Creating a Week in the Life album

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One of the things we really want to share here at The Daily Digi, is HOW to digi scrap and enjoy your creations. Whether it’s showing you ideas for a single page, or an entire album, the goal is the same – to make it manageable and inspiring. I (Katie) learn so much from all of the posts here and I hope this one will encourage you to tackle a few of the bigger projects you might have on your to-do list.

Many of you are probably familiar with Ali Edwards annual “Week in the Life” project. I’ve thought about attempting it for a few years now, but this time I made a commitment to myself that I would really do it. Then I found out it was the same week I was having hand surgery. I decided to not let that stop me, I simply scheduled mine for a week in May when I would be able to complete it. The beauty of this project is that you can do it ANY time, even now! So don’t feel like you have to wait until next spring to jump in. You can read through Ali’s posts and browse through my album here in this post to get you going.

Here’s what I used to successfully complete the Week in the Life project:

  • My blog. This was the most important tool I used (besides my camera) to truly capture a week in our life. I told my blog readers I would be posting about this project each day and so I was committed. I knew there were others who were planning on me finishing, so it helped me to actually do it. The best thing about blogging about the Week in the Life project was that all my journaling was done. When it was time to put together my album, I just had to copy and paste!
  • A deadline to finish my album. Because I knew I would be sharing my album with The Daily Digi readers, I knew I HAD to get it done! Having a deadline really helps! 🙂
  • A simple format to follow. I used a set of digital templates, a package of word art, and one kit. I chose wisely by picking Ali’s templates designed for this project and an enormous kit with plenty of papers. I used Courier New font for all my journaling. Simplifying the ingredients really helped me keep this under control.

Ali’s Week in the Life Template Album – also available in 8.5×11 size.

Week In The Life Layered Template Album
Ali’s This is the Day Vol 2 wordart


and this amazing kit that is a free bonus to anyone who subscribes to The Digi Game (monthly or annually) here at The Daily Digi! This kit is one of my all-time favorites and I chose it because the color palette and designs were just right for embellishing my album. I also wanted a kit that had a lot of papers in it so I had plenty to choose from.


Now I want to show you HOW I put my album together. I’m going to walk you through a week of my life in layouts. I’m not including every page, because the post would go on forever and there are a few pages that are too personal to share on the internet. 🙂 This is a good representation of what’s in my album though. If you want to see any of the layouts up close and/or read the journaling here’s a link to the entire album on Flickr if you want to see some of the other pages.



This was the day I documented the most thoroughly. It really helped me get through the rest of the week by paying attention to the details of our daily routine on Monday, especially in the morning. I didn’t try to cover every single thing that day, I knew I had all week to get this project done.

Favorite tips:

I used empty spaces in my photographs for areas of journaling. Don’t feel like you have to journal on paper, it’s fun to write on your photos!

I kept the focus of these pages on the pictures and words and only used bits of patterned paper and word art for accents. With such a big story to tell, I didn’t want the album to feel cluttered or overwhelming.

monday1 . I


monday 3

monday 4



I even included the details of our dog’s life on this day. She is a part of our family and has been for more than 9 years.

Favorite tips:

I used a different patterned paper as an accent for each day of the week. All of my Monday pages (above) have the brown and cream check paper on them. All of my Tuesday pages (below) have a blue polka dot paper. I like the way it ties each day together as a mini-subject within the larger album.

I also took a lot of photos of the rooms in our home. I think this will be very meaningful to us in the coming years to be able to see the documentation of how we lived.

Tuesday 1

Tuesday 4 copy



We actually went on a small vacation that day. When I decided to document our week, I had no idea we would be doing this, but we had the chance to stay for free with my husband while he went to a conference in Park City, Utah so we jumped at the chance.

Favorite tips:

I started each day off with a big photo page. I chose one of my favorite pictures to highlight the main story of each day.

I used the same templates throughout the album, but I deleted some of the layers and did some rearranging to make them look a little different each time. I also used the same font throughout the album for continuity.

Wednesday 1 copy

wednesday 2 copy

wednesday 4 copy

wednesday 7 copy



This day was part vacation and part “regular” life so it was interesting to record.

Favorite tips:

The multi photo trading card style pages were just perfect for showcasing a lot of random memories all together. Using the Kraft colored paper in the kit in the blank spots gave me plenty of room for journaling.

Thursday 3 copy

Thursday 4 copy



This was the day I felt the least motivated about this project. I started to grow tired of taking pictures and documenting so much detail, but I forced myself to keep going and I’m so glad I did!

Favorite tips:

I generally don’t like to take pictures of myself, but I was determined to make sure everyone in our family was represented in this album. Now I’m glad I have those photos because they tell an important part of our story.

I took pictures of very ordinary things like cooking dinner, watching tv, and even my daughter feeling a little under the weather. I think it’s important to represent what life was really like for us during that particular week.

Friday 2 copy


Friday 4 copy



I felt motivated again and took lots of photos on Saturday. I especially like the ones I took on our shopping trip to Target and the grocery store. Those are two places where I spend a lot of time so it’s only fitting that they are included in my album.

Favorite tips:

When taking pictures in a busy public place like a grocery store, it’s much easier to use a point-and-shoot camera and you’re less likely to get strange looks. 🙂

Saturday 2 copy



By Sunday evening, everyone was growing a little tired of the camera – especially my husband. He was super supportive all week long, and even helped me capture several memories. But by Sunday night, he was tired. He thought I was a little crazy to bring the camera to dinner. lol! 🙂 I love that I captured his exasperation in one of the photos. Not sure he thinks so though.

Favorite tips:

Place the camera on different edges and angles once in awhile. It makes your pictures more interesting.

Finishing a project feels good! Stick with it to the end and you will be glad you did. 🙂

Sunday 4 copy


If you have done your own Week in the Life project, I hope you will take the time to turn it into scrapbook pages. It’s a very worthwhile and meaningful endeavor that you and your family can enjoy for many generations!

Feel free to link us to your own albums and pages in the comments or share them with us in our Flickr group. We’d love to be inspired by you!