Visual Journaling for the Digital Scrapbooking Non-Artist


If you have ever listened to the Digi Show, you have may have heard me declare, “I am not an artist.” I don’t feel that I am an artist…at least not what we traditionally think of when we say the word ARTIST. One of the things that Tangie shared on the show is that one of the new terms for Art Journaling that is catching on is “Visual Journaling”. Doesn’t that sound more doable? Pattie said, “If you can feel, you can art journal!” (Don’t you love that!?)


The term “Art Journaling” has typically been off-putting for me because I figured since I am not an artist, I wouldn’t be able to do it. After the discussion we had on the Digi Show this last week, I think I CAN do some “Visual Journaling”. Not only do I think I can do it, but I will probably enjoy it too. In fact, as I think back on some of my older layouts, they are in fact “Art Journaling”.

They are a visual way for me to share the hard times, the trials, problems; a way to work through some my thoughts and feelings. Here’s a look at a couple of them:


The layout above was one I did for the “Stand Up and Scrap” contest in 2007 that I participated in with hundreds of other scrappers. That contest stretched me as a digital artist more than just about anything. I still love all of my layouts I created for it. This layout is the only layout I have done about the day my husband was diagnosed with advanced kidney failure. (I would paste the journaling here, but it was one of about 10-15 layouts I lost in one of my many harddrive failures. I did have it printed before the EHD failed and I do have the low resolution files still). “Collide” by Howie Day came on the radio on my way home from getting the news. I created my Howie’s Stamps font for this layout (that is what I used for the word WORRY) and thus its name.


I created this layout in 2005 and although I wouldn’t think of this it as an “Art Journal” layout (because it’s not messy, painted, and doodly cute), I would definitely think of it as a “Visual Journal” layout! It’s about the day I dropped my youngest (at the time) off at school and how it made me confront my emotions and the grief of infertility. (It is linked to a larger version (or should be) if you want to read the journaling).

Tangie said on the show, “There are no rules, if you can just let yourself go and try it; whatever it is for you is right!” I think this might be what art journaling is for me. What is it for you?


If you would like to give Visual Journaling in digital a try, but are unsure of where to start, here are some resources for you:

Art Journal Caravan gallery at Scrapbook Graphics

Tangie’s Art Journal Caravan membership

Pattie Knox’s Digital Techniques for Art Journaling (be sure to click over to the Digi Show post to grab a coupon for 10% off and click the link there to support the show).

Listen to the episode 51 of the Digi Show: