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When I (Katie) was at a blog conference  last month, I overheard some ladies talking in the parking lot. They were saying things like “she used to live in Los Angeles,” “she married a cowboy,” “she takes pictures of cows and horses,” and “she just wrote a cookbook.” I totally knew who they were talking about and I was honestly surprised when 2 of the ladies there had never heard of her. I thought EVERYONE knew about The Pioneer Woman! 🙂

If you have somehow missed Ree Drummond (her real name) online, now is the perfect chance for me to introduce you to her.

CONFESSIONS The Pioneer Woman’s original blog where she shares her love story, ranch happenings, cowboys in chaps, and the adventures of Charlie. Always something fun and interesting to read!



COOKING – If you are on a diet, you might want to stay away from this section. She uses butter, A LOT of butter! Yum! She posts step by step instructions and amazing photographs for every recipe. You will drool over her food photography! And as if her recipes weren’t enough, she went ahead and started up an amazing cooking site called “Tasty Kitchen” full of fabulous recipes from contributors all over the world.



PHOTOGRAPHY – One of my favorite parts of PW’s site is her beautiful photos. She is prolific and very skilled with her camera. She posts tips, free photoshop actions, and even hosts photography assignments. Sometimes she even shares some of her photos for free downloads. I actually had one printed to frame in my home. She has a few contributing writers who help out with her photography posts and they are all amazing!  I can’t get enough of her photography section!



HOME AND GARDEN – I’m sure you will also enjoy the Home and Garden section. I love that she isn’t afraid to show us the real life of a cowboy’s wife. I can’t even imagine the laundry!



HOMESCHOOLING _ Homeschoolers (and educators) will love the Homeschooling portion of her site. She homeschools all 4 of her children and posts some fun ideas and resources. There are also some guest contributors in this area of her blog and it’s nice to see several different methods and approaches with homeschooling.



I have no idea how she does it all, but I’m glad she is willing to share the journey with all of us online. Thanks for making the internet fun P-Dub!