Un-Digi: Scheduling My Life


Just over a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about Google Calendar.  I thought I would do another post today and share just what I love about it and why I think everyone should use it!

  1. I love that I can set up several “calendars” with a different purpose and view them all in one place.
  2. I can assign each calendar a different color.  image
  3. I can invite anyone I want to view and/or edit the each calendar.  For example:
    • Each of my kids have their own calendar and color that my husband can view.
    • I have a Daily Digi posting calendar with its’ own color that I share with Katie.
    • I have a birthday reminder calendar that I share with my sisters and parents.  I set it up and invited everyone and asked them to add their own family members birthdays to it.
    • I have a birthday reminder calendar that I share with my husband’s parents, siblings, and spouses.  I did the same thing with his family and asked them each to add their own family members birthdays.
    • I am currently working on a calendar to share with people that I work with on projects at church.
  4. I can access my calendar from any computer, my phone, and my iPad.
  5. I can set up my calendar to email me and text me reminders at any interval I want.  I have the birthdays set up to remind me two days before.  I have my kids and my personal calendars set up to remind me 30-60 minutes before an event takes place.
  6. I can add public calendars, such as Google’s weather calendar and holiday calendar.
  7. I can set up events to repeat as often as I need them to.
  8. You can even invite people to attend events and send them automatic reminders (I tried this a couple of years ago and it didn’t always work).
  9. In true Google fashion, there are lots of fun labs you can add to your calendar to increase the functionality.
  10. It’s all FREE!

If you don’t use Google Calendars, you might want to sign up and get scheduling. If you are already using Google Calendars, do you have a favorite feature I forgot?  Share it in the comments!