Un-Digi: Photo Pass Tips


Whenever my family is lucky enough to take a trip to Disney, my souvenir is always a PhotoPass CD. A PhotoPass CD is a CD filled with photos taken by PhotoPass photographers throughout the park. Disney employs photographers and stations them around the park in key places. If you ask them, they will take your photo with their camera and add it to your PhotoPass, which is a plastic card about the size of a credit card with a unique number on it. The photographers will also take a photo with your camera if you ask (sometimes they will even offer). There are a few reasons I like to get the PhotoPass though, which I will explain in my tips:

1) Immediately after getting your PhotoPass card, take a photo of it with your own camera or phone, up close. This way, if you lose your card, you still have the number and can access your photos online.

2) Right now, at Disneyland, if you go into the Kodak shoppe on Main Street and ask for the Gallery CD with the coupon inside for a free PhotoPass CD, they will pull one of these magic CD’s out. The Gallery CD includes over 300 high resolution photos taken around the park. It also comes with a copyright release for personal use (meaning you can scrapbook with them digitally and get them printed too). Inside, you will find a coupon to get your PhotoPass CD for FREE. I was able to get the Gallery CD and the PhotoPass CD for a total of $50-$60, which is a GREAT deal!!


3) When a PhotoPass photographer takes your photo, tell them you are planning on buying a CD. Several of them told me when you do this, they will spend more time with you and take lots of photos. The photographer in the photo above spent at least 30 minutes with my family taking many family shots, individual shots, shots of just the kids, and shots with just my husband and I. He also took the time to show me some settings I should use on my camera around the park at that time of day.

This is one of the biggest reasons I like to buy the CD, the photographers will take a lot more photos than they would with your own camera. The photographers are also used to their own cameras and the settings are usually right on and produce great images.

4) Stop and have a photographer take photos every time you see a one! This will ensure the most pictures for your money.

5) If the Gallery CD option isn’t available when you go to Disneyland OR if you are going to Disney World, you can “pre order” your CD and save.

For even more great PhotoPass tips, head to AllEars.net and check out what they have to say.

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P.S.S. Today my family is celebrating the 5th anniversary of my husbands kidney transplant! Happy kidney day to my husband and his brother who gave him a second chance on life! We are forever grateful!

Do You Have A Scrapping Road Block?

imagealpha is Kate Hadfield’s Roadworks Alpha

I sent out a survey in our newsletter last month asking what your biggest digi dilemma is. I was surprised that the overwhelming response seems to be a variation on the fact that you just aren’t scrapping.  I think all of us come up against these road blocks at one time or another for different reasons.  I have been scrapping for over twenty-two years now and have definitely had my share of scrapping road blocks!  My biggest road block came in 1998-2001ish.  I had been a paper scrapper at that point  for twelve years.  I remember pulling all of my paper scrapping supplies out one day and trying to make myself scrapbook.  I remember thinking, “I just don’t enjoy this anymore!”  I tried a few other times to scrap and had the same feeling.  It got to the point that I dreaded it…more than doing laundry and more than scrubbing toilets!

Fast forward to 2002-2003 and my husband was telling me, “The future of scrapbooking is on the computer!”  I would laugh at the idea of it!  Then, I started playing on my computer…I started scrapbooking on my computer.  Suddenly, I was in love again!

I have realized over the years, that I am passionate about memory keeping in whatever form it comes (this is something that I talk about a lot on the Digi Show).  I believe that there is a form of memory keeping that will make your heart sing and that’s what you need to do!  There are many types of memory keeping that fit under the umbrella of digital scrapbooking, as far as I’m concerned: blogging, Facebook, Twitter, uploading photos to Flickr, basically anytime you bring photos and memories together using technology, you are digital scrapbooking.

Here are some tips for overcoming potential roadblocks that keep us from scrapping:

TIME: If documenting memories is important to you, schedule time to make it happen!  It’s really easy to put the things we love at the bottom of the list, but we need to do it!  Figure out a routine that will work, schedule it (on your calendar) and stick to it!

RULES: What “rules” are you creating for yourself that you need to let go of?  Are you telling yourself that you can’t scrap until you are organized?  Are you telling yourself that you can’t scrap until you are a “better” scrapper?  Are you telling yourself that you have way too many photos to ever be “caught up” so why even try?  Let go of these rules, because they aren’t rules and they don’t matter!  You CAN scrap without rules!

OVERWHELMED: Are you feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of photos you have that you are paralyzed?  Just pick one memory and START!  If that is too much, just pick a couple of favorite photos and START!

Just remember that something is better than nothing!!  You can do it and you will feel so good when you do!!


1) Find THREE photos that you like and want to scrap!  Hurry…go find them and then come back!

2) Pick a kit, any kit that you love, it doesn’t even matter if matches the photos because you can make the photos black and white.

3) Download this GREAT template from Scrapping with Liz (download links will only be good through this weekend).

4) SCRAP!!!!!!  Make your heart sing!


This template is included in this collection of Liz’s. A BIG THANKS to her for sharing it with us! I rotated the template counter clockwise 90 degrees and made this layout of a story I have been wanting to tell and a memory I wanted to document and you know what?  It made my heart sing to do it!


I used the Weeds and Wildflower Digi Files contribution this month.

Marching into Funtastic Friday


Our readers tell us on a regular basis that our Funtastic Friday posts are one of their very favorite things! There is so much to keep up on in digiland, but we do the legwork for you so you have more time for digi scrapping. Are you ready to see what we are loving this week?


We are SO excited about the new website (Capture your 365) that Katrina Kennedy has created to support, inspire, and encourage people doing 365 projects (or some variation of it). Her intent is to provide a free community space to connect and share 365 photos, pages and products. We can tell already that this is going to be amazing!



After 5 Designs has a very fun looking collab coming out for their 5th of the month special. It’ll be released on the 5th, $5 for 5 days. Don’t miss it!



Chelle’s Creations has this beautiful collection of stacked papers and clusters on sale 20% off until Sunday. Lovely!


Laura Banasiak has several awesome releases this week, one being the new Sew What – Doodads Volume 1



Suzy Q Scraps is doing a “collect-a-kit” daily giveaway for the entire month of March . Typically the links will only be active 24 hours, but she didn’t want The Daily Digi fans to miss out on the first few days. So she’ll leave all the links active thru Sunday, and then start turning them off daily, so no one misses out on the beginning pieces. 🙂 How nice!



Micheline Martin has a beautiful add on bonus freebie when you purchase her “just a boy” kit. Love the soft colors!



I absolutely adore this fun collab from WM Squared and Graham like the Cracker!



It’s BYOC time at The Lily Pad and these flowers from Kaye Winiecki are just delightful! On sale this weekend.



Liz of Paislee Press has something special for us with Curated no. 2 on sale 20% thru Tuesday, March 8th + an exclusive offer for presslist subscribers: Get Curated No. 3 for free when you purchase Curated No. 2 (look for discount code in the latest paislee press newsletter).



Karla Dudley has 5 new kits available at Design House Digital. Check them out!



Watch out for a leprechaun at Scrap Orchard! Looks like there will be some fun stuff happening!



Jacque Larsen has something fun for us with the new BYOC at The Lily Pad. Pretty Lil Ponies is 20% off all weekend long.
but she’s also offering an additional coupon code for TDD readers only. Coupon good for an additional 20% off this weekend.
the code is: TDD_MAR Thanks Jacque!

Pretty Little Ponies by Jacque


Misty Cato has a new blog, so stop in and say ‘hi’ and pick up a great freebie and check out her tutorials!



We recorded a fun new Paperclipping Digi Show podcast this week with Debbie Hodge of Get it Scrapped, Peppermint Granberg of One Little Bird Designs, Steph, Izzy, and me (Katie). I’ll update this post when the show is up.


I’m off to make the rounds now! Smile

katie big

P.S. BrendaE was the random winner chosen from yesterday’s post.  She won $10 in product from Weeds and Wildflowers! 🙂



I’ve been emailing with Gina Marie of Weeds and Wildflowers for over a year and a half about contributing to The Digi Files.  Our schedules never seemed to line up until now and I’m thrilled about it!!  I love Gina’s simple, classic, whimsically artsy style!  I love the bright, bold colors she uses and all of the super fun elements!  My favorite products of Gina’s are her layered Sweet and Simple pages, they make me happy! Let’s take a closer look at Gina Marie’s contribution to The Digi Files this month:



Here are some layouts using “every{day} life”:


Layout by Melissa L., additional supplies: Font is CK Typist
Layout by Jacki
image Layout by Dunia
Layout by Tara, additional supplies: font CK Ali’s Writing
Layout by Jenn, additional supplies:  Traveling Typewriter font

You can see many more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



Name: Gina Marie Huff (Weeds & Wildflowers Design)

Hometown/Family: I am blessed to live in the beautiful mountains of rural Utah with my best friend and husband, Greg. We have four amazing little boys, ages 5, 7, 9, and 11, and they keep our lives busy and full of adventure. We also have two horses, a pony, three cows and two dogs. Life is crazy busy but we love every minute of it!

About Me: I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, I love rainy days, eating healthy, laughing and reading good books. I enjoy sappy, romantic movies, and I can be found drawing or doodling if there is a pen and paper nearby. I always twist my hair when I am designing or concentrating, I do not have a sweet tooth, and if I could live off of cereal, I would.

Ever since I started digital designing I have felt it important to be a mom first and a designer second, which makes for many a late night in my week. I am a night owl anyways, so it works ok. I love designing and taking photos – it is my passion and creative outlet and it helps me to appreciate everyday life.

Weeds & Wildflowers Design Shoppe

Weeds & Wildflowers Blog

My Personal blog

W&W Facebook

designerscanvas3 Layout1



After my first little guy was born I became an avid paper scrapper – I couldn’t get enough of it. My sister tried to get me into digital scrapbooking for quite a while before I gave in. I think I knew it would consume my life so I was hesitant to start. I finally downloaded some digital products and was completely hooked. Away to storage went the punches and glue dots and out came the laptop and Photoshop. Shortly thereafter I decided I would like to design my own supplies and had way too much fun doodling and playing to look back.


Lots of things inspire me when designing: Fun combinations of colors, a wonderful photo of one of my boys, a cute ribbon, a funky dress fabric, an amazing quote. I love polka dots, stripes, bright, fun colors, whimsical doodles, and retro patterns. It feels great to start an idea and see it evolve from some random thoughts and sketches to a fun, eclectic mix of colors and styles. It is then amazing to me to see those things embellish a photo and memory and be recorded forever in a beautiful way.


I use my lovely iMac for everything (I am a happily, recently converted MAC girl), a Bamboo Fun tablet for doodling (my favorite tool), Photoshop CS5 for creating, and a Nikon D90 for capturing those wonderful, everyday moments of life.


I am not sure I have one – my favorite product seems to always be my current project because I love fresh, new things. However, if I had to pick one, I would say my Sweet & Simple kit #10. It was one of those that just came together quickly and wonderfully.



I would say the whole Sweet & Simple line – a set of kits, templates and premade, layered pages for scrapping a photo for every day of the year. This is September’s set of Sweet & Simple Pages for an example of one:

SSLifeexamplegraphic SweetSimpleLife_Graphic


Here are some of my favorite products by Gina


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Gina’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Gina’s Store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Gina Marie of Weeds and Wildflowers

The following layouts were created using  “every{day} life” by Gina Marie of Weeds and Wildflowers and included in The Digi Files during March.  Grab them through the store or through subscription:


Layout by Lauren, additional supplies: topography set 12 by valorie wibbens, font: neoretrofill
image Layout by Karen
Layout by Trina, additional supplies: Polyester Bride by Queen of Hearts
Layout by Anne
Layout by Tanya
Layout by SharonS, additional supplies: template by Jenn Lindsey
Layout by Shannon, additional supplies: Neutral Basics stitching by Robyn Meierotto and Digi Essentials 9 brushes alpha. The font is Traveling Typewriter
Layout by Melissa L., additional supplies: Font is CK Typist
Layout by Jacki
Layout by Dunia
Layout by Tara, additional supplies: font CK Ali’s Writing
Layout by Jenn, additional supplies:  Traveling Typewriter font

Posting layouts to online galleries


When I (Katie) first started digi scrapping back in 2005, I hung out every day in the Two Peas online gallery. I posted my very first digital layout there on April 13, 2005 and I was thrilled when I received praise from other digital scrapbookers. I was hooked! Over the next few years, I posted 387 digital scrapbook layouts to my 2Peas gallery before I moved to a few other sites such as Digi Shop Talk, A Cherry on Top, Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, The Shabby Shoppe, Designer Digitals, and My Scrapbook Art. If a new gallery popped up, I usually gave it a try, but I always seemed to land back at that handful of original galleries. I have shared hundreds of layouts on those sites, and made lasting friendships in the digi community because of my involvement in galleries.

Over the past year or so, I’ve lost touch with online galleries. I’ve only posted sporadically and have chosen to just upload all of my layouts to my Flickr photostream and share them with a few groups there. While I love Flickr and the groups I’m involved with there, I’ve recently found myself longing for a bit of the “good old days” of hanging out in the galleries. There are so many now though, that I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed. I can only imagine how a beginner must feel! Gallery posting can be a bit intimidating at first, but it can also be very rewarding. Before you get started, there are a few basics you need to know if you want to share your layouts online:


Save your layout in a web size that is appropriate for a gallery.

If you have any questions about what the size requirements are, there are usually specifications posted in a forum thread or a FAQ area. The standard size that will work for most galleries is 600×600 pixels in 72 pixels per inch. There are a few different ways to change your layout size (also called resampling). Here’s the method I use:

  • Open full size flattened jpeg layout in PSE (or similar program).
  • Immediately resave layout with a NEW name so you don’t overwrite the original layout. I always name my web layouts starting with web_ and then add whatever I want to name it such as web_home This keeps all my web layouts together in my files if I want to delete them later on.
  • Go to Image –Resize – Image Size


  • Change the resolution to 72 pixels/inch and the pixel dimension to 600 x 600 and click “OK”



and use these settings


Again, the unsharp mask is purely optional, but it really makes web images look great!

  • Click “OK” and then save your image and close. Now your web file is ready to post.
  • You can also check out Steph’s post on optimizing for the web


Post to Gallery

Gallery websites will require you to create an account with a user name and password. You will also need to accept their terms of use, which usually include guidelines for keeping the community free of harmful content. Be sure to review the terms and make sure you comply with them. Some galleries have posting limits so everyone gets a fair chance at having their layout seen. Usually, the limit is 5 layouts per day, but that does vary from site to site. Take a few minutes to become familiar with what the site expectations are.

  • When you are ready to share a layout, look for the upload button or tool. I’m using the Me So Scrappy gallery to illustrate the uploading process.



Select the web file from the folder you saved it to on your computer. Add the title, description, and credits to the layout. I like to check the box to be notified when someone comments. You will also want to enable comments on your layout.  Then hit “Submit”


Some galleries will give you a second page option like the image above where you can still edit your submission. If you are posting to a specific designer’s gallery, this is usually where you can make that selection. Click on “Process” or “Submit” as needed.

  • Check to be sure your layout posted properly. Here’s mine if you want to see it up close.



The Next Step

If you simply post your layout and then leave the gallery, you won’t get much out of the whole experience. It’s also considered good online etiquette, to do a little more than just post and run.  While there are no official rules for most sites, it’s generally considered polite to look at a few other layouts and leave some nice comments (aka “praise”) for them. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to do this because you will get to know other digi scrappers, and learn to find good things about other people’s creations.

In this case, I left comments for the 3 layouts that had been posted right before mine. I commented on a beautiful blue & green color scheme, great title work + clustering of elements, and well-written journaling about an emotional topic. I learned a lot by looking closely at these 3 layouts.


Some scrappers try to return praise to anyone who leaves them a comment. Others will leave comments for every layout on the same page as theirs. It’s a matter of personal preference, but I do suggest you give back a little if you want others to look at your own creation.


Why Post in Galleries?

This is a good question because it does take extra time and effort to post a layout online. There are also some layouts that shouldn’t be shared online if they have very personal information or could be harmful to someone’s privacy or safety. (Don’t post anything with your address, or information that could compromise your or someone else’s safety). There are many good reasons to participate in online gallery sites though.

  • Get feedback on your scrapbook layouts. This is a fabulous way to grow your skills as a digital scrapbooker. If you notice that you get a lot of nice comments on a page where you tried a new design technique, you will realize that it was a successful experiment. When someone notices that you took the time to add several different groupings of buttons and flowers, you will think about how you arranged them on the page and why you chose to do that.
  • Learn from other digi scrappers. By looking at other layouts and reading the comments (or leaving your own), you can get a good idea of what works well on a page. I learned about the difference a few small details can make on a layout, by paying attention to the gallery posts that got a lot of praise.
  • Share what you are creating. It’s reinforcing to share what you make with others and helps you want to keep going.
  • Promote designers and products you like. Creative team members are encouraged to share their layouts in online galleries to help showcase the designer’s products. I often find digi designs that I want to buy after seeing layouts using those items in the galleries. I like to see how the products can be used on real layouts.
  • Be a part of a community. This is why I love galleries – you will get to know other people and feel like you are a part of the digital community.


Which Galleries?

There are SO many great galleries these days, it would be impossible to list them all! I have a few favorites that I will share:

Open galleries (means there are no rules on which products you can use)

And don’t forget our Flickr Group! There are no product restrictions, it is considered an “open” gallery. It’s even easier to post to than most galleries and you don’t have to resize anything! Smile

Closed galleries (means that they would like you to use a majority of their products – many stores have “closed” galleries because they are promoting their own designers). These are a great resource to find layout examples using a specific designer’s designs.


Here are a few great tips from some of our team members:

Heddy says:

I post my scrapbook pages to DigiScrapTalk, MyScrapbookArt and Log Your Memory, as well as to the stores where I purchased the products used in the scrapbook layout. DST, MSA and LYM are “open” galleries which means they allow posting of layouts containing any products. I find the widest variety of inspiration at these galleries. I particularly like LYM’s focus on storytelling though, as I am a journaling-heavy scrapper.
I post to galleries for a few reasons. First, some of my creative teams require posting to a certain number of galleries are part of my commitment to the designer/store. Secondly, I get a lot of inspiration from galleries and I think it’s only fair to share some of the pages I create to contribute to the community.

My gallery tips:

  • I use the Windows 7 “snipping” tool to snip (make a screenshot capture of a specific part of the screen) an inspiring layout, the users name and layout credits. I save these in an inspiration folder on my computer. It makes it really easy to find an cool product or credit a scraplift. You can always use the favourites button in the gallery itself, of course, but I’ve had bad luck with some favourited layouts disappearing or replaced with an “Out for Publication” notice.
  • Not every layout needs to be posted to galleries! I wouldn’t post ones featuring my child’s school name, for example. I also don’t post really personal journaling — although I will post mushy journaling about how much I love my kids because I figure everybody knows that! For layouts with journaling that I want to keep private, I create a special web version with the journaling text replaced with a filler like “The journaling goes here. The journaling goes here. Etc.”
  • When posting in a store gallery, I like to post my layout in the main gallery and the kit designer’s gallery. I like it when other people do that so that I can go to the Designer X gallery and see many layouts created by many people using her designs.
  • If there’s a store or a designer that you really love, post your layouts in their gallery. I really, really like The Daily Digi. I’ve used almost every kit from The Digi Files over the past two years. As each designer spotlight would come out, I’d post my layout in the TDD Flickr group and leave a comment in the designer spotlight post. Eventually, persistence paid off and Steph asked me to be on the TDD team!

Melissa S. says:

Although I use a variety of galleries to post creative team work, I really enjoy the community at Scrapbookgraphics. I’ve chosen to keep that gallery as my home base and I’ve been on the team of a couple of designers over the 4 years I’ve been active there. I find that sticking to one main gallery helps me thin-slice my forum browsing time! I also spend some time commenting and find that participating in challenges and in the forum means that others see my pages and comment too!

I have been loving finding designer pools on Flickr lately – a great way to see work with a designer you love!


We’d love to know if you post in online galleries and which ones do you post in? Do you have any great tips for other digi scrappers who might want to join in?

See you around in digi land!

katie big

Look Who’s Joining Us For March


Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for this month’s Digi Files!  This group of designers has worked so very hard to “WOW” all of us and they have succeeded!  My team has been busily creating behind the scenes with The Digi Files #27 and have some beautiful inspiration that we will share during the month.

Welcome to the designers that make up The Digi Files #27:

Gina Marie Huff (Weeds and Wildflowers)
Scooty’s Designs
Penny Springmann Designs
Krisi’s Kreations
Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics
Vera Lim Design
Karen Lewis Designs

You will not want to wait on these!  They are only available during March and once they are gone…the designers will put them in their own stores at full retail value! When you become a member by subscribing, you get LOTS of extra perks and goodies!  It really is the BEST deal in digital and it’s not too good to be true when it’s at The Daily Digi!

Here are the random winners chosen from yesterday’s comments:

Rebecca (different IP address from the first one 😉 )
Michelle Huegel
Donna U

P.S. Just a reminder that Kayla’s FREE Organizing in Lightroom class starts TODAY!  She sent me a little preview and I am so excited to install my Lightroom program and learn a few things!  How SWEET of her to just GIVE this to us!?  Be sure to tell her thanks in her comments!