A real adobe photo shop. 😉 via BoingBoing

There probably isn’t a group of people around that loves Photoshop as much as we digi scrappers do. Programs such as Photoshop are the main tools of our trade and they help us edit photos, create layouts, and add beauty to our everyday lives.

Like any powerful tool, it can be overused, or misused. Unfortunately, this sends unrealistic messages out to the viewer that people (especially women) must be photoshopped to be beautiful.


Even Demi Moore is not “perfect” enough for a magazine ad. via CBS Business Network


An already very thin Faith Hill seems to require a great deal of Photoshopping to be a cover girl. Look at her arm! via Scott Kelby

Of course we have come to expect glamour from magazines, movies, and television, so not all the blame falls on those who create the images.


via Gear Fuse. Do we want to see ads with an un-retouched Madonna? Or do we prefer her with her Photoshop “day cream” on?

Then there are those who just cross the line into complete absurdity. There are certainly extremes and mistakes made with Photoshop.


via CBS Business Network


via CBS Business Network

Would you believe that some kids (and their parents) even want their school photos retouched? This Newsweek article Say Cheese! Now Say Airbrush! (via Nancy Nally) will give you some real food for thought.

So how much is too much? Where do we draw the line? What does this teach our children? Are you discussing what’s real in the media with your children? Have you thought about what messages you are sending with your own photo editing?

All interesting topics to think about!