Mini Me Layouts

I love layouts that compare and contrast family members personalities.  It’s always been interesting to me, whether it’s nature or nurture, to see the way my kids are different or the same to me, my husband, and my parents.  I have seen this happen even with my friends that adopt.  I have one friend that has two adopted children and has been known to say, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think they had my genes!”

My kids also love hearing how they are like their relatives.  I have been wanting to create these layouts and capture these stories for a very long time:


Layout by  Steph, supplies: A Day Like Today by Lauren Grier and Jenn Barrette, Write On journaler by Misty Cato, template by Connie Prince and Bubble Scrap Designs; fonts: Clementine Sketch and Pea Amy

My oldest daughter is so much like my mom, Grandma Ginnie, that we have been calling her “Minnie Ginnie” for quite some time.  I find myself giggling to myself sometimes and laughing right out loud others because she reminds me so much of my mom!

Here’s one from Jacki:  This is of an old photo I ran across the other day which just typified my DS love for his daddy and his nickname “Mini Me” that he got from our work colleagues.

Layout by Jacki, additional supplies: WW Wonder and WW Everyday Life (TDD 27)

Here’s one from Trina:  My DD was exactly like me in that she would not stand or walk until it was on HER terms.  She scrunched her legs up beneath her just like I did, I liked how these 2 pictures show us doing the same thing at 15 months.  She ended up walking at 1 day shy of 18 months.

image Layout by Trina, additional supplies:  Love All Year Long kit – Jady Day Studio;
Background – Brand New Boy kit – Bren Boone; Arrow (recolored) – Magnus kit – Bren Boone; Font – Techno

This one’s from Jenn: My hubby, and his mini-me…


Layout by Jenn, additional supplies: TempBlends Vol. 10 and Science 101 alpha (modified) by Jenn Lindsey, Bunsen & Beaker by Libby Pritchett, Everyday Life by Weeds & Wildflowers

There are many more of these “mini me” layouts that I can think of doing for people in my family.  I think I will spend some time this weekend scrapping them and getting these stories down!  What about you?

As you are thinking about this challenge, remember my only rules for scrapping:
1) You have to start somewhere.
2) Something is better than nothing.
3) Scrap what makes your heart sing!