Templates are such a big timesaver for me (Katie) and I rarely scrap without one these days. I also love to reuse templates and I’m often surprised at how many layouts can come from just one template. I thought it would be fun to use one of NeeNee’s templates from this month’s Digi Files and challenge our team to show us how many different ways they could use the template. I was amazed at what they came up with!

Here’s the template I picked:


Template by NeeNee from The Digi Files #20


Here’s what our team did with this ONE template:


Credits: Happy USA by Shabby Miss Jenn NeeNee Designs PaperCropz template

Jenn says:
I rotated the whole template about 45 degrees counterclockwise, and lined it up so that the paper strips/ribbon placeholders would run edge to edge. I then rotated each of the photo placeholders individually to better suit the orientation of my photos.
After I’d placed the photos and selected my background papers, I started filling in the element placeholders with various elements from the kit I used. After I’d filled in all of the placeholders, I then went back and deleted all of the circles and the scalloped matt. I deleted a few of the paper strips, and moved or rotated a few other elements until I was satisfied with the results.



Credits: NeeNee Designs PaperCropz template Love Me by Dilo My Wish 4U by Digiscrappers Brasil Designers NSD2009Freebie by Flergs Enjoy the Moments Snippettes by Sahlin Studio, Greenbeans font

Another one from Jenn

I rotated the entire template 90 degrees clockwise. Reduced the size of the three photo placeholders and duplicated two of them, rotating each individually. I erased part of the scalloped matt, leaving only the left edge as a base for my title.  I deleted/resized and rearranged many of the elements.



Credits: NeeNee Designs PaperCropz template Flergs Daydreamer kit

Layout by Melissa S.-
For this LO is resized the template to make it smaller and deleted the photo spots. I used a scalloped frame instead of clipping the paper to the scallop shape. I extended the scatter across the page. I deleted some extra bits and pieces to put the title in and embellished the letters with gems.



Credits: NeeNee Designs PaperCropz template (altered) three paper peonies – organic kit two shutter sisters – organic textures 1 fonts avenir book and american typewriter

Layout by new team member Tara –
tip: I’m a minimalist most days but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a fantastic template like this one from NeeNee and alter it to suit your style and personality. When I plan on altering a template I will choose my supplies and photos and have it all open in elements. I decide if I am going to rotate the template like I did in this LO. Next I hide all the layers and I begin. from the ground up and I work through each layer and rebuild it. I tend to work through the photos first and then back fill the elements and layers and play until I achieve the over look I want.



Credits: NeeNee Designs PaperCropz template Emotions by FeiFei’s Stuff also included in TDF#20 this month

Layout by Steph. I tend to be a more simple scrapper and like fewer elements on my layout.  I turned off all of the element layers (clicked on the eye on each layer), but used the rest of the framework pretty much as is.  I love using lots of paper layers and larger photos as well and NeeNee’s templates are perfect for this!



Paper Cropz Vol. 9 – Digi Files 20 – Neenee Designs Raining Sunshine kit – Wild Dandelions Font – Rockwell

Layout by new team member Trina –

I shrunk everything in the template by selecting all the layers and transforming them at the same time.  I then duplicated all the layers and rotated the duplicated layers and put them in the top right corner.  I chose to delete part of it in the top corner and leave only one photo there with the cluster.  I placed the other layers in the bottom left corner and worked from there, deleting some elements and adding others as I went.  I also added a stroke to the outside of the title alpha to make it stand out a bit more against the photos.



Credits: Look At Me and Stuck Up Frames by Misty Cato, Nee Sissy Lynn font Paper Cropz Vol. 9 – Digi Files 20

A 3rd one from Jenn who says “I may have gone a little overboard with this post, as this is the third one I did, but I was testing myself to see if my layouts from this template could all look completely different and not like they came from the same temp. Anywho… 🙂

I flipped the entire template vertically,  then hid all of the layers, with the exception of the three photo placeholders. To make the photo areas look different, I used premade taped frame elements. I enlarged each of the photo placeholders slightly, and rotated the one on the right a few degrees. I then unhid the two rectangle paper matts behind the photo on the left, reducing their size until they barely peeked out from the vertical edges of the left photo’s frame.  I also blended the larger photo into the background paper.

This template was perfect for this series of pictures, as I wasn’t originally sure what I wanted to do with them, but as soon as I’d placed the photos within the template, the rest of the page came pretty easily. That’s the beauty of templates!



So twist, rotate, turn off layers, duplicate layers, or do whatever you want to a template to make it work over and over again! If you scrap a layout with this template from this month’s Digi Files, we’d love to see it! We hope you will upload it to our Flickr group so we can all be inspired!


P.S. Congratulations to Jenn L who was our random winner from the comments in yesterday’s post! She said “See, that’s what I love about TDD, you introduce me to designers I might not have seen otherwise. Loved looking through her store and I’ve added Everyday Bliss to my wish list.” Thanks Jenn! Watch your inbox later today for your gift 🙂