Scrapbooking with a secret weapon

You might be surprised to find out that many digital scrapbookers have found a secret weapon to help them create stunning and meaningful layouts. I (Katie) am going to share 10 layouts here and ask you to think about what they have in common. All images are linked for credits, but I suggest that you don’t peek at the credits until after you’ve had a chance to do this little exercise.

Digi Dare #128:  Magazine Cover
















Have you had a chance to look at all 10 layouts with an objective point of view? Each layout tells a story, illustrates a memory, and represents something important to it’s creator. Any idea about what “secret weapon” was used? The answer is stock photography. Are you surprised? Stock photos can be a great tool in the digital scrapbooker’s bag of tricks. While most of the time you will want to be scrapping your own photos, there are times when a stock photo can really help you complete the memory you are documenting.

Why use stock photos? Sometimes you don’t have the photograph you need. I could have tried to photograph my own scale, tape measure, and exercise equipment for my layout about weight gain, but I didn’t want to have to spend the time and energy to create the scene I wanted to depict. On my Mykonos layout, I couldn’t very well travel all the way back to Greece to take the picture I forgot to capture when I was there more than 20 years ago. In examining all the other layouts, I would say the creator had the same reasons for turning to stock photos. It was the easiest way to add the scenes that would tell the story they wanted to share. In some cases, stock photos were used in combination with personal pictures. Other times, the stock photo is the only photograph used on the layout. Either approach is great way to add just the right image to your digi pages!


Need some more inspiration? Here are some fabulous resources:


Stock photo sources:


Always be sure to check licensing and terms of use for stock photos, but in most cases you will be just fine to use them on personal digital layouts. Consider adding some stock to the pages you need help illustrating – it’s a fun way to scrap!

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