Instagram Look Without the App

I love the look of Instagram photos, but I find when I want to take a photo with my phone, I don’t have the time to figure out which filter I want to apply. Another downside for the app in my book is the resulting images are low-resolution, which is never good for digital scrapbooking. Maybe you are like me, or maybe you don’t have an iPhone, but love the Instagram look.

I found some Photoshop actions this past week that will do the trick and they are free! I played around with them a bit and they are super easy to use! Just install them (drag and drop into Photoshop), open your photo, save with a new name, run the action. These actions are destructible, so you will want to save them with a new name before running the action (non-destructible actions apply the affects with layer masks that are easily deleted if you change your mind, at the end of destructible actions, you just have a flattened image).

The original image is not too exciting. Just something I thought was interesting in Pike’s Market last time I was there. Here it is Straight Out of Camera…well, I cropped it (the thin black stroke added to each image was done during creation of the post to separate the blog background from the white borders):


I added the action name on each photo, so you know what the results look like:













With these actions, you apply the effect first and then can add any border you want to any effect.

I had a lot of fun playing with these! Go ahead and give them a try! It’s a fun and easy way to take a so-so image to art with a click of a mouse.