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Best Deal in Digital Scrapbooking

Each set of files is only available for ONE month! When they are gone, they are GONE!

Where in digital scrapbooking can you get over $50 worth of digital scrapbook supplies, a 30-50 page interactive idea book (in PDF and iBooks formats),  automatically each month for ONLY $7.50 a month PLUS additional exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member? At The Daily Digi!! Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Try new-to-you designers with a very low risk.
  • Stock up on high quality products at an extremely low price.
  • Get layout ideas for the products included.
  • Learn the latest digital scrapbooking techniques in the Playbook.
  • Products are automatically added to your account each month, no checkout or PayPal login required.

At The Daily Digi, we are careful when scheduling designers and pick only those with high quality products. We also work hard to include different styles of designers from different sites each month, so there is something for everyone in each issue. Every month, there will be familiar names and some new-to-you names as well, this gives you a great opportunity to try new-to-you designers with a very low risk! Each month will feel like it’s your birthday as you download your goodies and unzip them to see what’s inside!

What Our Members Say

Our members constantly let us know how happy they are! Here some of their reviews of The Digi Files and Digi Game:

“For me each month is like my birthday! I just love the Digi Files and the diverse products to try. I have been scrapping for over 5 years with Photoshop and yet still always find something new to learn.” – Krista(norton94)

“I’ve been a DigiGame month-to-month member for almost a year now and finally got around to switching to an annual membership. I can’t wait for each new month to see all the new goodies!” – AJ

“My membership here has to be the very best bang for the buck I have with digital scrapbooking supplies. Every month I get such a variety of scrapping supplies; I get introduced to new designers and reintroduced to some; and I can enjoy the Playbook. This month is no exception. Wonderful variety, great quality, new designers, and yummy new digital goodness.” – Valerie

Hello, I am so glad I became a member as I am loving the Digifiles! I do not get to scrap often so I look for great templates to help maximize my time. I really enjoy the templates you provide… the beautiful kits are great as well. :) I have told a few friends who are considering going digi about your site. Thank you for all you do! Have a great day! Cris

What You Get

When you become a member to the Digi Game, you get all of this:

  • The Digi Files: over $50 worth of digital scrapbooking supplies by seven of the top digital designers in the community.
  • The Playbook: an interactive idea book (available in PDF and iBooks format) (at least 30 pages) showing layouts created by our team and the techniques used to achieve the looks, links to more resources and tutorials, and a video tutorial.
  • Exclusive collaborations: a huge exclusive kit created by past contributors to The Digi Files every four months you are a member.  You get the first kit, “Story of Everyday Life” right when you subscribe (pictured below)!
  • Extra Bonus Gifts every month.

ALL of that for only $7.50 per month…that’s it…really! Not only that, but if you subscribe and become a member for a whole year, you get THIRTEEN months for the price of eleven!

What Do The Products Look Like?

So, you’re wondering, “What kind of designers contribute? Just how good are these products?” Well, we have had over 150 awesome designers contribute since January, 2009! Here’s a look at what was inside The Digi Files one month:


Here’s a look at the first exclusive collaboration that you get right when you first subscribe and become a member:
Story of Everyday Life


Such a Good Deal

Can you believe it!? It really IS the best deal in digital scrapbooking and it’s only $7.50 per month OR equal to $6.35 per month if you subscribe for an annual membership.