Different Time, Different Place…One Memory

I (Janet) love looking through my scrapbook albums. Just the other day, the kids and I sat on the couch for an hour looking at a bunch of pages and albums. The excitement on the kids’ faces is totally priceless. They love seeing the photos and hearing the stories. I love it too…recalling moments I might have otherwise forgotten, reading about details that most people miss, sitting in awe at how fast the time goes when the kids are little. I love it…I love scrapbooking.

One of things I noticed, too, while looking through my albums, are the pages that I love the most. My favorite pages, almost without fail, are not the most creatively designed or using the “latest” products. Instead, my favorite pages are mutli-photo (often two page) layouts. Usually, these pages have 10+ photos on them.

If you ever take a look at the templates I make, it is no secret that I love multi-photo pages. My love for them came into being, I believe, from the simple fact that I have four kids, take hundreds of photos a month, and have very little time to scrap. Multi-photo pages just do a better job at capturing the fullness of our lives than one photo pages ever could.

Stemming from this love of of multi-photo layouts comes my other love: layouts that take photos and memories from various days and times and come together to form ONE memory. Specific dates and events are important, but some of the deepest feelings of my heart and some of my most treasured memories are the conglomeration of various days. For example, I could do a page about how much I love watching sibling relationships form. I could take one photo and journal about it, or I could take photos from many different moments in time. Which do you think captures the memory better?

Sure, these kinds of pages can often take longer, but the results are truly worth it.

Here are some of my other “Different Time, Different Place…One Memory” layouts (click on two page layouts to see them larger)

If you consider yourself multi-photo layout challenged, be sure to check out my “2 Many Photos” template series. I try hard to make multi-photo layouts easy for anyone. They are available in two page spreads as well as some one page layouts.

So go ahead…search through those photo archives, grab a group of picture, and see what amazing layout comes together. I know you will be pleased!