Boxing Day

In many countries around the world, today is Boxing Day. We don’t celebrate Boxing Day here in the United States, but it does sound like we have some similarities as the day after Christmas is a big day for returns here. We have several Daily Digi team members who live in Canada and Australia so I asked them to tell us a little bit more about this holiday.


Traditionally, it was the day you ‘Boxed up’ everything you didn’t like and took it back to the stores to exchange it for stuff you wanted instead.  Then because of the sales it became so that pretty much nowhere will take an exchange or return on Dec. 26 (or 27) because they are just too busy.  There are huge blowouts on all the leftover Christmas stuff – we got our tree one year insanely cheap (like 80% off), we just had to wait a year to use it.  People start lining up Christmas Eve after supper at some stores (mainly electronics ones) because they have the door-crasher specials and limited time offers.  I can’t stand it and never, ever go – we did once, 2 years ago, because my in-laws really wanted to go and ended up spending 3 hours in line in one store with a cranky 10 month old.  Not fun lol.  But if you’re into deals, it’s a great time to shop and stock up.

Melissa S.

Aahh, boxing day… Sitting in front of the tele watching the Boxing Day Test (cricket). My family celebrates it with our cousins – a laid back barbeque with ice cream sandwiches and Christmas treats for dessert. It’s a relaxed and casual day for us, before everyone goes back to work for those couple of days before New Years Day.


In Canada, Boxing Day is our big sale day, much like America’s Black Friday. People line up at 5am, there are doorbusters, etc. However, just like Black Friday, it goes on longer than just the one designated day. You can find Boxing “Week” sales that are quite good.


Here are a few more fun links to explore for Boxing Day:

Happy Boxing Day!

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