My Favorite Title Trick


Supplies: Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s Tropical Hideaway

My favorite way to create titles is by using a great font and making it look like an alpha.  Sometimes, I’m just too lazy to arrange letters one-by-one 😉 .  Below, I share a play-by-play of how this title was created.

I typed my title word using Clementine Sketch.  With this font, you must start each word with a capital letter and end it with ^ so that you get a fully closed word.  Since the v does not connect with the other letters, I typed the title like this VAcations^ which gave me a completely closed word.

Next I selected the magic wand:


I clicked outside of the word ‘vacations’ (the settings at the top are shown for your convenience):


You will get marching ants on your page that look like this:


Next, you need to invert the selection by going to shft+ctrl+i or select>inverse.  Now, your selection will look like this:


If you look closely, there are some parts that we need to subtract from the selection (the inside of the o and s).  To do this select ‘subtract from selection’ (as shown below) or hold down the alt key while clicking inside the o and s.  You might want to zoom in to help with accuracy.


After clicking and subtracting those areas, they should look like this:


Create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon:

image Make sure that the new layer is below the title layer like this:


Select the eyedropper tool:

image Click on a color you want the inside of your text to be, I’m choosing the lighter blue in these papers:


Make sure the desired color is the foreground color:

image Now select the paint bucket tool:

image With the paint bucket tool, click inside the selection of your title and your selection will be filled with the desired color:


I decided that I wanted my outline to be brown and then add a sticker border.  So, I will select the type layer again in the layers palette:

image Now, select the type tool by clicking on it in the tool bar OR use the keyboard shortcut ‘t’.  Click on the color in type toolbar at the top of the window:

image Now, I’m going to click on the brown paper and the outline of the title will turn brown:


Now, go to select>modify>expand and below is the settings I chose, feel free to experiment with different numbers:


Create a new layer as we did above and make sure that the new layer is below the text and below the color, like this:


With that new layer selected, choose a white color and then with the paint bucket tool, click inside the selection (just like we did for the blue above):


Now, lets get rid of those marching ants by using the keyboard shortcut, ctrl+d and we have the completed title:


Funtastic Friday

To start off our Fantastic Friday, I just wanted to remind everyone that we are halfway through the month and just over halfway finished revealing THE DIGI FILES contents.  You can see closeups of the images below son our Contributors’ Page



We have also released a new episode of the Paperclipping Digi Show with guests Katie Pertiet and Aaron Morris a.k.a. Sir Scrapalot discussing finding time for scrapbooking AND a few timesaving tricks.  We also talk about Katie Nelson’s post here at THE DAILY DIGI about Power Scrapping and Aaron’s post about using ACDSee for organizing and getting things ready for scrapping.

We are furiously working behind the scenes on some things to come in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here’s what’s going on in digiland:

New from Jennifer Barrett:



Shabby Miss Jenn has several kits on sale for just $1.50 as well as this free gift:


SuzyQ has a tutorial and printable for making some baby shower goodies as well as a free template:


Rachel Young has this GREAT deal for you:


New stuff from NeeNee:



Listgirl has this freebie on her blog:


Ztampf and Dutchie has this really fun collab they have done:


Isn’t this such a fun kit from Ju Kneipp and Designs by Lili:


Sausan and Lili have this FUN kit along with a coupon valid for 20%off this product until July 31st:  letthesunshine


Miss Kim has this deal going:


Love this new kit:


Sir ScrapAlot has a great post with “9 Quick Ways to Add a Date To Your Page

You can find this gift at Songbird


There’s this wonderful collection on sale at ScrapbookGraphics


Captivated Visions has ALL of this for $3.50:


Congratulations to Leigh was the random winner of $10 worth of product from Valorie Wibbens!  THANKS to everyone for leaving comments!

Inspired by Beauty Within

The layouts below are created using “Beauty Within” by Valorie Wibbens available in this month’s THE DIGI FILES during July only!

Layout by Emily (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Amy (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Claudia (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Melanie (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Tania (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Julia (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Julie (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Eryn (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Andrea (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Kelly (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Jennifer (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Jamie (Valorie’s CT)
Layout by Krista (Valorie’s CT)


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Also used Valorie Wibbens Topography Template No. 26
Layout by Dunia
Layout by Amy Wolff, additional supplies:   font-CK ali
also used Valorie’s topography #34
Layout by Jenny, additional supplies: Template by Tiffany Tillman (from the Summer Templates class), Fonts: My Own Topher and Century Gothic
Layout by Sharon S (a reader), additional supplies: Template: Merkeley Designs, Fonts: KA Phraseology, Century Gothic, JWFullofHeart

in the designer’s studio with VALORIE WIBBENS


I am uber excited to welcome the very talented Valorie Wibbens to THE DIGI FILES this month!  I asked her to join us several months ago after discovering her store.  I love her artsy-with-a-touch-of-craftsy style.  She does some very unique and fun things! Here is a closer look at her contribution that you can get along with everything else in THE DIGI FILES this month:

VW_Beauty Within

Here’s what our team created with “Beauty Within”:


Layout by Karen, additional supplies: Also used Valorie Wibbens Topography Template No. 26
image Layout by Dunia
image Layout by Amy Wolff, additional supplies:   font-CK ali
also used Valorie’s topography #34
Layout by Jenny, additional supplies: Template by Tiffany Tillman (from the Summer Templates class), Fonts: My Own Topher and Century Gothic
Layout by Sharon S (a reader), additional supplies: Template: Merkeley Designs, Fonts: KA Phraseology, Century Gothic, JWFullofHeart

You can see many more layouts created using this collection in our Team Inspiration section of the site.



Hi there! My name is Valorie Wibbens and I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado. I feel very blessed to be a stay-at-home-mom for my 3 kiddos- ages 14, 12, and 4, and have been married for almost 15 years now! Besides digital scrapbooking, I love photography, stitching, knitting and crocheting, the snow, the beach, the color green, art, lattes and anything handmade!



WSnow Song


I think most of us are afraid of bold backgrounds and as I DO know how it feels I wanted to share that it’s actually a fun way to challenge yourself! I love to challenge myself and find that I use bold backgrounds more and more on my layouts these days! I like that it seems like a “naughty” thing to do! Haha! Not ALL bold backgrounds will go well with ALL photos but the trick is to place the photo on the paper and see if they visually compete with each other. If you’re having a hard time focusing on the photo (which I think is the most important thing!), then it’s probably not a good match. Before you give up on that photo/paper combination, though, try changing the scale of the photo or maybe turning the photo into a black and white. I find that if the photo is “busy” with a lot going on, you probably will want a paper with a bolder, larger scale motif. I also find that the bolder backgrounds like a simpler designed LO. Another big thing to consider is contrast. Contrast in color, “busy-ness”, pattern, and of course scale, between your paper and photos is what will make using bold backgrounds work! Ready to give it a try? Hope so! I think it’s fun to challenge ourselves and try something different! Ya never know……


I’ve always done the artsy and crafty thing and even physically scrapbooked here and there throughout my life. We’re not gonna talk about those scrapbooks though, because they are omygoodness BAD! As with many of us, as I started having kids, my love of photography grew. After getting my degree in Fine Art, we moved to Colorado and it was here, that I began playing with my photo’s and their stories through scrapbooking. I think I saw my first digital scrapbooking magazine in 2006 and was completely in awe and dumbfounded! I knew I had to learn how they do that! For Christmas 2007, my DH bought me the most incredible gift of a new Mac and my first photoshop, CS2! I quickly taught myself digital scrapbooking through various tutorials and I was officially HOOKED! By the end of 2008, I started entertaining the idea of designing and opened my first shop in February 2009!


Definitely color! I actually love looking at designed rooms and pulling color from them! It just makes me happy!


I use a Mac with 2GB of ram, CS4, Illustrator, and my Bamboo Tablet.

My camera is a Nikon D70 with a kit lens 18-70mm, 50mm 1.8, and 60mm 2.8.


Hmmmm…this one (included in THE DIGI FILES), Beauty Within -haha!

VW_Beauty Within


That’s a tough one too…I’m gonna guess- Smile!



Here are some of my favorite products by Valorie:

be green

Fresh Produce

Make a Wish


Hand Stitched Felt Alpha


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Valorie’s products. Layouts without credits are linked to the originals.



Layout by Dunia, supplies: Kitchsy Kamera and An Easy Way 5 – Layered Template by Dúnia at ZigZag Font: 2Peas Artsy





Go have a look in Valorie’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST today)!

As a thank you to our readers, Valorie has created this coupon to share with all of us!


Reader Challenge July 2010


File Names:
Audacious Designs – an-fresh-stitches
Chelle’s Creations – cc_bugcatcher_paper02
Emily Powers – photology2.3_antique_emilypowers
Queen of Quirk – QQ-CDC-flower1
Michelle Batton-mbatton-abeautifulbeginning-alpha
Valorie Wibbens – vw_beautywithin_p4 List
Girl Designs – Listgirl_TemplateSet_Gumdrops1 *optional

Here at The Daily Digi, we love to inspire our readers to stretch their scrapping skills. Each time we reveal a sponsor’s kit, we show you how WE scrapped with it so you can use that inspiration in your own scrapbooking. We also regularly cover themes and ideas like Scrapping Theme Parks, Using Quick Pages, and give you Embellishment Tips and Tricks. We do all of this so we can share the joy of digi scrapping with you and give you a springboard to jump into your own pages.

Each month we do a special challenge called “From the Files” where we pick one specific item from each of the kits featured in the current month’s DIGI FILES. Here’s what our team did with this challenge:

by Karen

I used pieces of the template to pull shapes for accents and recolored the paper and flower to complement the aqua paint on the alpha. by Jenn Font: Designer notes, Pea Devon Caps

I didn’t use the template for this one. I recolored the two papers by changing the hue/saturation options. I cut circles out of the photo overlay and used them as accents on the paper, instead of as an overlay, and also to create the center of the flower. Techniques: For the cut out in the bluish paper, I just used the Elliptical Marquee Tool to draw a circle, and then cut it out of the paper. To “tuck” the photo into the cutout I duplicated the photo, placing the paper in between the two layers. Select the top layer and erase the section that you want to appear underneath the paper. Since I had a drop shadow and stroke added to the photo, I created a separate layer for these (right click on the layer and select “Create Layer”), and erased the overlapping sections for each of these layers, too.

by Katie

Here’s what I did: I kept the template the same, but decided I needed more papers to work with. I re-colored Chelle’s paper to make a few other backgrounds.

In PSE 8 I went to “Layer” on the top navigation bar and created a “new adjustment layer” for “Hue/Saturation. Then I used the sliders to adjust to these settings. Hue +139 Saturation +1 Lightness +23 I saved this paper as a new file and used it for my background. I then took that newly re-colored paper and followed the same process and used the following settings: Hue -19 Saturation +21 Lightness -22 I saved this paper as a new file and used it for the tree trunk. I then took that newly re-colored brown paper and followed the same process and adjusted only the lightness to +49. I used this new paper as the centered background. I used the photology texture on the photos and reduced the opacity to 30%. I only used one letter of the alpha – “R” for my daughter’s name. I used it on one of the tree circles as sort of a hidden gem.


We’d love to see what you can do with this challenge! Be sure to leave a link to your layout or project in the comments section of THIS post to be eligible for the drawing for $10 in product from one of our contributors. Don’t forget that you can also link to our flickr group if you want to upload your page there. Deadline for entries is 10 P.M. EST on Saturday July 17, 2010. Winners will be announced on Sunday morning. (July 18th)

Photography Class with Katrina Kennedy

I’m so excited to be welcoming Katrina with us for her first in a series to help us all improve our photography!  She has a way of explaining things that make them easy for people like ME to understand.  After reading through today’s post, I can’t wait to work on the assignment! You can find Katrina at Capture Your 365


Sharp focus makes photos sing. A steady camera, supported by a tripod can be a great tool for sharp photos, but just isn’t practical in many situations. So how do you get that super sharp focus in your everyday photos?

Here are several options to try for a sharper focus.


Most cameras have multiple focus points. Letting your camera choose which point to use can lead to focus disasters. Focus can fall on someone’s nose when you intend it to be on his or her eyes. In semi-auto and manual modes, you can choose which point you want to use. (Look up focus in your cameras manual). The sharpest focus will always fall at the center point. Try changing the focus point around to see the results you get as well.
For Canon you’ll find the little cross icon on the back of your camera. Press it and then spin your top wheel to see it change in the viewfinder.

For Nikon you’ll need to go into the menu to change the focal point.  Program mode will also let you adjust your focus points if you aren’t ready for shooting in Manual, Aperture Priority (AV or A), or Shutter Priority (TV or T) modes.


The simplest way to move your focus point is to set it to the center point and recompose. If you want to focus on something not centered in the frame, you can focus on your subject by pressing your shutter half way down and then moving your camera.
1. Place the center red square or dot on the eyes of my subject (if your subject has eyes) or
whatever part you want to be most in focus.
2. Press the shutter half way down.
3. Holding it in that halfway position, move your viewfinder so your subject is positioned where
you’d like.
4. Now press the rest of the way.


A little more complicated, but far more accurate is using Back Button focus. Called back button focus because you set your camera to use a button on the back of your camera to focus, using your shutter button only for taking the photo. With focus and shutter release separated it may feel like an extra step, but you get far more control. You will find it listed in your manual as focus lock.

The most difficult part of back button focus is figuring it out where the setting is in your camera! It works
especially well with moving subjects.
To take a picture you will:
1. Press the back button on your camera to focus on your subject.
2. Release the button.
3. Recompose as desired.
4. Press the shutter button to take the photo.


Have you ever wondered what was wrong with your lens as it searched for focus?
When shooting something without much contrast or in a very dimly lit situation, your lens may have
difficulty finding your focus point. In these situations manual focus can be helpful. On your lens you’ll find the switch to go to manual focus. Don’t confuse Manual Mode with Manual focus though!


We all know that shot. The creamy blurred background leaving only a part of your subject in focus.  If you, like me, are addicted to shooting at your widest apertures, keep in mind that your area of focus is going to be extremely small. If you want to use a wide aperture, but get a little more in focus step back! The more
distance between you and the subject, the more will be in focus even at your widest aperture.  Your lens also has a minimum focus distance, the closest you can be to your subject and obtain
focus. The longer your focal length (the mm number on your lens) the longer your minimum focus distance is.  Here are some basic minimum focus distances to keep in mind:
1.5 feet
3.0 feet
3.9 feet
Have a little fun with this!
1. Set your camera to its widest aperture (the smallest f/ number) you can use manual mode or aperture priority mode.
2. In good light, focus on your subject at your minimum focus distance.
3. Shoot.
4. Back up two steps.
5. Shoot.
6. Back up two more steps.
7. Shoot.
Review your results and see what you find. You should notice a little more in focus in each photo.

Too close, focus falls behind my subject.
Better, but the edges of my subject are not in focus.
Walking a step back and the entire flower is in focus, retaining the blurred background.  With each of the focus methods, remember to watch your shutter speed. Too slow and you’ll capture motion blur!

I hope this helps bring things into better focus for you.

P.S. Donna is our random winner chosen from the comments left in yesterday’s post.  She won $10 in product from Michelle Batton, check your inbox Donna! 🙂

Inspired by A Beautiful Beginning

The layouts featured here were created using A Beautiful Beginning by Michelle Batton and included in THE DIGI FILES during July 🙂

Layout by SharonS (a reader)
Layout by Heddy (a reader)
Layout by Chookie (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by gonewiththewind (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by hoo-rah (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by jacinda (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by nietis (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by Karen
Layout by Jenn, A Beautiful Beginning by Michelle Batton, The Chosen One template by Sya’s Blueprints Font:Pea Jack and Jane
Layout by Katie, additional supplies: Template by Angela Powers. Font is Century Gothic.
Layout by buggie185 (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by c0r1nn3 (Michelle’s CT)

in the designer’s studio with MICHELLE BATTON


I am excited to have Michelle Batton here with us in THE DIGI FILES this month!  I really admire the unique elements that Michelle includes in her kits.  Michelle designs everything from cute, themed kits to more sophisticated with a touch of whimsy (like her contribution this month).  Here is a closer look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES this month:

mbatton-abeautifulbeginning_LRG This is just ONE of the kits that is included in THE DIGI FILES for only $5 for ALL of the contributions!  Here are some layouts to inspire you as you create:

Layout by Karen
Layout by Jenn,  A Beautiful Beginning by Michelle Batton, The Chosen One template by Sya’s Blueprints Font:Pea Jack and Jane
Layout by Katie, additional supplies: Template by Angela Powers. Font is Century Gothic.
Layout by buggie185 (Michelle’s CT)
Layout by c0r1nn3 (Michelle’s CT)

There are many more layouts created by Michelle’s CT and our readers in the Inspiration section of the site.



My name is Michelle and I’m a thirty-something, wife to John, and stay-at-home mom to three wonderful kids: Andrew (6), Emma (4) and Leab (1). I’m originally from Southeastern Wisconsin, but currently live in a small town just outside of Peoria, Illinois. I have a degree in Sociology and worked in the Human Resources and Benefits Administration field before starting my family. And just a few months ago I became the proud owner of Funky Playground Designs.







Adorable – Using About a Girl, Collab by Michelle Batton and Simply Scraps Designs



Pay attention to the little details – whether it’s in your photographs, your designs or your scrapping. Too often we get too busy looking at the big picture and we miss all those tiny little details that make things special. Cherish the little things!


I’ve always been artistic and a keeper of memories. When I was a little girl I kept scrapbooks with all those little mementos, you know ticket stubs, playbills, school programs, etc. Then when I was in high school I started researching my family history – collecting documents, photos and stories. My husband brought home a copy of Photoshop and I got hooked scanning and restoring my family photos. After I had my oldest child I discovered that I could use Photoshop to digitally paint and draw and got very involved in an online art community. It was during that time that I ran across digital scrapbooking and decided that to try designing and then not long after I started scrapping too!


Everything really – nature, my kids, art, fashion….and I have friends and customers make requests too.


I have a HP Pavilion laptop running Windows Vista 64-bit with 4 GB of RAM and a 320 GB harddrive. I use two, 320 GB Western Digital portable harddrives for additional storage and backup. I also have a custom-built desktop that my brother-in-law put together for me a couple years ago.

My go-to program is Photoshop CS2, but I also use Corel Painter X. Once in a while I use Art Rage, but not very often.

I have a Canon Rebel XT.

I have a 6×9 Wacom Intuos 3 pen tablet that I couldn’t function without, lol, it’s actually being held together with duct tape at the moment and really needs to be replaced. I also have a Canon CanoScan 8800F that I love.




September Days - Revamped


Here are some of my favorite products by Michelle

About a Guy - Collab

About a Girl - Collab

Rawr-o-saurus Rex

My Little Goldfish

Doodled Month Borders


Here’s some inspirational layouts using Michelle’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







As a thank you to our readers, Michelle has created this coupon to share with all of us!


Go have a look in Michelle’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!



In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the perfect time of year for a beach trip. Since I (Katie) live in Utah, I rarely get to the beach and I treasure every moment  I get to spend there. Fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to some beautiful beaches throughout my life in places such as Hawaii, California, Oregon, and even Greece when I was in college. I would love to go back to any one of those beaches at any time!

My biggest tip for beach visits is packing sunscreen. My husband and kids all have very fair skin and burn easily. Especially my husband (freckled red-head that has gone gray/brown in later years). We always joke about how he can get sunburned just looking out the window for a minute.  That means going to the beach isn’t big on his list. I love it though and wish I could live by a beach. I rarely burn and actually tan quite easily (except when I spend the summer sitting in front of my computer – lol!) My Father-in-law also has that same fair complexion so he wears long sleeves to the beach and brings a big umbrella with him to create his own shade.

Something else I’ve learned about visiting the beach is to protect my camera. I’ve ruined a point-and-shoot camera before just by having it in my beach bag. Sand got inside of it and it never recovered. I’m considering purchasing a waterproof camera before I hit the sandy shores next time. If you bring an expensive camera with you, consider purchasing some protective gear and/or wrap your camera bag in a protective bag as well.

Since I’m just a rookie when it comes to beach visits, I asked a few of our “beach-bum” team members to help out with some great tips for all of us.

From Melissa S.:

Well my DH & I have grown up by the beaches in Perth, West Australia. He practically lived there! After 5 years in Kalgoorlie (400 km from the nearest beach) he is so missing it! We are moving back soon – Emily hasn’t even visited the beach yet!  Phill however swims every time we are in Perth or Esperance.

OK, well onto tips… one big thing – SUNSCREEN, as blonde/fair skinned/sensitive skin/easily burnt people we have to use toddler milk sunscreen. I found other sunscreens would always end up stinging my eyes (yes somehow I’d always end up getting in my eye from my hands I guess and spending the whole time with a stinging eye!). The spray packs are useful as it is quick and easy to apply but not so good for wriggly babies.
In Perth & Kalgoorlie we are fairly close to the ozone layer hole, so even 4mins in the sun and you will start to damage your skin and within 15min you will be sunburnt. Even on Wednesday in the middle of winter (it starts June 1 in Australia) I put on a hat and sunscreen to go for a walk!

Ok so I hate to sound like a wowser – but SLIP SLOP SLAP SEEK and SLIDE everyone! Skin cancer is NOT fun! Be sunsmart!

Protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer: Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide!

  1. Slip on sun protective clothing that covers as much of your body as possible.
  2. Slop on SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen liberally to dry skin, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours when outdoors.
  3. Slap on a broad brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears.
  4. Seek shade
  5. Slide on sunglasses. Even on your babies! These are awesome sunnies and very affordable. My little girl has been wearing them since the age of 5 months and though she pulls them off sometimes, if it is actually sunny, she will keep them on quite well. Also their hats are cute!

So now I’ve got the sun protect rant off my chest – enjoy your summer kiddos!


From Steph:

My favorite vacations are those that include a beach!!  Since we have such varying ages of kids, it works great for our family, something for everyone!  My husband is (thankfully) great at finding travel deals to allow my beach addiction.  Because of my husbands health issues, we aren’t permitted to travel to 3rd world countries, so Mexico and other very affordable places are out for us.

Here are my tips:

  1. Forget the sunblock – well not totally.  We have found it works better to wear sunshirts on the beach.  When we go to the beach, we spend most of the time in the water boogie boarding.  We learned quickly that sunblock was not the best option for sun protection on our shoulders and arms.  You can get them in the summer at any department store like Target or Wal-Mart.  In tropical locations, you can get them year round.  Then slather sunblock everywhere else.  Always take sunblock with you from home, it is insanely expensive in beach locations.
  2. Grass mats – in Hawaii in every drug store or department store, they sell grass mats. They are super cheap (under $3) and are great for keeping sand off towels.  The water also slides right through, so they don’t stay wet.  My youngest does not like sand at all, so we put a couple of these down and she stays right on them and never leaves.  We take turns sitting on the beach with her, so they are great to sit on and wrap up in your towel.
  3. Boogie Boards – we love to boogie board! We usually check into renting boards at different places, but usually end up buying them , because you can buy them cheaper than renting.  When we check out of our hotel to go home, we find a family checking in and give the boogie boards to them.  We do this with larger pool toys too.
  4. Other toys – check into renting them, sand castle toys can sometimes be less expensive to rent.  Try using an offsite rental place instead of your hotel, they will usually deliver and pick up for no extra cost and are much less expensive.
  5. Bring a lunch and snacks.  There are a lot of sandwich places that will pack a lunch for you and some even pack it in a cooler.  There were many days that we would hit the beach after breakfast and not leave until after sunset…riding the waves all day long!  You can also buy styrofoam coolers for pretty cheap.
  6. Bring plenty to drink and then bring some more!
  7. Don’t be afraid to play in the water in the rain.  On one of our trips to Hawaii, it rained almost the entire time.  We headed to the beach anyway (leaving the youngest of the bunch with Grandma and Pappy) and spent the day boogie boarding.  The lifeguards said it was safe, so in we went!  We had the whole beach to ourselves! It was still 80 degrees outside and we were going to get wet anyway.  That day is one of our favorite memories!!
  8. Buy a book – I really believe in using guidebooks for any kind of vacation, even staycations! So grab a guidebook that will tell you what beaches are good.

Now for another kind of beach…we lived on an island in the Puget Sound for a few years and though we had beaches all around us, it was a very different kind of beach experience!

  1. Most beaches in the Puget Sound area are rocky.  Bring boots…I’m not kidding!  Boots that can get muddy and that are good for walking on rocks.
  2. There are record low-tides usually during June and many communities have ‘beach walks’ with guides that will point out all of the wild life on the beach and teach the kids how to respect it.
  3. During said low-tides, it gets smelly (I have grown to love the smell, but many hate it)…think seaweed.
  4. During the record low-tides shell fish can get red-tide, so don’t go clamming and don’t eat the clams if you see signs posted.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful views!!  One of the things we loved (and miss) most about where we lived was driving across the bridge to our island and seeing Mt. Rainier on our left and the Cascade Mountains on our right.  On a clear day, you could see forever!  So beautiful to see the evergreens heading right into the water.  Second in beauty only to the “sea-to-sky” drive in British Columbia (Vancouver to Whistler drive).

If you are lucky enough to visit a beach, we hope these tips will help you enjoy your trip even more!


Living on the edge

Layout by Katie. Taking Chances by Megan Mullins (Wild Dandelions) from The Digi Files 10 font is LD Elementary. Template unknown.

Have you ever paid attention to the edges of your layouts? I (Katie) had not really put a lot of thought into it until last year. I put together this page and thought I was finished.

Layout by Katie. Credits: Stephanie 2 Whirligig Kit Kaye Winiecki template 6 (modified).

After I saw it posted online a few days later, I just knew something was “wrong”, but I couldn’t figure it out. Soon afterward, I read this post about Janet’s most used scrapping trick of adding a border to a layout. There was my answer! I needed something around the edge to reign my eye in and keep the attention on the photo and story.

I followed Janet’s advice and added a simple dotted border. What a difference that made!


Ever since that time, I’ve kept a lookout for how great scrappers use the edges of the page to contribute to the overall layout design. It’s something that I’ve noticed that our creative team here at The Daily Digi is very good at, so I asked them for their tips and examples to help us all “live on the edge” a little more comfortably.

As you will see, edge treatments can range from minimalistic and simple to all out bursting with oodles of layers and creativity! We are excited to show you several different ways to utilize the edges of your layouts. Here are our very favorite edging ideas:


Hands down, this is the method we use the most! Adding a simple framed edge of stitching, doodles, or even a straight line, seems to be the perfect finishing touch for many different types of pages.

Here are a few resources for this type of border effect:

Plenty of page examples from the team:

Layout by Katie. Template by Debbie Hodge. Hello Sunshine by Kelley Mickus.

Layout by Melissa L. Dani Mogstad Take Me Away kit Gina Miller Simple Singles Template: Roundabout 3 Gina Miller border stitching Font is DJB Smarty Pants

Layout by Katie. Credits: Shabby Princess Word Whimsy Shabby Princess Blossom
Kitty Designs template (modified) Traveling typewriter font

Layout by Jenny B. Credits: Template: Tiffany Tillman Background Paper, Yellow Checkerboard Paper (masked over elements): Girls Are Yucky Kit by Lili (TDF #8) Paint Swash, Doodle Border, 2010 Punch Label: Altered 365 Kit by Something Blue Studios (TDF 11) Yellow Paper (masked over paint swash): Sunshine Kit by Suzy Q Scraps (TDF 12) Alpha, Button, and Papers: Upside Down Kit by Dunia (TDF 16) Arrows: Sketchy Elements Kit by Spencer at Design House Digital Staples: Wonderful Kit by Shabby Princess Drop Shadow Layer Styles by Megan Turnidge Fonts: CK Stenography and LD Shelly Print

Layout by Melissa L Lauren Reid 365 Remembered May papers, elements, and template Lauren Reid You’re Moody kraft paper Lauren Reid Lift Me Up border Ali Edwards Remember word art Font is Pea Devon

Layout by Katie. Credits: Anne Made Chromophobia papers and Heart Paper Trails
Template by Janet Phillips. fonts are CK footnote and Fontologie Weathered Low Fat

Layout by Melissa L Daydreamer kit by Leora Sanford Simple Solutions Set 3 by Leora Sanford Font is DJB Renee

Layout by Dúnia Basic Neutrals Paper Pack by Dúnia Whole Lotta Love by Dúnia Doodling Page Frames by Annick Philibert Crazy Squares Template by Gina Miller

Layout by Dúnia Spacey Templates Mini Vol.7 by Amy Martin Pure Love Kit by Jenna Desai Sugar Plum Alpha by Amy Wolff Font: 2Peas Just Plain Little


This is another subtle way to create a border within a page. By using rounded corners in the design, you automatically end up with and interesting and classic edge treatment. Be sure to read our tutorial on How to create rounded corners. You can also use purchased background masks with rounded corners from several digital designers.

Here are a few examples of borders using rounded corners:

Layout by Katie. Credits: Layout made with Wendyzine action from The Digi Files 15 (March 2010) Impressions of Friendship kit by Scrapbook Graphic designers. Font is Pea Jiawei

Layout by Karen. CREDITS: Lauren Reid Wonky Templates 5, Journal Mates, Second Spring kit, You and Me Elements; Font is Pea Muggy’s Girl

Layout by Katie. Credits: Michelle Coleman Wonderful Kit Ali Edwards template no. 3 from Designer Digitals CK Ali’s writing font and CK Ali Circles font for dingbats


My most used scrapping trick is adding another layer of paper to the back of my layout or template to create the look of matted paper. I guess I bring this one with me from my paper scrapping days because I used to love to trim just a small edge off of each side of my paper and then mount it on a full 12×12 piece of cardstock. Now I do this digitally, by simply resizing the first layer of background paper to be just a bit smaller. Then I add another papers as a background layer. I love this trick! Looks like several of our team members use this technique as well.

Layout by Katie. Cheeky Monkey A Happy Heart kit from The Digi Files 12 (February 2010) Template by Sine Journaling font is traveling typewriter

Layout by Jen. Credits: Good Day Sunshine by Megan Turnidge Going Postal Date Stamps by Man In The Moon Designs Makin’ Me Happy alpha by Stolen Moments Tuesday Template by Canadian Mommy Font: Pea Walker

Layout by Karen. CREDITS: Free to Be by Tracie Stroud

Layout by Karen. CREDITS: Leora Sanford Just Like You

There’s no reason this type of layering has to be done in a straight line. How about tilting some background layers? It’s makes the layout even more fun, and it’s a great way to use several different papers without overwhelming the page design.

Layout by Katie. Blessed by Nancie Rowe Scrap Artist. font is CK constitutional. Template unknown.

Layout by Katie. Credits: The Digi Chick kit from The Digi Files 8 (every life has a story)
flowers from Weeds n Wildflowers journaling font is Darcy Baldwin Tracy Script Template by Natasha Nast


Border treatments don’t have to be on the very edge of a page. You can create a bordered space by using a frame or lines to frame a smaller portion of the layout.

Layout by Katie. Credits: Pamela Donnis school kit from Digi Files 7 at The Daily Digi
template by Janet Phillips collection 14 (also from The Digi Files 7) fonts are CK footnote and Fontologie Messy Bessy.

Layout by Jen. Credits: Cara Copycat Template by Man In The Moon Designs What’s Cookin’ by Man In The Moon Designs Superstar by Bisontine Everyday Scatters 2 by MickeyB Designs Hello Sunshine alpha by Kelley Mickus Stamp ABC by Brittish Designs Font: mtf Sketchie

Layout by Jenn. Credits: Vaca Templates by Purple Tulip Designs Queen of Scrap by Scrap Matters Designers Polka Dot Vellum alpha by Man In The Moon Designs Detention alpha by Krystal Hartley Vintage Linens by Shabby Miss Jenn Font: Designer Notes

Layout by Katie. Credits: Everything from the Digi Files 15 (March 2010) for the -From the Files challenge. Template by Jen Caputo.


Creative team member Jenn loves to blend papers to create a subtle edged effect. She says “ I’ve got a few tricks that tend to use over and over with my LO’s. One is to create a “new” background paper from two other ones. I’ll choose two that I want to combine, then erase the center portion of the top one with a large grunge brush, or a large soft round brush. Then I play around with the blend modes until I get the desired effect.”

Layout by Jenn. Credits: Moi – A Magic Autumn Lily Designs – Fall Freebie stamp frame – JenLin Designs New Life Dreams – Indian Summer Font: Perpetua

Layout by Jenn Credits: Template No. 7 by Victoria Greenlees (Studio Saturday) Winter Morning Paper Pack by Victoria Greenlees (Studio Saturday) Playtime collab by Sahlin Studios and DeCrow Designs Squishy Dots by Karah Fredricks Midnight Kiss by Bren Boone A New Beginning by Digital Crea Design Team Comfort and Joy alpha by Brittish Designs (recolored) Fonts: Pea Devon Caps, Pea Jane


This is just a simple little way to do something fun around the edge of your layout. It’s an extra bonus that you can fit in your journaling as well!

Layout by Dúnia Are We There Yet? by Kate Hadfield Going Places by Kate Hadfield Road Works Alpha by Kate Hadfield Shmootzy Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz Font: Go Boom!

Layout by Katie. Credits: quick page album template by Ali Edwards. Fall paper pack by Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Fontologie giggles font and CK classical font.


Some designers do the work for you. I love papers with natural bordered designs. They make the page interesting and beautiful.

Layout by Katie. Credits: Purple Phase by Vinnie Pearce Template by Hillary Heidelberg
font is Susie’s hand

Layout by Katie. Credits: Happyness paper pack by Nancie Rowe Janitz. fonts are CK constitutional and Fontologie weathered in-between.


Feel free to have fun with your edges! It’s a great place to layer embellishments and page curls without cluttering up big portions of the layout. Some designers put together pre-clustered page edges to make this even easier! (see enabling portion of this post)

Layout by Dúnia Credits: Peekaboo Cardboard by Tracy Ann Take Two Photo Mats by Tracy Ann Overlay from State the Date 2 by Tracy Ann Ribbon from Lemon Drops by Holly Designs Torn Paper, String, Star from About a Boy by Jenna Desai Itty Bitty Epoxy Alpha by Emily Powers Bakward Staples by Jenn Patrick Stretchy Glue Blobs by Jenn Patrick Boys Dressed Denin by Natalie Braxton Font: AL Sandra


Of course we want to make it easier for you to find great digital products to give you more time for scrapping. That is part of our mission here at The Daily Digi! So here are some designs that we love.

(All images are linked)

The Outer Limits Doodled Borders 2



Barely There Paper Pack #3


So are you ready to live on the edge now? I bet you will find one of these techniques to be your most used scrapping trick as well!


P.S. The font used on the blue title blocks in this post is Fontologie Printing Primer.