learn how with ehow


When Steph picked ehow.com as her pick of the week on the very first Paperclipping Digi Show episode, I was curious to find out more about it. I have to say that I find the most useful and interesting things as a result of the weekly picks on the Digi Show and ehow.com is one of my favorite “discoveries” from the podcast! Here are some of the things ehow has shown me how to do:


Plan a Garden – There are oodles of articles about planning a garden with many links to great resources. This is how I found the Better Homes and Gardens Garden Planner resource which is a really useful (and free) online tool!


Keeping a computer in good shape – This is something that’s very important to me, I want my computer to last a long time because I do so much with it! There are many articles related to computer care. I found the one on extending battery life to be very helpful.


Digital Photography tips – Most of the digital photography resources on ehow.com are too basic for me (and for a lot of our readers), but they are still worth looking over. You might learn something new by reading through the simple steps they write about. I still like to check these articles because they give me ideas and a good measuring stick to be sure I’m remembering to do what’s important. This small piece on organizing digital photos is a good one.



Internet Safety and Security – I think this is one of the most useful sections on ehow.com. You can learn about how to block bad sites, get rid of viruses, and identify online fraud. There are even some useful articles that explain twitter, and how to text to a phone from a computer.


Internet – Um, I think we all can agree here that we love the internet! It’s our hub to the digital scrapbooking world and what brings us together every day here at The Daily Digi. You can learn about email, skype, blogging, domain naming, and a whole lot more in the internet section of ehow.com. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to the internet, but I have learned a lot from this resource. One of my favorite tips is to use the + sign when doing Google searches. Thanks ehow!

What has ehow.com taught you?

P.S. The random winner from our last “From the Files” challenge is Tamara. You can see her page here. Thanks to everyone who has participated in these fun challenges!