Do You Have A Scrapping Road Block?

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I sent out a survey in our newsletter last month asking what your biggest digi dilemma is. I was surprised that the overwhelming response seems to be a variation on the fact that you just aren’t scrapping.  I think all of us come up against these road blocks at one time or another for different reasons.  I have been scrapping for over twenty-two years now and have definitely had my share of scrapping road blocks!  My biggest road block came in 1998-2001ish.  I had been a paper scrapper at that point  for twelve years.  I remember pulling all of my paper scrapping supplies out one day and trying to make myself scrapbook.  I remember thinking, “I just don’t enjoy this anymore!”  I tried a few other times to scrap and had the same feeling.  It got to the point that I dreaded it…more than doing laundry and more than scrubbing toilets!

Fast forward to 2002-2003 and my husband was telling me, “The future of scrapbooking is on the computer!”  I would laugh at the idea of it!  Then, I started playing on my computer…I started scrapbooking on my computer.  Suddenly, I was in love again!

I have realized over the years, that I am passionate about memory keeping in whatever form it comes (this is something that I talk about a lot on the Digi Show).  I believe that there is a form of memory keeping that will make your heart sing and that’s what you need to do!  There are many types of memory keeping that fit under the umbrella of digital scrapbooking, as far as I’m concerned: blogging, Facebook, Twitter, uploading photos to Flickr, basically anytime you bring photos and memories together using technology, you are digital scrapbooking.

Here are some tips for overcoming potential roadblocks that keep us from scrapping:

TIME: If documenting memories is important to you, schedule time to make it happen!  It’s really easy to put the things we love at the bottom of the list, but we need to do it!  Figure out a routine that will work, schedule it (on your calendar) and stick to it!

RULES: What “rules” are you creating for yourself that you need to let go of?  Are you telling yourself that you can’t scrap until you are organized?  Are you telling yourself that you can’t scrap until you are a “better” scrapper?  Are you telling yourself that you have way too many photos to ever be “caught up” so why even try?  Let go of these rules, because they aren’t rules and they don’t matter!  You CAN scrap without rules!

OVERWHELMED: Are you feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of photos you have that you are paralyzed?  Just pick one memory and START!  If that is too much, just pick a couple of favorite photos and START!

Just remember that something is better than nothing!!  You can do it and you will feel so good when you do!!


1) Find THREE photos that you like and want to scrap!  Hurry…go find them and then come back!

2) Pick a kit, any kit that you love, it doesn’t even matter if matches the photos because you can make the photos black and white.

3) Download this GREAT template from Scrapping with Liz (download links will only be good through this weekend).

4) SCRAP!!!!!!  Make your heart sing!


This template is included in this collection of Liz’s. A BIG THANKS to her for sharing it with us! I rotated the template counter clockwise 90 degrees and made this layout of a story I have been wanting to tell and a memory I wanted to document and you know what?  It made my heart sing to do it!


I used the Weeds and Wildflower Digi Files contribution this month.