The Wonder of Google Wonder Wheel

I (Katie) can’t even count how many times a day I turn to the Google search tool to help me find something. I love Google and it is definitely my first choice in search engines! I was intrigued when I heard Debbie mention the Google Wonder Wheel on PDS038 Your Husbands are More Game than Mine. I never noticed the option to use the Wonder Wheel – how did I miss that?

Here’s a short video clip from one of Google’s software engineers to explain how the Wonder Wheel works:

Introduction to Google Wonder Wheel


Here’s a quick demonstration of how I have used this tool:

I searched for “digital scrapbook journaling” and was pleased to see that The Daily Digi came up in the top results. Smile


Then I clicked on the “Wonder Wheel” link on the sidebar. That brought up whole new wheel with several related topics radiating off the spokes from the center. The search results then move off to the side.



Here’s a closer look at the wheel:


Any time you click on one of those related topics, you will see a new wheel pop up and find more search results.


You can keep generating as many wheels as you want. It’s fun to see the idea grow and follow the thread of topics! Have you ever used the Wonder Wheel? Where did it lead you? I wonder what you’ll find when you try it?

P.S. The random winner from the “Just Scrap” reader challenge is Kellie. Watch your email later today for a fun gift code. 🙂 All of the layouts were just wonderful. If you want to take a look at them, just go through the comments section on this post. We love to see you scrap!