Paying Tribute on a Page

9 sept 11

Back in 2006, I (Katie) had an unexpected opportunity to visit a Healing Field display. I had not planned this trip, I simply saw a field full of flags and was curious. Thankfully, I had my camera with me. I was by myself on an errand to the grocery store. Instead, I had an amazing experience walking through the field of 2,581 flags – one flag for each person who lost their life that day.

Living quite far away from the areas of the attack, I had not personally witnessed the devastation. I did visit Ground Zero in 2004, but it was still hard to imagine. My quiet stroll through the flags that day in 2006 brought a small piece of the tragedy close to my heart. I was actually overcome with grief and I ached for those families who lost their loved ones. It was especially touching to see soldiers in uniform there honoring those who had fallen.

I knew I would forget those feelings if I didn’t write them down. Sure, I would remember that it was neat to see the flags if I ran across these pictures someday, but unless I documented the experience I had, it would slip away. I came home and uploaded these pictures and just added my journaling right on top of them and called them scrapbook pages. It was enough. It was powerful.

I’m so glad I did that. As I pulled out these pages to share here today, I reread the journaling and relived the moment. This is why I’m a scrapbooker.

9 sept 11 pg2

I hope you will take some time to document powerful feelings and experiences when you have them, even when the subject matter is tough. Scrapbooking can be it’s own “healing field” because it allows you to roam through your memories the same way I walked through the field of flags.

Helpful Resources:

Here are a few layouts I found in the galleries that are perfect examples of this type of scrapbooking. All images are linked if you want to leave any of the scrappers some praise. 🙂











All of these layouts are simply amazing. I love the heartfelt journaling more than anything! If you haven’t documented an event like this one, it is never too late to share your feelings on a page.