Desktop backgrounds for Digi Scrappers


Free desktop from Weeds and Wildflowers blog

I (Katie) am not much for seasonal decorating around the house. It’s a lot of work (and money) to gather decorations, store them year-round, and then decorate the house with them for just a short amount of time. But I LOVE to decorate my computer desktop! With just a few clicks, I can create something fun to inspire me throughout the month! I feel so festive each time I turn on my laptop and see a special picture and creative page design looking back at me. It is the perfect way to set the mood for digital scrapbooking!


Free desktop from Traci Reed team blog. Picture by Highlite Photography.

As I was selecting this desktop image and photo to use for October, I thought about some of the great reasons to use a digital scrapbook desktop.

  1. Many of them are free! (See list below for sources)
  2. They are a fast and easy way to create something beautiful.
  3. Desktops are so easy to put together. They are similar to quick pages – all you have to do is add a picture!
  4. I love having a calendar right on the desktop screen of my computer. It comes in SO handy!
  5. Having a pretty desktop encourages you to keep your actual computer desktop clean and clutter free. I don’t like to see icons all over my beautiful work of art (ok, someone else’s beautiful work of art + MY photo) so I keep my program icons in the toolbar or in a subfolder. My desktop only has a recycle bin and an “IN PROGRESS” folder. I love it that way!

Once you have the desktop image paired with your favorite photo(s), simply choose to save it as a desktop background. I just right-clicked on the image and selected “


Now this is what my computer screen looks like – all decked out for fall!


I love desktops with lots of white space because I think they are easier on the eye. I love a prominent calendar and a spot for a big photo (or a few photos). Looking at a special memory each time I log on to my computer helps me remember why I love to scrapbook so much!


Most of these designers and digital scrapbook shops/blogs offer some sort of free desktop background around the end of the month or even on the first day of the applicable month. So October desktops should start showing up in the next few days. (A few are already available)


With all the fantastic free desktops out there, you might not ever need to create your own. But if you want to try your hand at your own desktop design, it isn’t much different than creating a digital scrapbook page. The only difference is you need to set the canvas size to the same size as your actual computer desktop display. How do you find that out? The best trick is to hit “print screen” on your computer (usually a button on your keyboard close to the delete key) and then open a new project in your photo editing program (such as Photoshop or PSE).


When you select “New” and then “Blank File” it will automatically open up to the size of the image you just copied by selecting “print screen”. Now you have your exact screen dimensions!


Pretty cool trick!

If you need more information about how to put together a basic digital scrapbook page, be sure to refer to our fabulous tutorials section.

Now have some fun decorating your desktop!