How-To Crop Photos on a Layout (and not get funhouse mirror family members in the process)

One of the things that stumped me when I first started digital scrapbooking was how I should crop photos once they were on my canvas. I’m sure most of you are giggling and saying, “Really?” Yes, it is sad, and so very true!

I thought it would be great to show a couple of different options for cropping photos once they are on a layout.  All joking aside, this is one question I get a lot.  Another request I get from seasoned digital scrapbookers is to, “Please, please, please show new scrappers how to change a photo without distorting it.”  Resizing or changing the shape of a photo the wrong way, can end up with some pretty crazy looking family members (you know, like they should be looking into a fun house mirror).  So, I also cover that in this video.  Enjoy!

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