WHAT THE SMELL?!? scrapbooking smells


Layout by Steph, supplies: Template by Janet Phillips (collection 58, modified), Papers by Three Paper Peonies, stitching by mgl Scraps, “Relax” word art by TaylorMade

Have you ever smelled something familiar and without even thinking about it, your mind traveled to a different time and place?  You are flooded with emotions possibly from the first time you smelled the familiar smell or possible from a time when that smell made a significant impact on your life?

Have you ever wondered why this happens?  This summer, when my family was visiting the Pacific Science Center, I learned about this and I have been excited to share it with you ever since!

The olfactory nerve (smelling part of the brain) is located very near to the part of the brain that stores memories and triggers emotions.  When we smell a familiar smell, these memories and feelings associated with it are instantly triggered and we often remember and feel the way we did the first time we smelled it (you can read more about the science here).

When I learned this, I thought it might be fun to scrapbook about some smells.  When Kim did her travel journal this past summer, one of the journaling prompts is about the smell that defines the vacation.  I thought that was really different, but also knew instantly the smell that defined one of our vacations (and still does).  The layout above is the layout about that smell.  The journaling reads:

“The lotion at the hotel we stayed at on Kauai in 2008 had the best smell ever. We all loved it and used it the whole time we were there. We took a few extra bottles home with us and tried to get every last drop out. We were so sad when it was gone! One day a year later, while doing some shopping, I decided to smell the lotion in Williams-Sonoma to see if I could find something similar. I was thrilled when the first bottle I picked up smelled exactly like I remember that lotion in Hawaii smelling.  I bought two bottles and the whole family agreed…it smells like Hawaii and takes us right back to our relaxing vacation!”

A couple of our team members took this challenge as well:


Layout by Jenn, supplies: Summer Harvest by MLE Card, NeeNee Sissy Lynn and Jacki’s Hand fonts

Jenn’s journaling reads:

“It’s been 19 years since my Mom passed away, but yet whenever I make her Roasted Summer Veggie Sauce, it’s like I’m right back in the kitchen with her. From the rustic smells of the onions, zucchini and yellow squash roasting in the oven, to the sweet richness of it all simmering all day in the crockpot with fresh tomatoes, lots of garlic, and a generous amount of fresh basil and parsley, it makes me feel so comforted. My Mom was a fantastic cook and even better at baking, so there are a large amount of cooking aromas that remind me of her, but this sauce is like a giant hug from her dressed up over a generous helping of my favorite pasta.”


Layout by Katie, supplies: template by Cathy Zielske (no. 32), papers by Chelle’s Creation (fall sememster), stitching by Anna Aspnes (Brown Borders), Arial font

Katie’s journaling reads:

“Spring blossoms and flowers. I love the fresh and energizing smell of spring in the air. One of my most favorite smells in the world is a sweet little baby all fresh from the bath, especially with baby lotion on. For the most part, I can’t stand the smell of perfume, colognes, and aftershaves. They give me a headache. But I love the smell of Elsha aftershave! It’s what Jeff wore in high school and it still takes me back to when I first fell in love with him. He has tried to switch over the years, but I won’t let him. To me, the smell of Elsha is HIS smell. I’m like cookie monster at heart because nothing beats the smell of fresh-baked cookies. Yum! Fresh bread is a close second though. I just love bakery smells I guess. The smell of rain is another favorite. I love it!”

Now, if we can just figure out a way to bottle the smells and include them in our scrapbooks to share with others!

What smells are you going to scrap?