent along. It is shown in the photo. We have saved both items, and he did wear the costume on his first birthday, although it was much too large for him. He wore it for a number of subsequent birthdays.

His foster mother took great care of him, and had carried him on her back in the Korean style for his first three months. As a result, when we got him, he could never be carried facing rear, and always had to be carried facing the front, and we adapted to that.

And the hair that stood straight up? Twenty-three years later, it still does – and he has adapted to that.



It’s so much fun to see all the different ways this story was scrapped – all of them are amazing!


The fun map background with the airplane en route to America is a great way to document the journey that he made to join our family. I also adore the title of “Love from Korea” – beautiful!


Layout by Tracy Ducar (Tracyfish) Gallery Link Credits:  Leaving on a Jet Plane by Jenn Barrette and Laura Banasiak at Sweet Shoppe Designs Font:  Champagne & Limousines


The colorful pennant banner is such a great way to play off of the colors of the traditional birthday costume. I especially love the clustering of embellishments framing the photographs and the great shadowing on all of the page elements. The adoption theme wordart is the perfect touch!


Layout by Holly Takatsuka (hollyinjapan) Gallery link. Credits: papers and most elements from A Blessed Life by Mye De Leon, adoption wordart and word strips from Forever Family Adoption Wordart Pack by Karen Lewis Designz, page template from Ingrid’s Templates Set 12 by Ingrid Fasquelle


The page design of this layout is really unique and beautiful. I love the blue background because it really calls attention to the picture of his foster mother. I’m always a big fan of flowers, even on boy layouts, and I think they add such a nice touch of color here. I just love the mixture of frames!


Layout by britaneejean. Gallery link. Credits: Here & Now, Here & Now {Finishing Touches} – Tracie Stroud collab with Captivated Visions, font is Traveling Typewriter


Adding a photo of Korea (from Wikipedia) for a background is such a clever way to add to the theme of this layout. I love the Korean inspired embellishments, as well as the extracted photo. So fun!


Layout by Lorilei Murphy. Gallery Link. Credits: paperie from Gypsy Call by Studio Tangie Bottom Floral Ribbon from Koreani by Studio Ztampf! Papers from Koreani by Studio Ztampf! background photo from Wikipedia


I love a minimalistic approach like this when the photos are so busy and colorful. There’s plenty of open neutral space to let the journaling and the photos take center stage. The bits of paper and string on the side add simple, but elegant finishing touches!

simplytiffanystudios-scrapworthytemplate_1 copy

Layout by Tara. Gallery Link. Credits: Altered template – Scrapworthy one by Simply Tiffany – Tiffany Tillman, Kit Fresh Air by One Little Bird


I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to scrap my own brother! I decided to focus on the love theme. I’m always amazed when I think of this sweet foster mother. It would be so hard to care for a sweet baby for a few months, and then have to send him halfway around the world. I think it takes a special kind of loving heart to be able to give such service!

feistuff_crazybeauty_template copy

Layout by Katie. Gallery Link. Credits: Fei’s Stuff Crazy Beauty template. Just Joyce Designs family word art. Kitty Designs Love Sounds. Traveling Typewriter font.


Isn’t it fun to see all the different ways this same memory can be scrapped? There are so many possibilities, and any of them can be used to make a creative and meaningful page. Look through each layout again and think about which one you prefer. Think about why that one stands out to you and what you like about it. It’s a great exercise to help you learn about yourself as a scrapper and your own preferred style. It also might help you explore some new styles that you haven’t tried before.  Its perfectly OK to use several different styles and methods in your own scrapbooking – I do it all the time!  Have fun capturing the memory, finding your own style(s), and PLAYING! Yes, it’s ok to play and have fun!


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