Play it again with lots of snow


I (Katie) am so excited to bring you another round of “Play it Again” and share with you many different ways to digi scrap the same memory. This is a great way to illustrate some of the many possibilities that exist when it comes to digital scrapbooking! Here at The Daily Digi we really want to emphasize that there is not a “right way” or a “wrong way” to put together a layout. It’s more about capturing the memory, finding your own style(s), and PLAYING! Yes, it’s ok to play and have fun!



This time, I gave some of the best scrappers in the digi community several snow photos to work with. The only rule they had to follow was to include my journaling. I let them choose the number of photos to add to the layout. I gave them 7 different pictures and they got to pick how many they wanted to use on the page. Everything else (including the title) was up to them!


It‘s amazing to me that a lot of people in the world never get to experience snow. We get so much of it here in Utah that I truly get sick of it. On the other hand, I can’t imagine having never been in the snow. The first snowfall is always the prettiest, and there is something so peaceful about being inside when the snow is falling outdoors. I love the way snow looks on branches of trees and bushes. One of my favorite things is an untouched blanket of snow on the ground – no footprints, no disturbance at all. And when the sun shines on freshly fallen snow, it sparkles like little tiny diamonds are in it. Yes, I still say that snow is a pain, but I guess I’m glad for the beauty it brings each winter.


I absolutely love the folded frame Beth used for this layout. It is such a fun way to display the snowy scenes, and that winter squirrel is SO cute! The branches add a nice touch of color to help the page pop with visual interest.

daily digi_Beth Gugol

Scrapper: Beth Santos-Gugol Username:  kewl_jive. Gallery Link. Page credits: Photo Frame by Gunhild Storeide; Paper and elements from Winter Music by Emeto Designs available at After Five Designs; Font used CK Ladder.


I love Britanee’s fun “doodley” accents and the vertical photos with frames make me feel like I’m looking out the window at these snowy scenes (which I was actually doing for some of the pictures). The title work is so fun and eye-catching and really makes you want to read the journaling.


Layout by Britanee Walker. Gallery Link. Page credits: Snowlicious {The Bundle} – SuzyQ Scraps. Fancy Strips – Scrapping with LizSassy. Starters Volume 1 – Nanie’s Designs.


This layout has such a delicate beauty to it, I love the way Holly used circles as a repeating motif on the page. The lacy snowflakes are a beautiful accent and the background paper is just gorgeous!


Layout by Holly Takatsuka. Gallery Link. Page credits: Winter Berries by the Digichick Designers


The minimalistic backdrop on Heather’s layout goes nicely with the theme of the photos and journaling – just like a fresh blanket of snow! I love the bits of blue paper and snowflakes to add pretty punches of color to the page.


Layout by Heather Hess. Gallery Link. Page credits: Wish List by The-Lilypad and Cat Scrap Designers, Pad Papers by Heather Hess, Warm Hearts by Jacque Larsen,I Heart Snow Flakes by Valorie Wibben, Life Documented v.1 by Zinnias and Swallowtails and Tiny Toes Designs, The Brainchild by Heather Hess


Jenn did such a great job blending the photo in the background, that I had to do a double-take because it looks just like the sky does here on some of our gray days. The darker background really makes the snowy white pictures pop off the page, and I love the distressed frames and small bursts of bright blue ribbon.


Layout by Jenn Lindsey. Gallery Link. Page credits: It’s Getting Cold Outside by Jazzmin Designs, Journal Away (by Fontologie) and Traveling Typewriter fonts


I would have never thought to put green on a snowy layout, but I just love what it does for the page! Tracy put together such a fun group of embellishments and frames to show off these photos and the title work is so much fun!


Layout by Tracy Ducar (aka Tracyfish). Gallery Link. Page credits: First Snow and First Snow Add-On by ScrapKitchen Designs I Heart Ribbons by Julie Billingsley Jackson by Penny Springmann Font-Clementine and Caviar Dreams


I noticed that none of the scrappers used all 7 photos that I provided (although a few did use 6) and I thought that was perfectly fine. All of the photos were showing the same types of scenes and the memory could be documented with one photo, or all of them. It was fun to see how the same story can be told with a different number of pictures as well as very different scrapping styles. All of the layouts featured softer color palettes with a lot of whites and blues. Several had small bursts of color. All of them did a great job showing off the snow and the story behind it. I love each and every one of them! Thanks so much to the talented digi scrappers who helped us see all the different ways to PLAY!

Look through each layout again and think about which one you prefer. Think about why that one stands out to you and what you like about it. It’s a great exercise to help you learn about yourself as a scrapper and your own preferred style. It also might help you explore some new styles that you haven’t tried before.  Its perfectly OK to use several different styles and methods in your own scrapbooking – I do it all the time!  When you get ready to work on your next layout, take some time to think about all the ways you could play with that memory and have some fun!

katie big