Super Fast and Super Great Looking Titles


Supplies: Doodled notebook paper by Jacque Larsen, “dude” by CD Muckosky, all other patterned papers and elements by Karen Lews, font is Cry Kitty

I love titles that look like they were created with an alpha, but I’m lazy and don’t always want to drag and drop each letter onto the layout, position, resize, etc. So, I thought I would share another secret for creating great titles… Atomic Cupcake actions! They work in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and she has GREAT instructions for installing them in each version (installing actions in Photoshop Elements 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and installing actions in Photoshop).

The Atomic Cupcake actions are non-destructive, which means, they make a copy of the layer you are applying the action to, put it on it’s own canvas and you can move it to your layout when it’s done. Because of this, I typically run the actions on a layer on my layout. Below is a picture of how one of my titles looked after running the action:




The first thing I do is pick my font, color, and type the title. For some of these actions, I prefer a piece of paper clipped to the title and for others, that won’t be necessary. Either way, I rasterize or simplify the title layer (PS: right click on the layer and select “Rasterize” PSE: right click on the layer and select “Simplify”).


To use any of the actions, you will need to select the text using the Magic Wand or the Marquee tool and be sure the text layer is selected in the layers pallete. A window will pop-up at the start of each action with any specific instructions (what the foreground and background colors will do) at which time you can click on “Stop” of you need to set anything before continuing.


Stamped Acrylic


The first action is the “Stamped Acrylic” action. It does just what its’ name says and makes the title look like it was stamped with acrylic paint. This action does not need a paper layer clipped to it. It’s a super fun look and so easy to create by pushing the Play button. Here’s what it looks like on my layout:



Distressed Edge 2


The Distressed Edge 2 action makes the edges look a little like they’ve been filed, sanded, and roughed up. This is one of the actions that you will want to clip a paper to the text and merge those layers before running the action. The foreground color will become the core of the paper. Here’s what it looks like on my layout:



Inked Edges

The Inked Edges action was one of the first ones I bought from Atomic Cupcake. I’ve always loved the look of inked edges in paper scrapbooking and was thrilled when I was able to easily duplicate them in digital. This is another action that does well with a piece of paper clipped to the shape or text. Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s a look at the Inked Edges title on my layout:





The “Marker” (comes with the action below as well) action makes the selection look like it was colored in and outlined with a marker. It even adds a bleeding look to it in areas and is perfectly imperfect in tracing the lines! I added a white stroke to mine to make it look like it was on a sticker:



Marker Edge


The “Marker Edge” (comes with the action above as well) action creates an outline that looks like it was created with a thick marker. It’s super fun! I used the bucket tool to fill each letter with a different color:



Sketch and Paint


I think this might be one of my new faves (I really do love them all though).”Sketch and Paint”  uses your foreground and background colors for the paint and marker. The paint has a transparent look like it would if it were stenciled. Here’s how it looks on my layout:


These are just a few of the actions BriAnna has available that can create cool titles. Out of all of these, I’m not sure which title I like best for this layout. Do you have one you prefer? I’d love to hear what you think!

P.S. I paid for all of these actions, this post was in no way sponsored. 🙂