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I (Katie) absolutely LOVE using the delicious website to manage my online bookmarks. I have been using this site for 2+ years and I currently have 2,212 bookmarks saved in my account. WOW! You might think that there is no way I can actually use and keep track of that many bookmarks, and that would be correct – IF it wasn’t for delicious!

When I find something online that I want to keep, I simply add it to my delicious account. I downloaded the toolbar button for my browser to make this fast and easy to do. I don’t use my browser bookmark tool unless it is for a very short term project (like I will look at the link later on that day). I do use my browser toolbar to bookmark the sites I go to everyday, but everything else gets filed in delicious. I never have to worry about losing my bookmarks and I can access them on any computer with an internet connection. My favorite feature is that I can add tags to my bookmarks to make them easy to find. For example, if I see a recipe for Halloween cupcakes that I would like to make someday, I can tag the link with “Halloween” or “cupcakes” or both. Then when I search my own delicious account I just type in those tags to find what I’m looking for. Delicious is one of the best organizing tools I use!

You can share your bookmarks with the world, certain networks, or keep them private. I keep my own bookmarks private, but The Daily Digi is now on delicious and we are sharing our bookmarks with everyone!

You don’t need a delicious account if you want to look through our bookmarks. Just feel free to explore the content. It’s similar to using the “search” feature here on The Daily Digi site, except that you can use tags to narrow down the topics. You can even subscribe to a RSS feed for The Daily Digi’s bookmarks if you want to follow along as we add them. If you are interested in using delicious for your own personal bookmarking needs, it will also help you to browse through our account to get a feel for how it all works.

Delicious is fun, easy, and it’s FREE! Here are a few tutorial links if you need any help getting started”

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