Plenty of Projects


Most of the digital scrapbooking I (Katie) do is making one or two page layouts. I love to work on a single layout for awhile and then enjoy the accomplishment of having finished something. It’s a great feeling! I guess that is why I’m sometimes reluctant to tackle a bigger project like an entire album, a mini-book, or even a hybrid-inspired creation. Lately I’ve come to appreciate those types of projects, and I’m realizing that it is a very satisfying and manageable approach to documenting the many memories I want to include in scrapbook form. I’ve been searching my bookmarks and favorite websites for project ideas and I’m so excited to share them with you!

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I can always count on Ali Edwards for project-based inspiration! She is so good at bringing together pieces and creating a whole and beautiful finished product. This “I Love You Today” mini-book is just the kind of treasure I want to create for my children. The link also includes a free download for journal strips and a video tutorial.



Do you remember this mini-album that Steph posted on Ali’s blog? I sure do! It’s been on my mind’s “to-do” list for months now. It’s a simple, but very meaningful project. There is even a free download still available to give you the tools you need to get going!


Stacy Julian put together this adorable little album for her daughter using mainly photos and titles. She used paper products, but there is no reason why this couldn’t be done with digital supplies. Just create a canvas size that works with your mini-album (4×4 is a fun size!) and use that for the photos and title/end pages. You can even add text right on your photos. (See my post about writing on your photos for more ideas.)



Cathy Zielske has an inspiring post about putting together school albums for her children. Love that she has digital products to make this project super easy!



I put them together these two Shutterfly Baby Books last December and we still enjoy looking at them. They are very easy to complete and I shared screen shots of the process on my blog.


Want even more inspiration for some quick and easy projects to work on? Check out these links:

This post has inspired me to get working on 2 album projects that I’ve had on my mind for awhile now. I promise to share them here when I am finished!


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