Journaling on layouts is difficult for some scrappers. We all have our likes and dislikes, so it isn’t surprising that some people like to write and others don’t. I (Katie) am a writer. I’ve always liked writing in some way, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. It also doesn’t mean that I’ve always been good at it, or that I don’t struggle with it. I do! Every time I start a new blog post or a scrapbook page I have to overcome my own feelings of inadequacy and just get down to the business of putting my thoughts into words.

I’ve been thinking lately about how journaling is a lot like exercising. It is NOT easy. It takes commitment and discipline. It is hard to get started, but if you overcome that initial urge to skip the whole thing, you feel so much better! Just like muscles, your writing skills need to be flexed and conditioned to work properly. If you don’t keep in shape, you will get flabby. (I speak from experience here :))

So are you “out of shape” when it comes to journaling? Have you been snacking on twinkies (using no or little journaling), instead of hitting the gym? Do you need a personal trainer to help you get your writing skills toned up? I’m here to help! We at The Daily Digi believe that you are a writer and we love to encourage you to discover your own personal voice and style for telling your stories.



If you haven’t exercised in awhile, you need to ease into a workout routine. If you are just out of practice when it comes to journaling, try a few starters to help you get in shape.

  • Date your layouts. This is the first step in journaling. By including the point in time on your layout, you will give it a place in your history timeline. Read about “10 Ideas for Dating Your Layouts” from Log Your Memory.


Layout by Katie. Template from Funky Playground blog train, Gina Cabrera’s Snow Day Kit for The Digi Files 11, Font is Susie’s Hand.

  • Write the answers to the classic writing questions of “Who” – “What” – “When” – “Where” – and “Why”. You will be surprised at how much information can be answered using those prompts.


Layout by Katie. Template by Debbie Hodge. Papers by Jen Wilson & Katie the Scrapbook Lady,


Layout by Crop-a-holic from our Flickr group



Once you find a journaling technique that works for you, keep practicing. The only way to get strong is to continually work those muscles!

Layout by Katie. Template by Kitty Designs. Papers by Cinnamon Designs, Background Paper and seashell by Jofia Devoe. Font is Franklin Gothic Book

KittyDesigns_365Inspiration7-1shakespeare copy

Layout by Katie. Kitty Designs Templates version 7, Cinnamon Designs Cardstock, Myriad Pro font



Take a look back through the pages you have written on and read through the experiences you recorded. Here are some of my favorite journaled layouts. The most motivating thing about any exercise program is seeing the results!


Layout by Katie. Rhonna Farrer Organic Papers, Ck Printer font


When it comes to journaling, take a cue from Nike and JUST DO IT!