5 Ways to Create More Interesting Photos

Do you want to create more interesting photos? Are you tired of getting similar results every time you click the shutter?

Here are five methods to create more interesting photos, no matter what camera you are using. The five methods work whether you are shooting on auto modes or full manual.

1. Slow Down

2. Get Closer

3. Eliminate Extras

4. Change Your Point of View

5. Shoot Often



Life moves quickly. You grab the camera and begin madly clicking to capture the moment. Stop! Slow down. Look for your photo. Shoot more deliberately.

Wouldn’t you rather have one or two amazing photos instead of 20 so-so photos you fired off quickly?

Shooting more deliberately gives you the opportunity to compose your shots more thoughtfully and create more interesting photos. Even if you have a fast moving subject, slowing down to consider your settings will help ensure you have the correct ones for the situation.



Moving closer to your subject is the easiest way to create more interesting photos. Filling the frame leaves your viewer with no question about your intended subject.

Consider where you are cutting off people’s body parts while filling the frame. A general rule of thumb is to avoid cutting at joints. Chins and tops of heads are just fine. Chop away. Fill the frame with eyes, nose and smile!



Filling the frame works because you eliminate extra elements and create an uncluttered image. If you decide to step back for a wider view, watch for extras in the frame that distract from your subject.


§ Poles and lines cutting through or growing out of your subject’s head

§ Bright bursts of color behind your subject

§ Clutter in the background that creates an unbalanced feeling

Before you press the shutter button look around your viewfinder for any unintended extras. Simply stepping a foot or two to either side of your frame can eliminate distractions.

Consider how you use negative space to create more impact.



Do you take every photo from the same position? Change your point of view to get a quick change to your photo, no matter what mode you are using.

Choosing a different angle can hide flaws and enhance beauty, transforming your subject. When shooting from below something, it will appear larger, while shooting from above makes a subject appear smaller.

Try bending your knees getting on the level of your subject, looking down on things you might not normally view from above and avoid standing where you are and just clicking the shot.

For portraits, shooting from above your subject slims, flatters, and eliminates any extra chins!



The more you use your camera the more familiar the buttons and settings become. Pick up your camera, practice shooting more deliberately. The better results you get, the more you will be inspired to shoot. It’s a lovely cycle.

Let’s get that practice started with an assignment!

ON ASSIGNMENT: Find A Different Angle

Have a little fun with this!

  1. Find any subject that you can shoot from multiple angles. (A cooperative one is best.)
  2. Shoot in any mode.
  3. Find good light. [ link to http://thedailydigi.com/improve-your-photos-without-buying-a-thing/ ]
  4. Position yourself above your subject.
  5. Shoot.
  6. Fill the frame with your subject.
  7. Shoot.
  8. Move your subject or yourself so you can shoot it at eye level.
  9. Shoot.
  10. Position yourself or your subject so you can shoot from below.
  11. Shoot.

What did you find? Which point of view is most interesting?

Have fun shooting!



Katrina Kennedy is a photographer, teacher, author, and a mom. She is passionate about documenting the everyday moments of her life. Katrina has helped hundreds of people improve their photography skills in her online classes at GetItScrapped.

Katrina recently launched CaptureYour365 a community for ideas, support, and inspiration for your 365 project. She has taken a picture a day since February 2008, missing a photo on only one day. She still suspects that photo was misplaced somewhere!

Her most popular class Your Life: Through The Lens begins March 22nd.