Quick and Easy Collages


banner made with Shape Collage

Want to know a secret? When you have a lot of photos, nothing is easier than using a software program with a built in collage feature. Both Steph and I (Katie) have written about a few of our favorite collage tools before, but we thought it would be fun to round them all up into one post so you can see some examples and comparisons.


Picasa is by far one of my favorite tools just because of the collage feature. I love that I can make digital piles of photos look great with the click of a few buttons. Even better, Picasa is a FREE program!

To create this collage with hundreds of Disney World pictures, I selected the folder of photos I wanted to use, and then chose“Create” and “Picture Collage” from the top bar menu.

Florida Oct

I’ve used collages like this on layouts. They export as jpeg images, so you can remove the white background using a magic wand tool, or just use the white on your layout like I did in the sample below:


Some resources to help you use Picasa:



This is the program that Steph has called her “Secret Scrapping Weapon” and after purchasing my own copy, I now know why! This is the most customizable of all the collage software programs that I have used.

Both of these collages were made with a folder of photos from a 2008 vacation to Oregon. Each one of them took only minutes to create! Just use the auto collage wizard tool in the top menu under “TOOLS” and play around with the different adjustment settings.

Oregon 2008_2


I think each one of them would be a great digital scrapbook page!

Some resources to help you use Foto Fusion:



Photoshop Elements has a basic collage creating tool to help you combine several photos together. Use the “Create” tab and follow the step-by-step instructions in this post to put together easy collages in PSE.


I chose a white background for this collage and turned it into this simple layout by adding a fun font. (Fontologie Empty Wrapper font)


Some resources to help you with Photoshop Elements collages:


Shape Collage is another great program that some of our readers have mentioned to us. It automatically collages your selected photos. The free version is not as customizable, but if you upgrade to a paid version you can save as a PSD/TIF file so that you can move around photos.

To create a collage just drag your photos into the work space and click a selection. Incredibly easy!


I especially love the shaped collages! I think they would be so fun to use on blog posts or digital layouts.


My very favorite part of Shape Collage IS available in the free version: you can create a collage in any shape you wish (letter of the alphabet; symbol; number; shape, etc.).


Those are all pictures I took in 2007 formed into a collage of the numbers 2007. Cool! 🙂

Some resources to help you use Shape Collage:


I hope you are ready to have some collage fun with your photos. You can make fun images for blogs and scrapbook pages, or even create some frame-worthy collages.