Miss Kim is one of those people that I’ve known (or known of) since my earliest days in digital scrapbooking. I think we first got to know each other from the message boards we frequented. We have also served on several teams together. I have shared before how Kim is my “go-to” resource for all things Disney, so I was really excited when I saw her contribution to The Digi Files this month and its’ nod to our relationship! Let’s take a closer look at Kim’s contribution:

folder (3)

I love the layouts our team created using “Steamboat Dreams”:


Layout by Rachael
Layout by Trina, additional supplies: Baby Steps Vol. 1 – Tiny Toes Designs
Layout by Heddy, additional supplies: Stacked Straight by Chelle’s Creations available at ScrapMatters; Steam Boat Dreams by Kim Lund available at Two Little Pixels; Fonts: BellGothicStd-Bold
Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Crystal Livesay template from TDF24
Layout by Anne, additional supplies: template by Ali Edwards

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.


I was raised in the very small town of Ellsworth, Kansas, and now live in Wichita, KS. It seems like a big city to me, but to anyone who lives in a true metropolitan area… you’d laugh. My husband Dan and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in August, and we have three children. Brady is sixteen, Mykiah is fourteen and Chesney is ten. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that when I started scrapbooking, they were all under five years old! I work full time as a special education teacher for 3 and 4 year olds with developmental delays. I love, love, love my job, and am grateful every day to have found the perfect place for me. In addition to my work and my family, I love photography, reading, Branson, MO and anything Disney related.







I’m most proud of my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas album I did last year. I did it mostly paper (with digital frames for the photos), and it gave me such satisfaction to complete a project like this. I am the queen of starting something and not finishing (project 365, not once but twice), but I did this. I think having the album mostly done before the season started was my biggest help. I already have this year’s album ready to go, and I can’t wait to find last year’s in with our holiday stuff and flip through it.




Scrapbook for you. Because it’s fun, or your creative expression, or anything that makes you happy. Over the years, I’ve created layouts for magazines, books, and designers. While there is some fun in scrapbooking as a job (and even if you’re just on a creative team, it’s a job), it’s not nearly as satisfying to me as sitting down to simply create something for me. I love to tell stories, and that’s where I find my joy in scrapbooking.


I originally started scrapbooking back in 2000. We were planning our “once in a lifetime” Walt Disney World trip, and I knew before we went that I wanted to create some way to remember everything. Our youngest daughter was only 11 months old when we went, and I wanted her to be able to see and read about her trip to Disney. Of course, we’ve gone back 3 times since then and we’re currently planning our 4th trip, but it’s a great story to tell. I moved to digital in 2004. My good friend Emmy “confessed” she had started dabbling in digital and showed me some pages. I was blown away by how “paper-like” her layouts looked… without the mess of glue and scissors and worrying about children getting into my stuff. I started designing around Christmas 2008. Originally, I just did a monthly freebie kit. I started selling my kits in May 2010 at Two Little Pixels.


I’m inspired by color. If I don’t have the right colors, I’ll delete it all and start over. I also don’t design if I’m not inspired. Luckily, when I’m inspired I’m really inspired, so I’ll create a half dozen kits in a month. Then I hang on to them and space the releases over time, because I won’t design for another couple of months.


I’m using a Compaq laptop with 2 gigs of RAM.

I’m a die hard Photoshop Elements user. I just have yet to see the need to upgrade when I can get so much out of PSE.

My newest camera is a Fuji Finepix s200exr. I’ve been a Fuji girl since I was given my first digital camera. I’m now on #5.

favoriteproduct3 Going Back digital kit


Road Trip Super Sized (which was my very first kit ever, but has been updated).

Road Trip Super-Sized Kit


Here are some of my favorite products by Miss Kim

Never Growing Up digital kit

Homecoming Digital Kit

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! kit

Party in B-town kit

My Style Template Pack 3


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Miss Kim’s products. Layouts are either linked to the originals with credits or credits are listed below the layout.




Layout by Heddy, supplies:Aster Template Set by Sara Gleason available at The LilyPad; Nitwit, Blunder, Oddment, Tweak! by Miss Kim Designs available at Two Little Pixels; Fonts: Times-and-Times-again
Layout by Tara, supplies: Jump Start by Miss Kim Designs, font AmerType Md BT
Layout by Lauren, supplies: nitwit! blubber! oddment! tweak! by miss kim designs (twolittlepixels); font: djb gimmespace


Go have a look in Miss Kim’s Store! We will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

As a thank you to our readers, Miss Kim has created this coupon to share with all of us!


Miss Kim also created a special template for us. One of the things that I love about Miss Kim’s templates is the journaling prompts they include because they help you think of memories you might not thought of documenting. Here’s my layout with this template:

KeepGoingBack copy

Click the preview to download (this link will be deactivated after 24 hours):