Read a Book

entertainment of young woman in green park, book and reading

Once a week, we do an “Un-Digi” post  as a little break. It’s good for the “mojo” to step away from digi scrapping once in awhile and refresh ourselves creatively. Lately, I (Katie) have been longing to grab a book and head outside for some reading time. I earned a college degree in English Literature and during those long semesters of required reading, I always vowed to myself that someday I would read books just for the fun of reading. Mysteries, simple novels, magazines, and non-fiction books all appealed to me while I was buried in classic literature and Shakespeare.

Those years are well behind me now and I do still love to read. Sadly, I still don’t take the time to do a lot of reading just for the pleasure of it. These days I spend my time reading school related materials (I homeschool both of my children). I also use a lot of reading time researching digital scrapbooking and blog related topics. I have become a seeker of information, not a recreational reader. There’s nothing wrong with that because I enjoy what I read, but I also don’t want to miss out on the pure joy of getting swept away by a good book.

I want to read a book. A really good book, with no deadlines or pressure. Just page-turning fun. The kind that makes you want to lie in bed with a flashlight because you can’t wait to find out what happens next. I shared some of my most memorable books in the bullet journaling post a few weeks ago. Now I’d love to know what books YOU love to read! I bet plenty of other Daily Digi readers feel the same way. 🙂 Feel free to post about your favorite books in the comment section. Can’t wait to see all of your suggestions!