Meet Tara

I am a momma to two fantastic boys, ages 7 and 1 who constantly challenge and inspire me. I don’t get along with the heat of summer, I freeze in our cold Canadian winters and oh how I wish our beautiful fall weather would just last all year. I’m a lover of old things, a collector, and if I could cover every wall with photos top to bottom I would. I am a photographer, and I would consider myself semi-professional and I hope to one day have my photography as my full time job. I love being able to capture the emotion in a moment, to freeze it for all time for families to love and cherish. I have been a scrapper since I was about 13, I have books of photos and bits of stuff glued and taped down. I love that I still have these, they really mean a lot to me now. However I really got into scrapbooking in a traditional sense when my oldest was born back in 2002. After a break (almost three years!) I got back into scrapbooking again and it was wonderful to craft and love it again. I no longer felt tied down to the stuff I had not scrapped and was ready to docement the memories I wanted to when I wanted to.
When my youngest was born in 2009 I made the leap into digital scrapbooking. I have to say that is when I fell in love with digital scrapping. It’s me. I have more creative freedom, I play more, I experiment more, I scrap more. Some times it works and some times it doesn’t and I start over. That was a big thing for me. I still scrap with paper but not nearly as often as I used to. More so when I want to be artsy and get my hands dirty so to speak.


CS5 & Elements 8 – from photos to birthday invitations to layouts I use these programs daily. I couldn’t function with out them. I know I can photo edit in elements but I keep that for scrapping and photoshop I tend to keep for photo editing. I don’t know why but when I started digital scrapping I got frustrated in photoshop but elements worked better for me so that’s how I keep it.
Templates – it may end up altered but I love templates. I would say 90% of my layouts are template based. They take the design guess work out and are a great starting point for anyone from beginner to veterans.
My Camera – whatever I have on hand at that moment. From my iPhone to my Canon 40D, my film Canon Rebel 2000 & video camera.
Frames – I love different tapes of frames to hold my photos on my layouts. Especially if I am not using a template, it makes me feel better they have a place of their own.
Stitching – digitally of course! I love love love stitching on a layout and have been playing around with it on my recent layouts! I actually purchased a real machine to be able to try it on real papers or maybe some digital/hybrid projects.


I have a style? With the world of digital scrapbooking so new to me I’ve just recently been finding my grove. Generally I consider myself a minimalist, I love clean, simple designs. I love blocked layouts, I like the solid lines of a grid. I also love a more artsy styles and have been incorporating that into my recent layouts.


Ali Edwards – there is nothing about her that doesn’t inspire me. She is fantastic. Love her timeless style. Love the photos + words. She tells a good story.
Liz Tamanaha – I love her minimalism, it’s pure clean and simple.


I fell off the seat at the Doctor’s office when I got an email from Steph asking me if I would be interesting in joining her creative team. How could I say no! This is my first creative team experience, and everyone here at The Daily Digi has been absolutely wonderful and welcoming. I am so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of scrapbookers. These ladies have some serious talent and I am honoured to be able to scrap with them. I’ve learned so much in such a short time with them already. The Digi Files, well they speak for themselves, because the kits are fantastic, the playbook is great and I am learning from it too!


Why, because it’s my boys and I love it, happy crafting.