Jealous or Happy?


When someone tells you they are buying a new house, do you say “Oh, I’m so jealous!” or do you reply “Oh, I’m so happy for you!” I (Katie) decided many years ago that there is an important difference with the way you respond to the good news that others share. I’ve noticed lately, especially on facebook, that women often say “I’m so jealous!” when replying to a friend’s status update.  When you take a minute to think about it, what you are really doing is putting the focus back on yourself. Instead of telling the other person that you are happy for them, you are really saying that you are unhappy for you.

Have you ever thought about it that way? Once you realize the difference, I bet you will notice how many times people say that they are jealous, or how often they express their own problems instead of being genuinely happy for others. Of course, it goes much deeper than what you say – the real change comes from within. You can actually train yourself to be glad for others instead of being sorry for yourself.

When you hear something good that is happening to someone else, take a minute to think about how nice that is for them. If your friend who has 4 little kids that are wearing her out and she gets a chance to go away with her husband for the weekend, be happy for her. She will have so much fun – and you want your friend to have fun! Don’t focus on that YOU should get a weekend away and YOU never get the opportunities that she does. Is that how you would want a friend to respond to your good news? There is no happiness in that way of thinking, and you will end up bitter and not able to enjoy the opportunities that do come your way.

Just a little un-digi thought for the day. It’s made a big difference in my life!

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Happy Hybrid


One of the great benefits of hybrid for digi scrappers is that you can use your supplies over and over again. This is particularly useful when it comes to hybrid projects! Here are some happy little hybrid creations that have caught my eye lately:


I love these little abc blocks! What a sweet addition these would be to any nursery. You can find the instructions and product links on the Life of a Modern Day Hippie blog. (Isn’t that a great name for a blog?!)



CD Sleeves can be decorated to create little favor bags – they are perfect for a big cookie as well. This idea from Eighteen25 would be a great hybrid project!



This hybrid chick project is perfect for digi scrappers who can print out their own paper. You get to decide what prints go on your own double-sided paper!



Any day can be Valentine’s Day with this sweet little love notes box! See step-by-step instructions on The Hybrid Chick.



I love finding inspirational hybrid creations like this one from leightheo in our Digital Inspiration Flickr Group.


tettletop20 is another flickr group member who makes great hybrid cards. Love this one!


I love this sweet little basket by flickr group member wildblueeyez15068


Finally, this might be the most intricate hybrid project I’ve ever seen! This amazing creation by Vinnie Pearce even has a free download template so be sure to check out her blog.



If you are looking for a way to stretch your supplies and your creativity, add a little hybrid happiness into your digi routine and have some fun!

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a Funtastic Friday in February!


February is a fun month with Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. In North America, we also make a big deal out of Super Bowl Sunday which is coming up this weekend. I (Katie) really don’t care much about watching football, but I love munching on good food and plopping down on the couch with my laptop while my family cheers for their favorite team. It’s a great time for digi scrapping so I’m excited about today’s Funtastic Friday finds!


We had a great time recording the latest Paperclipping Digi Show podcast all about the process we go through when we are digital scrapbooking our pages. Come listen to Tiffany Tillman, Sara Gleason, Steph, Izzy, and me (Katie) discuss how we do our digi scrapping. I know you will be inspired after listening, I sure was!

You can listen below or in iTunes; Izzy has a video on his site explaining how to do that OR you can see our tutorial with screenshots: Tutorial for Listening in iTunes.  You can join in the discussion about the show after listening if you want.  You can listen below, subscribe in iTunes, or subscribe through our RSS feed.




Peppermint Granberg (One Little Bird Designs) and Liz Tamanaha (Paislee Press) are sharing the Designer Spotlight this month at Oscraps. Be sure to check out the challenge, prizes and a bunch of free products!


I love BYOC time at The Lily Pad and the colors in this collection look so yummy!



I love the cute character’s in Jacque Larsen’s SleepPea Princess kit! She has a coupon JUST for TDD readers
of an addition 30% off the ALREADY sale price of 20% (this weekend only!) the code is FF_PEA and it expires Monday, February 7th.

SleepPea Princess Mini Kit by Jacque


Scrap Orchard is celebrating this weekend with a “Scrapper Bowl” where there will be lots of freebies, coupons, and gift certificates given away. Sounds like my kind of party!


I love this brand new Valentine inspired Love Bot kit from Digital Design Essentials on sale for 25% off!  Daily Digi readers can use Discount Code: sweet20
for an additional 20% off (expires 02.05.11).


The Write On line of journaling spots from Misty Cato with fitted text paths are designed to help you add your story to your page without the fuss of trying to make your text ‘fit’ onto a journal spot.  What a time saver! For the month of February only, get all 5 packs at a bargain when you purchase the bundle.



Jenn Lindsey is a guest designer this month at Scrap Matters where she has several fabulous new template packs!



Jenn CK has a great bundle bonus that comes free with any $5 purchase in her store. Great deal!



These all-in-one frame templates from Cindy Schneider are really clever ! You can find them at Sweet Shoppe Designs on Saturday February 5th.



Sir Scrapalot’s newest kit, Gaga for Little Monsters will be 20% off for the weekend. Those monsters are adorable!

Gaga for Little Monsters


Jennifer Labre’s Sweetness kit is so soft and pretty, and it’s 20% off through Sunday!



Traci Reed has an adorable new kit called For the Love of a Boy coming to Sweet Shoppe Designs this Saturday.



Suzy Q has a cute new Heart Attack collection … the Lil’ Princess mini kit (also new) is free with purchase if you buy Heart Attack {the Bundle} or Heart Attack {the Kit}.

Heart Attack {the Kit}


Pamela Donnis has a fun Groundhog Day freebie on her blog.


Kelleigh Ratzlaff and Jen Balding of Girl•Boy•Girl Designs have teamed up to bring you this adorable set of Valentine’s Day themed hybrid printables.



Jennifer Fox is having a moving sale with lots of great deals! Sale is valid until 2/15/11.

moving sale feb 2011


After 5 Designs has their 555 collab up where you get a BIG collab kit for 5 dollars!



Tara Lewis (Geek Chic) has moved to The Digi Chick!



Flergs has a fruity fizz collection available for a great bundled price at Scrapbook Graphics.



If you listened to the last 3 episodes of the Paperclipping Digi Show, you heard us talk about Zoe Pearn’s house being ruined by the floods in Australia. You can help her family out by purchasing this amazing collab from Sweet Shoppe Designs for a very limited time. It’s so neat to see designers come together in our community to support a friend in need!



Hope you have a funtastic weekend full of digi scrapping fun!

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P.S. kabouchon was the random winner from yesterday’s post. Check your email! Smile



I’m so excited to welcome Ange Designs to THE DIGI FILES this month!  I love her clean, artistic, graphic style with touches of doodly whimsy (I’m not sure if that is a real style, but that’s how I describe it). I love all of the unique details she puts in her kits and her layouts!  Here’s a closer look at Ange’s contribution to The Digi Files this month:


This is just ONE of the collections included in The Digi Files during February and available in the store or through subscription.  It’s a great deal and a fabulous way to try some new-to-you designers (or collect some goodies from old faves). Here are some layouts created using “Romance Parisienne”:

image Layout by Tara, additional supplies: font – CK Ali’s Writing, staples anna aspen
imageLayout by Jenn, additional supplies:  Clippings [define Christmas] by Lauren Reid
Adine Kirnberg font
image Lyout by Karen, additional supplies: Fizzy Pop Designs Sidekicks No. 19 template; Allison Pennington Desperately Doodled alpha; Lauren Reid Paint Rubs
image Layout by Heddy, additional supplies: cluster template by Busy Bee Designs available at Memory Scraps
image Layout by Katie: this is a quick page included in the Playbook downloads during February.

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



I’m Angélique -Ange- a French girl 28 years of age, the mother of 4 little girls and I got married to the love of my life in 2002. I’m a very happy housewife and digital scrapbooking designer since 2008.

I’m designer at
Digital Crea

Little Dreamer Designs

Here is my blog: Simplement Scrap

My facebook fan page

designerscanvas3 noelbbnicebrille




I always use a paper from the kit i’m working on as background to create my elements. I create them one by one until i finally get a paper with several layers. In that way, i can keep all my elements in .psd file and modify them easily if it’s necessary (especially with wordarts mistyping ! ) but also have an overview and be sure they fit all together.


I discovered digiscrap through a forum of mums, it was in 2005. There was a topic about digital scrapbooking in the hobby section. I saw beautiful pages and thought” wow ! how did they do that ?!! It’s amazing !” So I tried to make some pages by myself and it was a revelation for me. It was a new artistic way for formulating my emotions. I quickly liked clean and simple style, so elegant and soft.

Then, some designers asked me to create albums with their kit. It was my first sales at stores. But i was more and more frustrated not to find the exact elements or papers I wanted to use for these albums. So, i started to create some elements by myself and I quickly wanted to learn more about design because it was so nice to think about something and to succeed in doing it my own way !


Themes. When i think about a theme, i have images, colours, emotions… all a world in my mind i want to design.


Windows PC, laptop Asus that I can take with me everywhere! ram : 3GB

Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Illustrator.

Nikon D90

Tablet Wacom. It’s a funny story : When i started to scrap, my husband gave me this tablet for my birthday. I was very disappointed because i dreamed of something else like perfume, dress or whatever lol and I did not understand what it was for… During 1 year, my tablet was staying in its box and one day, I needed it to create my kits. Since, I can’t work without it!  Now, i realise it was a wonderful gift, thanks honey!

favoriteproduct3 ScreenClip




Here are some of my favorite products by Ange







Here’s some inspirational layouts using Ange’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






As a thank you to our readers, Ange has created this coupon to share with all of us!


Go have a look in Ange’s Store! Post a comment below. We will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Romance Parisienne

The following layouts were created using “Romance Parisienne” by Ange Designs and included in The Digi Files during February and available in the store or through subscription.


Layout by Ange


Layout by Bao


Layout by Ciloo
romanceparisienne_gwadatiti Layout by Gwadatiti
romanceparisienne_helenLayout by Helen
Layout by Margot
Layout by Salamandre


Layout by Sharon
Layout by Tara, additional supplies: font – CK Ali’s Writing, staples anna aspnes
Layout by Jenn, additional supplies:  Clippings [define Christmas] by Lauren Reid
Adine Kirnberg font
Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Fizzy Pop Designs Sidekicks No. 19 template; Allison Pennington Desperately Doodled alpha; Lauren Reid Paint Rubs
Layout by Heddy, additional supplies: cluster template by Busy Bee Designs available at Memory Scraps
Layout by Katie: this is a quick page included in the Playbook downloads during February.

Text Size Matters

Digital scrapbookers often wonder what is the right size for text on their layouts? This is something that I (Katie) still have to think about as well because it seems like the “perfect size” of text is a little harder to determine when you use a variety of fonts in your scrapbooking.

It also depends on if you want to print a page as a 12×12 or in a smaller size such as an 8×8 (my favorite size). Generally I use a 12 or 14 pt. size of text but I have varied these numbers as low as 10 and as high as 20.

A lot of it depends on personal preference as well, but do try to think ahead into the future when smaller print will be more difficult for your older eyes to read. (Sad, but true!) Also, you want Grandparents and friends of all ages to enjoy looking through your layouts so keep the text size readable.

One thing to note – I create my layouts as 12×12 and then print them out as 8×8. This means the text will shrink down a bit as I reduce the size. I know many digi scrappers like to create their layout in the size it will be printed as, but I like to have the option to print something larger if I want to.

When I put together my Week in the Life album last year, I had SO much journaling to include that I chose a font that was a little more compact (Courier New) Even though I chose a 14 pt. size, I have to admit that after I printed up the pages in 8×8 size, the text is a bit small. I wish I had bumped it up to about a 16, even if that meant I had to create an extra few pages. I don’t have a problem reading the text now, but someday I will probably have to pull out my glasses to fully enjoy those layouts. Live and learn!

See the link on Flickr for this layout to read the journaling and get a better look at the text size.


Layout by Katie. Template and word art by Ali Edwards. Story of Everyday Life collab kit available with monthly or annual subscription at The Daily Digi. Courier New font


Here’s a layout I did with a font that prints up in a larger size (CK journaling). I also used a 14 pt. text size on this layout, but the font is larger than most. See link on Flickr to read the journaling and to get a better look at the text size.

Layout by Katie. You’re my cup of tea by Sir Scrapalot, template by Kellie Mize, CK journaling font


Can you tell that this is not an exact science? You sort of have to get a feel for how prominent (and readable) you want your text to be – both on screen, and in printed form. The best way to do this is to just try a few different sizes and see how they look once they are printed out. I think I will start making a note in my credits of the text point size used. This also will come in handy if I later create an opposing page and want the journaling to look cohesive.

I asked our creative team members to share some of their tips and tricks for text size as well. I find that I always learn something new from these talented ladies!


I always journal on my pages, so text size is a big deal for me! I want to be able to read my pages when I am old and gray! I scrap in size 12×12 and size my layout on the screen to 25%, which approximates an 8×8 layout on my monitor. (I print in 8×8) If the text is readable on the screen, it will be readable once printed.
– For bold texts and clean texts, I find I can go a bit smaller.
– For script or messy fonts, I err on the side of a bit larger.
– In general, I rarely go below 12 pts and usually prefer 14.


Depending on the font style I usually us 12 to 14 pts. Unless I am looking for a larger size for a label, title etc. I scrap 8.5×11, 8×8 and 12×12 normally but I don’t change for the size of the layout.


Right now I’m mostly using 12 pt, sometimes 11 pt; especially when I use an easy to read font. When I first started digital scrapbooking I tended to type in 16 or 18 pt, the PSE work screen kind of tricked me to believe the font needed to be that big to be readable (I forgot that when printed the page would be so larger than what I saw…) I print the pages in 8×8 if I do an 12×12 size to save a little money as well as storage space.

Melissa S.:

I usually use 14pt. 12 is great on 12×12 prints, but I find it gets pretty small if you resize it down to 8×8 (I create 12×12 and print my photobooks at 8×8)


I tend to start with 14pt, and adjust as necessary depending on the font I’m using. For me it tends to depend on how much journaling I have, and what kind of space I’m trying to fill up with it. I usually keep the text size fairly small and if I want to fill up more space with it, I’ll adjust the space between the lines of journaling versus enlarging the text size too much. Like others have stated, I used to use a much larger size when I first started digi scrapping but when I had them printed the text seemed too large so now I tend to keep it smaller.


I scrap 12×12, but print 8×8 or 10×10. The smallest I make my type is 18pt. I have trouble reading small type, even with my glasses, so I take that into account and make my type larger than most people do. If you want to test your perfect size, type something up in a bunch of different sizes and print it out at 100%. See how it looks. Pick the size you like the best. Then make the size conversion. If you scrap 12×12, but print 8×8, multiply your favorite type size by 150%. If you scrap 12×12, but print 10×10, then multiply your favorite type size by 120%. (I like 12pt type when printed, so I multiply that by 1.5 and get 18 pt type. So I know my 12×12 must use at least 18pt type.)

We’d love to hear if you have any great tips for determining the best text size for your layouts!

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Come Meet The Designers in The Digi Files #26


Today is many of our readers favorite day of the month! We are so excited to bring you a new issue of The Digi Files!!  The designer lineup is awesome and their contributions are amazing!!  The team at The Daily Digi has had a lot of fun working with the new goodies over the last month!

Here are the designers contributions you will find in The Digi Files #26 during February, 2011:

Ange Designs
Nettio Designs
Heather T.
Ashalee Wall
Shawna Clingerman
Meghan Mullens

You can grab The Digi Files or The Digi Files and Playbook combo. in the store or through subscription! Subscribers get extra goodies added to their downloads during the month as our way of saying THANKS (we will be adding the first ones for February over the next couple of days)!  Subscribers to The Digi Game also get access to EXCLUSIVE kits every four months they are subscribed!  It really is an amazing deal!!!  A great, low-risk way to try new-to-you designers and get some high quality goodies!!