I am so happy to be welcoming Heather T. to The Digi files this month!!  Heather has a wide variety of styles in her designs, but I think the thing I admire most in her designs are the very cool things she does with text and word art!  Let’s take a closer look at her contribution to The Digi Files this month:


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Here are some layouts created using Tendresse:

image Layout by Heddy
image Layout by Jacki, additional supplies:  Leora Sanford’s Frayed Fabric Bin template
image Layout by Karen
image Layout by Jenn Lindsey, additional supplies: House Blends Vol. 4 template by Jenn Lindsey, CK Becky font
image Layout by Katie, additional supplies: template by Dawn Inskip. Fonts are Book Antiqua and Palace Script

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



Name: Heather Taylor

Hometown: Prangins, Switzerland

Family: One hubby, one schooled-at-home son, one goofy golden retriever, two loving black cats.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Originally from Switzerland, even though my parents are American. Bi-lingual French-English. Came over to the United States to study English. Stayed a lot longer than planned!

Stores: The DigiChick


Blog: Ooh la la, Artsy! Not!







One of the easiest tools to use for extracting something that has a well-defined edge from its background in a photo is the magnetic lasso (usually hidden under the regular lasso in PSE & CS). Set the values to Feather=0, check anti-alias, Width=10 px, Contrast=35%, Frequency=100. Click once to start along the edge of a person or object, then continue dragging around the outline. You’ll need to work pretty close in, but as long as the edge is fairly distinct, this will be an easy tool to use. If you have to, just back up to where the contour was good, then press the delete key until you’ve gone back to where you needed to re-start. End by clicking again where you started. You can use the regular lasso to clean up: just press the shift key to add to the selection, and the alt key to subtract from the selection. When you’re all done, go to SelectàModifyàContract (by 1 px), then SelectàModifyàFeather (by 0.5 px). Copy, paste to a new document. Ta dah!


A friend in Taiwan encouraged me to delve into digital scrapping, since she knew I was familiar with computer graphics (I was designing rubber stamps at the time). Being crazy stubborn, I tried to not only make scrapbook pages, but I also tried to make all the papers and elements too! Took me a couple of years to figure things out, but I finally got the hang of it.inspirestocreate3

There are three main ways I can start a page. One is with a kit that I want to use: I’ll go and find a photo that would go well with the colors and/or theme, then start laying out things around it. A 2nd way is the photo itself, of course. A 3rd way is when I feel a poem bubbling up—I’ll start with that feeling, find an appropriate photo, then let the words come out shaped by the photo.

When I’m designing, I try to start a kit with a concept, then build the colors up around that. I always make the papers first, and then sometimes reuse some of the pattern as a brush or colored element. Then I try and make sure all the basics are covered (frames, flowers, something that flies, borders, ribbons, buttons, etc.), and I end up with wordart.


For scrapping or designing, I primarily use CS5 and Illustrator CS5; Picasa is my photo/kit organizer, without which I could not live; and I use High Logic’s Main Type to organize my 10,000+ fonts. Occasionally I’ll use Art Rage. My tablet (Wacom Intuos 8×11) is absolutely invaluable—I haven’t used a mouse in years. And of course, let’s not forget a camera (Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, which I really can’t recommend—we don’t get along!), a scanner (CanoScan 5600F), and crafty paper goods!

My Puter

I got this built for myself two years ago so I could continue to use Win XP. It’s of course completely old already, but here’s what it is: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive; DVD/CD write/read. I also have a 500GB external hard drive (EHD), and a 1TB EHD. I keep nothing but my programs on my C: drive; all my files are actually on the two EHDs. I back up every night using





Here are some of my favorite products by Heather

Take The Time


Out Of Line: Dates


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Heather’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Heather’s Store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!