PHOTOS + WORDS = Scrapbook Page


Layout by Katie. Font unknown.

When you get down to the very basics of what scrapbooking is, you could say that it is simply a photo(s) with words to go along with it. That definition is extremely basic, but also fitting. Of course, we can add as many details and embellishments as we want to the photos and words. It’s also perfectly ok to just use the essentials.

Have you ever thought about paring down your scrapbook pages? Even if you are not a minimalist at heart, there are times you might want to consider using this approach. I (Katie) have created some of my favorite layouts using nothing more than a picture and some words.


  • Use a stunning photo that you really want to call attention to in your album. Think of this like you would when picking a special picture to frame for your home. Did you get that close-up of your child? Was the lighting just right on a scenic lake? Is there a particular scene that captures a memory perfectly? Use that ONE photo and fill the entire page with it.


Layout by Katie. 28 Days Later font.


  • Fill in the opposing page space for layouts you have already done. When I listened to episode 2 of the Paperclipping Digi Show (Conquer the Photobook) I had an “AHA!” moment. Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press explained how she gathered up all her random layouts that she had put together and put them in an album. Instead of making an opposing page for each layout, she simply used a big photo to complement the scrapbook page on the other side. I have done this before, but I never really realized what a powerful way this is to help me finish off an album!

Here’s a layout I did about a photo shoot with my daughter’s funky socks:


Layout by Katie. Template by Hilary Heidelberg Word art, border, and gray paper by Weeds n Wildflowers Life 365 collection

I didn’t really have anything else to say on the opposing page, but I did want to share my favorite photo from that day:


I just added a piece of word art from the same kit I used on the other layout and then I was done. Easiest layout ever!


  • Think beyond just using a photograph. Use this technique for a scanned document, or work of art. I made this layout about our homeschool art program:


Layout by Katie. Cinnamon Designs Crafty Madness kit Template by Janet Phillips (collection 18) fonts are Calibri and Fontologie Messy Bessy

What could go better with this page than an actual scanned piece of art created by one of my children? All I did was add my son’s name and date at the bottom. I could have also had him actually sign the piece (which never dawned on me at the time).


That’s a scrapbook page! It will be very meaningful for my son to have this piece of art saved in his own album.


  • Make a photo collage of favorite pictures in the size of a scrapbook page. You can even print out an extra one to frame for your home, office, or to give as a gift! Don’t feel like you have to only use a single photo to pull of this style. Several pictures together with or without some journaling can make a wonderful scrapbook layout!

You can use a template to make a collage or just open up your photo-editing software and use the included tools. I’m using Photoshop Elements 8.


Click on the “create” tab and select the “photo collage” option.


I chose the page size of 12×12 with No Theme. I selected the 16 photo layout and also marked the box to “Auto Fill with Project Bin Photos”.


Then I opened 16 different photos within PSE so they were available in my project bin. After I clicked the “Done” button, I ended up with a simple collage. I added some title work with the Fontologie Empty Wrapper font and here’s the result:


Nothing fancy, but it is a finished page! I could certainly add more to jazz it up a bit, but I’m ok with letting the photos and the words do the talking here. With all the pictures I have to scrapbook, it’s ok to keep it simple sometimes. I love to have tricks like this in my arsenal to help me complete more albums, and to add variety to the process of documenting my memories in scrapbook form.

Remember that photos + words = a scrapbook page!


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