In The Designer’s Studio with DYSFUNCTIONAL DESIGNS


I am happy to welcome Dysfunctional Designs to THE DIGI FILES this month!  Her graphic, minimal style designs are great for scrapping just about any style layout (which you will see below).  Besides being a fantastic designer, she has some great photography tips for us as well. 🙂 Here’s a closer look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES this month:



Here is a look at what our team created with Mid-Mod:

Layout by Jenn, additional supplies: Creative Outlet template by Taylor Made ( modified), Getting Started Journaling by Sahlin Studio, CK Jot font
Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Three Paper Peonies template; AylaCSScript font
Hybrid Project by Sunghee, additional supplies: various paper supplies.
Layout by Amanda (Dysfunctional Designs CT)
Layout by debzanne (Dysfunctional Designs CT)

You can see more inspirational layouts using this collection on the Team Inspiration page.



Hi! I’m Ami Collofello of Dysfunctional Design. I’m a 31 year old mom of three: 6 year old twins Samuel and Celia, and my 4 year old baby boy Dalian. My husband and I have been married for 7 years, together for 12. I moved to Portland, OR four years ago from the Chicago suburbs and I love it here!

When I’m not doing mom stuff, I’m working as a graphic designer. I started working under the name Dysfunctional Design about ten years ago when I started developing web sites. Today, I do more design than development because my attention span just ain’t what it used to be. (Darn kids ruined my work ethic!)

I also like to eat a lot. That takes up most of my free time. And I turn into a very scary lady when I am deprived of Pepsi.

Here’s where you can find me:

The Digichick
Facebook page
my blog





Hoard your digital photos! Scrappers are the type to take photos for a purpose. We bust out the camera, document our day, and rush back to the computer to see all of the scrap-worthy pics. It’s usually easy enough to pick out the great shots – but what about the rest? If you go easy on what you delete, you might be surprised at what you find.

A few months back I started working on our 2009 Family Album. I had done some layouts throughout the year, but I decided I wanted a uniform look for the “official” album. So I started digging through the year’s worth of photos, flagging the ones I already knew were the “good” ones. But I was surprised at how many more good – and meaningful – photos I had waiting in limbo. There were hundreds of photos that I had brushed off as blurry, busy, or just plain bad – until now.

Going through my pictures a year later gave me the ability to see them with a different eye. With some cropping and processing in Lightroom or Photoshop, those blurry, busy, and bad photos were given a second chance. Here are some photos that were prime recycle bin material:




But after a little editing, I created this:


Another example is this shot of my boys:


This was just one of about twenty pictures I shot that afternoon. I didn’t like the light, the clutter in the foreground, the tired eyes…but then I decided to play with it.


A sweet little portrait of the boys.

I know it’s not exactly practical to save all of those unwanted and questionable photos, especially if you’re like me and won’t get back to them for a year…or more. That’s lots of valuable disk space! But try going back just a week or two later to see if you missed something the first time through. You never know what gems you’ll end up with!


I fell into digital scrapbooking after I accepted the fact that I am not skilled enough to use paper. In 2004 I tried to make a traditional album. It just didn’t work. So I went where I was comfortable – the computer! I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years, so when I started digi-scrapping I just made my own stuff. I’ve been selling in digi-land for about 3 years now.


Anything vintage, retro, or modern. I love looking at old photos, clothes, records, books, and furniture, so that’s where most of my inspiration comes from.


My main computer is an HP desktop, with 64 bit Vista, an AMD Phenom Quad-core processor, and 8GB RAM.

I use Adobe CS4 for all my design work. My most used programs are Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I also use Lightroom for photo processing.

My camera is a Nikon D40 (which I just adore!).

I use a Bamboo Fun tablet – for everything. There’s not even a mouse at my computer anymore! I just love the control that the pen gives me.


My favorite product would probably have to Vintage Tee Revival. I love the colors in it and the style just screams “me!”


My best selling products are my Random Alphas.


Here are some of my favorite products by Ami







Here’s some inspirational layouts using Ami’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







Go have a look in Ami’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST)!

As a thank you to our readers, Ami has give us this coupon code to share with all of you! Save 30% off her store through August with this code!! spotlight