Titles Don’t Have to Be On Top

Layout by Katie. Heather Roselli Treasured from The Digi Files 15 (March 2010) template by Janet Phillips, Fill-a-bet alpha by me, Pea Jiawei font.


It’s natural for us to think that the title of the page should go toward the top of the layout since that is how we are taught in school. Put the title at the top of the page and then write the story, that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. Or is it? The nice thing about being creative is that you can change the rules around! In this case, there really are no “rules” – just conventions that we might want to question from time to time. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to page titles, consider moving them around to different locations for a fresh approach.

Including the title at the end of your journaling is a great way to emphasize the message you documented.

Layout by Katie. Template by Janet Phillips (the Misc. collection)Girls are Yucky by Lili Designs from The Digi Files 8 font is CK footnote


What about right in the middle of the page for a strong visual impact?

Layout by Katie. Fontologie Textura font


Try rotating your title for a unique look.

Layout by Katie. Template by Hillary Heidelberg Fiesta Peppers by Jacque Larsen Hootie font


Include the title as part of a photo or embellishment cluster to tie everything together visually.

Layout by Katie. Tracey Howard Snow Day from The Digi Files 10 Template by Audrey Neal Font is CK printer


An easy way to incorporate a title into the design of the layout is to use a pre-designed word art piece for a title.

Layout by Katie. Story Template by SuzyQ scraps High Seas kit by Kay Miller Times New Roman font


Titles are a great way to introduce the photo on the page, no matter where they are placed.

Layout by Katie. Template by me. Kit is Let them Eat Cake by Gina Cabrera. Fonts are CK footnote and Fontologie Chubby Times


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Next time you get ready to add a title to a layout, consider putting it somewhere other than the top of the page. Have fun and try new things!