Subscriptions FAQ

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
A: Yes, there is no obligation for a certain amount of time, you can cancel your subscription through PayPal at any time and PayPal will not send money the following month (please see cancellation instructions below).

Q: After I subscribe, where do I get my downloads?
A: You can get them after logging in to your membership area.

Q:  Where do I login to my account to check my status or download?
A: You can click on the LOGIN button in the header on each page on the site.

Q: Is the only way to get  THE DIGI FILES through subscriptions?
A: Yes, our memberships have been so popular that there were not enough people purchasing The Digi Files through the store, so it is no longer an option.

Q: If I subscribe, will I be charged on a certain date each month:
After the first payment, you will be charged on the 1st of every month, until you cancel. You can cancel at anytime, there is no obligation.

Q:  Can I purchase old Digi Files?
A: Products included in The Digi Files are only available through The Daily Digi for one calendar month. After that, you can purchase the kits from the designers’ stores at full retail value (minimum of $7.50 per kit).

Q:  Why don’t those subscribing to just The Digi Files (but no Playbook) get the exclusive kits?
Although I would love to be able to give away lots of products to everyone, I do need to make sure The Daily Digi’s costs are covered and the $5 price on The Digi Files is just too low to cover the additional costs associated with the extra products.

Q:  I really want that exclusive kit, is the only way to get to subscribe?
A: Yes, the only way to get the exclusive kits is to subscribe to THE DIGI GAME – Monthly or THE DIGI GAME – Annual subscriptions.

Q: If I subscribe to THE DIGI GAME – monthly subscriptions and then decide to upgrade to THE DIGI GAME – annual subscription, will my time toward the exclusive kits be carried over?
A: Yes, as long as you use the same account at The Daily Digi, time between these two subscriptions will be carried over.

Q: If I subscribe to THE DIGI FILES only and then decide to switch to THE DIGI GAME – can I get a refund so I’m not paying for the same month twice?
A: Yes, send me an email with your PayPal transaction ID and I can refund a duplicate payment on an upgrade.

Q: If I need to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?
You can login to your account and click on “Unsubscribe” in the menu on the right. Once you confirm the cancellation through PayPal, they will no longer send us money. You can also cancel it through PayPal.