Journaling doesn’t have to be in a box

Just like titles don’t have to be on top of a page, journaling doesn’t have to be in a box, or in the shape of a block. It’s easy to get into ruts with our digital scrapbook layouts, and for me (Katie), typing my thoughts into a square or rectangle box of journaling has become a habit. Don’t get me wrong – I love the look of a nice, clean, word-filled box! I also love that there are other ways to add the story right into the design of a page. I decided to stroll through the galleries and find some examples to share here. (All images are linked for credits)


I have to admit that if I had created this page, I would have felt pressured to fill in all that middle space with journaling – but I absolutely love the thin strip of words connecting the top and bottom of this page! It’s a very refreshing design, with plenty of breathing space to let you take in all the gorgeous photos and embellishments.



Using text paths is a great way to break out of the square mold of journaling. I love the wonky circle of words on this page, it gives the layout a playful energy and an artsy feeling!



I just LOVE the big numbers filled with journaling on this layout! The theme of the written words is totally emphasized by the shape they are typed in.  Super fun!



Adding words along the outside edges of a layout is a creative way to document the page, and frame it at the same time!



On this layout, I journaled around the stitched edge of the page. It’s different than my usual style, but I love how it turned out!



Break up lengthy text blocks into smaller pieces and use them in creative ways on a layout. This page feels like a doodled diary entry full of illustrated thoughts. The word strips are also a clever way to add journaling!



While the journaling on this next layout is technically in a large block of space, I wouldn’t consider it to be a journaling box.  The way the font was used on the wrinkled paper, gives this the look of a handwritten letter with uneven paragraphs and spacing. What a creative way to think outside of the “box”! And if you want to read some great journaling, be sure to click on the layout. Fabulous!

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Next time you find yourself struggling to put your words on a page, try getting creative with journaling placement. It might just give you the creative spark you need to jot down those important thoughts!


katie big

P.S. iciclelady was the random winner chosen from yesterday’s comments!  She won $10 in product from Sahlin Studio!