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We are winding down yet another month here at The Daily Digi!  I can hardly believe it!!

Just a reminder that on December 1st (just a few hours) The Digi Files #23 will be removed from The Daily Digi forever!!  Over $42 worth of products (including the Playbook) for just $7.50 total AND if you sign up for a year subscription you get ONE MONTH FREE and access to exclusive collabs (worth over $10 each) every 4 months you are subscribed! You get your first exclusive collab upon subscription to The Digi Game. Of course, you can still get just The Digi Files for only $5! We add extra goodies to subscribers accounts (of all levels) each month…our way of saying “Thanks!”.

Be sure to grab this month’s files store or subscribe for extra benefits! You can view close up previews of TDF#23 (and find links to designer coupons) here.

Be sure to leave us a comment telling us what you enjoyed at The Daily Digi this month (one of Katie and my favorite things to read each month ;)) and get your chance to be one of SEVEN winners of $10 in digital products from a past contributor!

Are you ready for Cyber Monday?


As if there haven’t been enough sales already the past few days, we are about ready to hit another major sale day – Cyber Monday. I (Katie) am always a little surprised at how many people haven’t heard of Cyber Monday, especially in our digital-centered community. Cyber Monday refers to the Monday after the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. It originated back in 2005 when online retailers reported that traditionally the Monday after Thanksgiving was the biggest day of the year for online sales. The thought was that everyone went back to work on Monday and shopped from their computers using fast internet speeds. Nowadays, most of us have plenty of online access so there is no need to wait until Monday. Another theory is that after a weekend of shopping in real life, consumers realize all the things they didn’t’ find in stores and hit the web in search of gifts. Whatever the reason, Cyber Monday has become a great day to shop online!

There is now an official website for this “holiday” at I also suggest that you watch the websites you frequent and find out what specials they are running. Last year I got a great deal on some coats at the Kohls website and shoes from I can’t wait to go shopping online tomorrow. I love that I don’t even have to leave my house to get great deals!


P.S. NO affiliate links were used in this post.

DigiScrap Favorites File

favs copy

One of the things I (Katie) love the most about digital scrapbooking is that I have a wide range of supplies to scrap with. Digital kits are priced very reasonably and there is no shortage of wonderful designs out there to inspire me! It’s fun to be able to use so many different digital papers and embellishments on my layouts, but sometimes I find that I fall back on a few old trusted favorites. I guess it’s another way to use the thin-slicing approach to simplify the scrapping process. Why spend time looking for a certain piece of digital kraft paper, or a standard button, when you can have a file of favorites to access at any time?

Over the years as I have used certain digi supplies over and over, I finally figured out that I should copy them to a folder that I titled as “favorites” – then I don’t have to dig through all my kits, or embellishment packs. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to create an actual file of “favorites”, you can simply tag the items you use repeatedly with a tag that makes sense to you such as “favorite” and that will work the same way. When you search for a button within your tagged supplies, using the tags “favorites” and “button” should bring up the button(s) that you rely most on.



I thought it would be helpful to show you my own file of favorites so you can get an idea of how I use this system. I’ve pulled embellishments & papers out of seasonal kits, paper packs, and several from previous Digi Files kits to copy to my folder of favorites. I still leave them in their original locations as well. The idea is that I have a folder of essentials that is easy to access. For a supply to be included in this folder, it has to be something that I will use multiple times. This does NOT mean that I only use these particular staples or buttons. It is just a shortcut if I need to use one and the kit I’m working with doesn’t have those items. Or maybe I’m scrapping with a digital paper pack and need a few embellishments. Or vice versa with needing papers to go with some fun page elements.

Here are the file names and sources of my favorites in case you want to see if you have them to add to your favorites file. If you regularly buy The Digi Files, you will have a lot of these in your stash already!

Neutral Papers (I use these a lot!)

  • ad_aperfectday_paper11 (Anita Designs A Perfect Day)
  • CheekyMonkey_AHappyHeart_pp01 (Cheeky Monkey A Happy Heart)
  • CheekyMonkey_AHappyHeart_pp04 (Cheeky Monkey A Happy Heart)
  • CheekyMonkey_Always_solid_4 (Cheeky Monkey Always)
  • hazelolive_ohbaby_cardstock (2)
  • Jazzmin_IGCO_6 (from Jazzmin It’s Getting Cold Outside)
  • JEdwards_CleanandSerene6 (Jesse Edwards Clean and Serene Paper Pack)
  • jbarrette_feetinthesand_p5 (Jennifer Barrette Feet in the Sand)
  • kmickus-happiness-pp1 (Kelley Mickus Happiness)
  • kwiniecki_springchase_paper01 (Kaye Winiecki Spring Chase)
  • LS_BeachyKeen_paper7 (Leora Sanford Beachy Keen)
  • onelittlebird_forthebirds_pp15 (One Little Bird For the Birds)
  • Oscraps-WW-PAPER-taylormade7 (O Scraps Winter Wonderland)
  • Paper_Kraft_GinaCabrera (DDE Snow Day)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper2 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper4 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)
  • WW_LIFE365_paper5 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365)

Black & Dark Neutrals (Also very versatile)

  • dunia-upsidedown-paper-02 (from Dunia Upside Down)
  • kcroninbarrow-castaspell-pp17 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Cast a Spell)
  • SP_Wonderful_Paper_Slate (Shabby Princess Wonderful)
  • sqs_cardstockstash_blk (Suzy Q Cardstock Stash)

Notebook Papers (these come in handy for either neutral backgrounds or journaling papers)

  • Paper_White_Notebook_GinaCabrera (DDE Book Bag Essentials)
  • KPertiet_Notebook-1 (Katie Pertiet Notebook Paper Pack)
  • kcroninbarrow-bookworm-pp15 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Bookworm)
  • kcroninbarrow-deardiary-pp2 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Dear Diary)

Buttons & Fasteners (these are my go-to basics that can embellish any page!)

  • brad1 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365 attach it)
  • Button_Cream_GinaCabrera (DDE Generations of Love)
  • kcroninbarrow-ohsnap-button8 (Kristin Cronin-Barrow Oh Snap)
  • MMullens_TakingChances_button2 (Wild Dandelions by Meg Mullens Taking Chances)
  • SP_Sandbox_RustyStaple_SHADOW (Shabby Princess Sandbox)
  • SP_Modish_BOY_Staple (Shabby Princess Modish Boy)
  • SP_SummerCottage_Button_Wood (Shabby Princess Summer Cottage)
  • SP_AffairtoRemember_Staple2_Shadow (Shabby Princess An Affair to Remember)
  • staple1 (Weeds and Wildflowers Life 365 attach it)
  • syrin_myfriendl_staple2 (Syrin My Friend Lilli)
  • syrin_tddhand_needlesh (CatScrap A Hand to Hold)
  • WW_BIU_button45 (Weeds and Wildflowers Button it Up)
  • WW_BIU_button9 (Weeds and Wildflowers Button it Up)

Frames (go-with-anything basic photo frames)

  • Double_Frame_01_shabbymissjenndesigns (Snap & Scrap collab TDF 7)
  • fjardine-xo-frame1 (Fee Jardine XO)
  • fjardine-xo-frame2 (Fee Jardine XO)
  • kmickus-beautifulyou-frame1-sh (Kelley Mickus Beautiful You)
  • kmickus-beautifulyou-frame2-sh (Kelley Mickus Beautiful You)

Ribbons & Stitches (simple finishing touches)

  • AASPN_CurvyCornersStitchBorders1_4Straight (Anna Aspnes Curvy Corners Stitched Borders)
  • fruitloopsally_cc_string2_sh (Fruit Loop Sally Chilly Charm)
  • JennCk_Aether_Stitch (Jenn CK Aether)
  • mkc-iluvu-stitches003 (Mari Koegelenberg I Luv U)
  • sc_spontaneous_element22 (Sabrina’s Creations Spontaneous)
  • Stitching 3 fym by Kat (Designs by Kat Free Your Mind)

The fun thing about setting up a “favorites” file is it teaches you a lot about what type of supplies you like to use. I like simple solids, pre-shadowed embellishments, and lots of neutrals. That might sound a little too plain for some scrappers, but when I have the basics covered I feel more inclined to play and have fun!

Feel free to set up a file of favorites (or a tagging system) by going through your files all at once, or simply build it up over time as you scrap. Either way, you will find that having a set of “go-to” supplies really simplifies scrapping and saves you lots time in the long run. Give it a try!

Black Friday Digital Scrapbook Sales


Fridays are always Funtastic here at The Daily Digi, but this one is extra awesome today because it is “Black Friday!” In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year and the stores hope to see their profit lines in the black, thus the name.

Well, I (Katie) don’t like crowds much so I stay away from the malls. I LOVE shopping the sales in digi land though! I’m going to do my part to boost the black in the digital world! As always, we have a huge collection of links to help you get to the good stuff and sales out there.

Just a note before we get started – The Paperclipping Digi Show podcast took a little holiday break this week for the holiday. After 25 consecutive weeks, we thought it would be nice to give Steph & Izzy a little time off. Smile If you need your podcast fix, this is a great time to listen to some older episodes you may have missed.

On to the sales!


Connie Prince has a 50% off sale this weekend



Cinzia Designs has a special coupon for our readers to get 60% off her store

CinziaL_DST_Nov2010 4x4


Jennifer Labre has a special coupon just for our readers to get this kit for 40% off.

use code: Thankful-40 to get 40% off this kit. Expires 11/30.



Kristin Aagard has a storewide sale going on today and through the weekend. Lowest prices are today.



Great price on this fun template from Listgirl



This pretty Mega Collection from Flergs & Rosey Posey is on sale.



Jenn Lindsey is having a big sale this weekend – lowest prices are today.



Sir Scrapalot has 45% off today only



9th and Bloom a big sale today and tomorrow.



After Five has a storewide sale today and another sale continuing on through the weekend.



Suzy Q Scraps has 30 items for only $1 each



Cindy Schneider and Dani Mogstad have this cute brag book bundle for a great price.



One Little Bird has a 30% off sale today and tomorrow



MScraps has a special Black Friday sale category and store collabs on sale


Thankful by Pamela Donnis is on sale with a coordinating freebie.



Totally Rad Actions also has a Black Friday sale going on. Nothing in the store will be more than $109


Happy Shopping!


Thankful for You!

turkey copy

Gobble Gobble by Kristin Aagard. Fontologie Messy Bessy font.

While we are enjoying a day of Thanksgiving with our families, we wanted to be sure to tell our readers and customers here at The Daily Digi how thankful we are for you! We wouldn’t be able to share all the great digital scrapbooking ideas, tutorials, and of course The Digi Files without all of YOU!

Thanks for all you do to help us keep going each day. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and Happy 4th Thursday in November to all of our other friends around the world! Winking smile


P.S. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a special “Black Friday” edition of Funtastic Friday!

Gather up some Journaling

gather copy

Autumn Afternoon by Kate Hadfield, Papers by Valorie Brown & Shabby Princess. Pea Keylor font

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather journaling to use on scrapbook pages. Really, it is! Think about it, you have the opportunity to be together with friends and family members that you might not always see in your everyday life. Often, everyone is gathered around a table to eat and visit, or involved in playing games or doing activities together. For me (Katie) this is the perfect opportunity to mine for journaling gems!

I might not have time to scrap as many pages as usual during this busy time of year, but that doesn’t mean I’ve put away my memory keeping skills. If anything, I’m like a squirrel preparing for winter. I’m collecting photos & stories to keep me scrapping for months to come, just like the squirrel would gather acorns and food to last him through the season ahead.


  • Use memes & quizzes from a previous Daily Digi post as icebreaker games at parties, or to make conversations fun at family gatherings.
  • Sentence starters (from Ella Publishing blog) can be great for getting some journaling information from others. Write these down on papers and pass them around the dining room table during dessert, or put them on a personal blog and invite friends and family to answer the statements in the comments field.
  • 25 Story Starters from the Log Your Memory blog are fabulous prompts to answer on your own, or share with friends and family. It’s fun to compare the answers that everyone gives to see similarities and differences among those interviewed.
  • 50 great questions for family history interviews (from will give you plenty to talk about! Consider having a child ask the questions to make the person being interviewed feel more comfortable. Turn on a voice recorder or take notes to keep track of the answers.
  • has wonderful tips on how to interview your family about your family history. These ideas would apply to any area you want to interview someone about for more information.
  • 175 Memory Prompts for your Memoir or Autobiography from the Abundance blog. Great questions to ask yourself when you need some journaling, but equally wonderful to use when interviewing others!

Record these treasures and save them up for easy journaling on future scrapbook pages. You will have a stash of gathered journaling to use for months (or even years) to come!


Almost Time: The Final Count Down to Christmas

I have such an amazing team here at THE DAILY DIGI and they had the idea of doing a Christmas Countdown or Advent post. There are soooo many fun ideas out there and some really cute digital products that can be used as well.  I thought it would be great to do this today so you have plenty of time to prepare and be ready to start your final count down on December 1st.  Let’s get started:

Lauren has this really fun project:

Jacque and Amber have this:

You can get instructions and download printables for this advent calendar on eighteen25:

You can download the supplies to make this cute vintage spool advent on Just Something I Made:

You can see how to create this cute advent calendar on the Hybrid Chick. I made a similar one a few years ago:

Misty has this fun template set:


Heather Roselli has this fun cookie sheet tin:


This fun idea is by Maya Road via Write.Click.Scrapbook.


I love Stacy’s activity advent calendar and the advent album idea she shares in this post.


Love these advent bags from Moment to Moment:

Crafty Crow has 24 advent calendars to make

Last year, I teamed up with Cindy from Skip To My Lou to create some quick printable countdown tags.  Because of timing and our posting schedule here at THE DAILY DIGI, it was only briefly mentioned in a P.S. to a post.  In case you missed it, we are bringing it back for a very short time:

FreeGiftPreviewAlso, I thought I would post links to our older Christmas posts, so you can find them easily:

Christmas In October

Christmas in July 2009:
It’s Christmas In July
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Gettin’ Crafty
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December Daily (Janet)
Start Those Gifts Early
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Other Posts:
Twelve Days of Christmas
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December Daily (Katie)



I have been a fan of Jazzmin Designs for a very long time!  I absolutely LOVE her unique, realistic elements!  I am just thrilled to have Jazzmin finally joining us in THE DIGI FILES this month! Just wait until you see her contribution, it’s gorgeous! Let’s take a closer look:

it is getting cold outside


This is the last kit included in THE DIGI FILES #23 to be revealed this month.  You can see all of the other collections on the designers page.  You get SIX kits and ONE template collection ALL for $7.50 with the Playbook and $5 without.  We now offer subscritptions so you won’t miss any issues of The Digi Files and Playbook. Plus, all subscribers get access to the free gifts we give away on the site, all month long AND we add extra goodies to their accounts, just for fun!  That’s not all, those that subscribe to THE DIGI GAME (Digi Files and Playbook) get EXCLUSIVE collabs every four months they are subscribed.  Those that subscribe to the annual plan get ONE MONTH FREE! You can still purchase everything through the store, if you would prefer.

Look at these gorgeous layouts created with “It’s Getting Cold Outside”:


Layout by Jenn, additional supplies: CK Jot font
Layout by Heddy
Layout by Trina, additional supplies: Frame: Carded Stacked Frames by Katie Pertiet; Template: Scrapper’s Block 5 by Simply Scraps
Layout by Jacki
Layout by Lauren, additional supplies: ck ali’s hand

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



My name is Jasmin, I´m 29 years old and living in the north of Germany. I´m married to the love of my life and proudest mother of my son Mattis, who got four years old in August.

I´m a nurse and working part time on an intensive care in a hospital.

I love spending time with my family, reading a good book (I´m addicted to psychothrillers lately) and half of the day I´m carrying my camera with me to take every snapshot from my lovelies, that I can get!





designerscanvas3 LO2



I always love to get the focus on a page to the photo that I´m scrapping. I often use the multiply modus for this. Just duplicate the BG (or any other paper you wanna use) you´re using and set it to “multiply”. Then play with the opacitiy and use a smooth eraser in the part you want to highlight on your page! This is a easy trick, but can be very effective sometimes!

(as shown on my page)



When I gave birth to my precious son four years ago I learned to love photography and I was searching for a beautiful way to get my photos in photo books. I found Digital Scrapbooking tips and shops on the web and from this day on I became addicted and couldn´t stop!

With practice and photoshop skills I became a CT-member with my favorite designers and one day I decided that I wanted to be a designer.

The rest is history.

I got the chance to sell my products in two awesome digital stores.  Since the end of October I´ve been selling them at 9th&Bloom, which is awesome and I´m very excited to be a part of this store!


I get my inspirations for my designs from everywhere. Sometimes I get suggestions from my customers or CT members, I´m browsing through color schemes or sometimes it´s a teeny tiny bit, like a ribbon, a poem or a flower, which gives my creative mind ideas to some new stuff. I love it! It´s a way to express myself in the artsy way!


At the moment I´m working mostly on my Samsung laptop, but I´m saving my money like crazy for a new pc and I´m thinking about getting myself a mac, which I love!

I´m creating my products with Photoshop /Illustrator CS3 and Art Rage and am using my Wacom tablet only. Never used my mouse for designing!

My camera (oh, I love it) is a Nikon D300, I´m using it daily along with some awesome pieces of glasses. I don´t like Zooms, I´m a prime lens lover!

favoriteproduct3 Spirit of Nature by Jazzmin Designs



Here are some of my favorite products by Jasmin

Click It by Jazzmin Designs

We Are Family by Jazzmin Designs

Septembers Promise by Jazzmin Designs


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Jasmin’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Jasmin’s Store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by It’s Getting Cold Outside

The following layouts were created using “It’s Getting Cold Outside” by Jazzmin Designs and included in THE DIGI FILES and available in the store or through subscription.

Layout by Tara, additional supplies: template by Karla Dudly Designs & Snow word art by Karla Dudly Designs
Layout by Karen
Layout by SharonS
Layout by Jenn, additional supplies: CK Jot font
Layout by Heddy
Layout by Trina, additional supplies: Frame: Carded Stacked Frames by Katie Pertiet; Template: Scrapper’s Block 5 by Simply Scraps
Layout by Jacki
Layout by Lauren, additional supplies: ck ali’s hand