Digi Scrapping Baby Milestone Pages

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Many of our Daily Digi team members have babies and small children so they’ve been asking each other for advice on how to capture those baby milestones in their albums. I (Katie) figured if our team is needed help in this area, I’m sure our readers could use some as well! The biggest questions have been:

  • Do you scrap monthly pages to record your baby’s development?
  • If so, when do you stop the monthly updates? At one year? Later?
  • What kinds of information do you include on these types of layouts?



Many team members create a layout for each month of life for the first year.  Then after that, many like the idea of doing the “big” months (18, 24, 2.5 years, etc.) because after 1 year, babies tend to slow down a bit on milestones. This approach allows for very detailed documentation of growth and changes from month to month.

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I really wish I would have done monthly update pages when my kids were little, but I didn’t even think about it.  I was a paper scrapper back then, but at least I kept a list of achievements such as first step, first tooth, and so on. I also kept all of our doctor checkup reports so I have information for those ages that has come in handy for journaling purposes. There’s nothing wrong with taking the approach of doing occasional “check ins” to update a little one’s progress or report on specific milestones such as physical growth or speech development.

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I’ve always been a fan of documenting the type of information that one associates with growing babies and children because it’s so fun to see them develop and change right before your eyes. I never expected that someday this journaling would become significant in a medical sense as my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. The doctors wanted to know when he reached every milestone from crawling to talking and I was able to tell them because I was a scrapbooker. I’m not suggesting that be the reason why you journal about your child’s growth, but it certainly was nice to have that kind of information on record.

It’s also fun once you have more than one child to see how their patterns of growth and development are both similar and different. Just remember to celebrate the differences and don’t get too worried about comparing!

Here are some ideas about what to document on milestone layouts:

  • Measurements at different ages such as; height, weight, head circumference, shoe size, clothing size
  • Important firsts; first word, first tooth, first outing, first birthday, first trip to the zoo
  • Developmental milestones such as; the date when first rolled over, sat up without help, crawled, walked, slept through the night
  • Speech and cognitive milestones like favorite words, funny sayings, learning the alphabet, able to sing songs, able to play games like peek-a-boo
  • Favorites such as; foods, tv shows, activities, stuffed animal or special blanket, place to sleep, people to see

When you keep track of the fun details of your little one’s growth, you will have plenty of information to use in journaling your precious layouts!

They are only little once, so be sure to treasure the time you have with your young ones. Have fun digi scrapping all the stages of growth and development, and remember to take lots of pictures!