Smart phones, iPhones, and iPads for digital scrapbookers


Before we go any further, I (Katie) wanted to link to this week’s Paperclipping Digi Show podcast. Due to some technical issues with sound mixing, the episode just went live yesterday. It actually fits in really well with today’s post though!

Steph, Izzy, Kayla Lamoreaux, Lynnette Penacho, and I all discussed several things related to the ipad during the mail segment and the product picks. The main topic of the show was Lightroom. There is so much information in this episode that I’m currently on my 2nd time through it because I’m working through all the links that were given. Great stuff!

I’ve also added a Lightroom resource page to our tutorials section here at The Daily Digi so be sure to check it out!


PDS024 – The Sweet Little Machine

What’s your digital photo workflow? Do you use Lightroom? How do your process everything? These are some of the questions we ask on today’s show!

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On to one of our favorite topics… technology and the digital scrapbooker! In this case, it’s all about smartphones and the new kid on the block – the iPad.


Do you need an iPhone, iPad, or a smart phone to be a digital scrapbooker? The answer is no. You can certainly get by just fine without these added technological wonders. To be a digital scrapbooker, you just need a computer + software. So while “need” is not the correct term, you will definitely benefit from having access to some of the great apps (short for applications) and mobility these types of devices offer. Smartphones and iPads can actually be very helpful accessories for the digital scrapbooker (and photographer).

We realize that this post will not apply to (or be of interest) to all of our readers. Even on our own team here at The Daily Digi, only about half of us have smartphones and only a few have iPads. We do get a lot of questions about them though, and with the holiday season coming up many of you have put them on your wish lists. If your holiday elf needs some convincing, here are the reasons why these devices might be useful for you.


I thought team member Jenn Lindsey gave one of the very best reasons for having a phone that has internet capability (or even an iPad) . She said “ I have an iPhone, but the only scrapbook related app I have is for TDD, it’s where I check out the post for the day every morning. What the iPhone has done for me is really free up my computer time. I have direct links to all of the forums I participate in right on my homescreen, and through my phone is where I check in and do most of my posts ( I’m waiting at my son’s preschool right now as I type this;)). I have 4 separate email accounts that are all synched to my phone, too. Really the only reason I am ever at my laptop now is when I’m using Photoshop or posting layouts.”

Freeing up computer time for digital scrapbooking is my favorite benefit from my little technology buddies! Speeding up email processing and blog reading through the use of apps has given me more time to scrap. Here are some of our favorite time-saving apps. Many of these links are for iPhones so if you use a different phone, be sure to check those app offerings.

  • The Daily Digi iphone app (free)
  • Evernote app (free) – see Steph’s post about Evernote
  • Flickr app (free) – see Katie’s post about Flickr
  • Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for managing Twitter (both are free). These help you follow stores and designers on twitter to keep up on news and deals. Also great for following and interacting with The Daily Digi!
  • Facebook app (free). This helps you follow stores and designers on facebook to keep up on news and deals. Also great for following and interacting with The Daily Digi!
  • Mobile RSS Reader pro ($2.99). A great app for reading blogs from your google reader on your phone.
  • Here’s another suggestion from one of our podcast listeners! Oh, I’m glad someone else replied to this! I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world who didn’t have an iPod! I do however, have a Blackberry, and wanted to suggest an app for your listeners. Mediafly is a free podcast app that actually works through a ton of different devices, but it’s the only one I’ve really had any success with on my blackberry. I just subscribe to the RSS feed in Mediafly, and both the Digi Show and the Roundtable update automatically as new shows are posted. It’s a great option for someone like me, who has a Blackberry for business purposes and still wants to listen to the Paperclipping on the go. You can see the app at Thanks to carabecca for this suggestion!

You can also have fun with photography apps and the camera in your smartphone. Several of our team members have created layouts using phone photos.

Of course digital scrapbookers know that a smart phone is a great way to show off photos! Just load some of your photos on your phone and you have an instant bragbook. Some scrappers have even sized layouts to fit their phone screen so they can share those on the go as well.

The iPad

When the iPad first came out, I never planned to get one. I thought it was just an oversized version of the iPhone. I was totally wrong on that one. There are some similarities, but not many. You will find that some of the apps listed above in the phone section work great on an iPad, while others do not. If you have iPhone apps that you want to use on the iPad, make sure they are compatible. You can still use all of the iPhone apps, but you might have to enlarge them if they are not formatted for the iPad and this will cause them to lose some resolution on the screen display. At the time of this posting, the only apps listed in the phone category that are optimized for iPad usage are: Adobe Photoshop Express and Evernote . Keep in mind that the iPad is still quite new on the scene and that new apps are being developed all the time.

To understand the iPad, you have to realize that it is not just a big iPhone. It’s hard to explain, but for me it fills the void between my phone and my computer. It doesn’t replace either one, but is a great supplement to both. It is a great tool for reading and productivity which allows me more time for digital scrapbook related activities when I’m at my computer.

I almost always use my iPad for blog reading, email processing, and viewing PDF files when I’m at home now. I still use my phone when I’m on the go because I didn’t buy the iPad with 3G. That works fine for me because I’m home a lot. If I was working outside the home or traveling a lot more, I would probably pay the extra cost (and monthly fee) of having the constant internet connection. If you are around a lot of free WiFi hotspots you can certainly work around that. At home you will need a router so you can pick up on your internet connection using your iPad.

My very favorite use for my iPad is being able to read all the PDFs that have stayed buried on my external hard drive. I’m finally reading all the PDFs I’ve saved up from online classes and I love to pull up The Daily Digi Playbooks anytime I need some inspiration!

Here are some of the iPad apps that I love, and also a few that have been mentioned on the podcast.

  • Flipboard (free) turns your iPad into a stunning visual magazine view of facebook and twitter.
  • Reeder for iPad ($4.99) Access your google reader on your iPad
  • Good Reader ($1.99) Great for reading PDFs and large text files. Steph and Izzy give some great tips for this in the latest podcast.
  • GoDocs ($3.99) Syncs with Google Docs (which is a free way to store pdfs and files online)
  • iFontmaker ($7.99) Steph’s pick of the week in the latest podcast. Anyone can make a font with this app!
  • Kindle for iPad (free) a beautiful way to read ebooks on your iPad.
  • Google Earth (free) you might wonder how this one relates to digital scrapbooking, but just think of the screen shot possibilities! A view of your space, or your street on a scrapbook page. Cool!
  • Lights, Camera, Capture! ($9.99) This revolutionary ebook was Izzy’s pick in the latest podcast.
  • Index Card ($3.99) cool app for jotting down your brainstorms in an organized manner. This was Izzy’s pick in podcast #19 and I’ve actually used it for scrapooking and journaling purposes.

Digital scrapbookers and photographers will appreciate the gorgeous screen resolution of the iPad and the large viewing space for showing off photos and layouts. It’s like having a portable digital photo frame with you!


There is no way we could possibly list all the great apps out there so feel free to leave us comments about your favorite ways that a phone or ipad has helped you become a better digital scrapbooker or photographer. Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!


P.S. NO affiliate links were used in this post.