I care about this alot

My son loves to find “bloopers” and speech errors online. He has the sense of humor of a future editor! When he told me about a special mythical creature that he found on the Mental Floss Blog, I knew I had to share it for an un-digi post!


Allie Brosh created the lovable creature we know as the alot, in order to cope with the very common mistake of making “a lot” into one word.


We had some good giggles over these funny things!


Alot of SPAM



I also like embroidery alot.



Chickens eat alot. Poor little alot!



Alot better.



Alot to be worried about!


The Grammar Monster explains the difference between a lot, allot, and alot (which is not a word).

Hope you have alot of fun today! Winking smile

katie big