Un-Digi Katie’s Summer Blog Tour 2010


I woke up on Monday morning a couple of weeks ago and checked my Google Reader to see a post on Katie’s blog called, “Katie’s 1st Annual Summer Blog Tour…” (yes, this would be the same Katie that is a contributing writer here at THE DAILY DIGI).  I was intrigued and had to find out what it was all about.  As I pulled it up and read the intro., I giggled to myself, “She didn’t tell me she was doing this!  What a fun idea!”  I knew instantly that I would want to share it here as well, for an un-digi!  Katie is great at finding really fun things all over the www and her blog tour is no exception!

Each post has a description of the blog and what Katie likes about it.  It also includes some souvenirs Katie has brought back from her visit to the blog.  I’ve started a category in my reader called, “Katie’s Blog Tour 2010” and am subscribing to all of the blogs she hits! I think it will be a fun souvenir for me during the next year!

You can start reading the blog tour posts from the first day and work forward OR from the most recent and work back, which ever you prefer!  Enjoy!

P.S. The random winner for the Reader Challenge was Leigh. You can see her layout right here. Thanks to everyone for participating!