Newsletters worth subscribing to


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With blogs, facebook pages, and twitter feeds, it might seem like newsletters would be a fading trend. However, I (Katie) have found that I subscribe to more newsletters than ever these days! Even for stores and designers that use social media, newsletters are still very valuable tools to keep in touch with customers. Why should you subscribe to newsletters? It is certainly a matter of choice, and some people really hate in-box clutter. If you are one of those, then you might not enjoy them. If you like feeling “in the loop” regarding your favorite digi sites, newsletters can definitely be your friend!

The best suggestion I can give you for deciding what newsletters to subscribe to is simply this; think about where you shop and the designers you love and subscribe to those. It’s a great way to keep updated on their sales and new releases. Here are some of my favorite newsletters (all free!) along with the reasons why I find them to be worth my time.

The Daily Digi: I’m sure you are not surprised that I like this one! 🙂 The Daily Digi sends out newsletters to announce The Digi Files each month and other special events and news. You will be the FIRST to know about what’s new! (Like when we released the free PDF “Playbook” – newsletter subscribers got it a day early.)  You can subscribe by clicking the sidebar link image.

CatScrap: Like many multiple-designer stores Catscrap includes previews of new releases from their designers, making it easier to keep track of what is going at the site. I like that they also include layouts for inspiration and information about their challenges. You can sign up for the newsletter by registering at the site.

Designer Digitals: They send out a very brief email news alert every Thursday to announce their “Thrifty Thursday” sale items. I would never remember to check out these deals without the reminder! Each Saturday night, an email newsletter is sent out to announce the new products hitting the virtual shelves of the store. A featured layout is always shared, along with links to the products used. My favorite part is the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements tip given at the bottom of each newsletter. I’ve really learned a lot from these! You can subscribe to the newsletter by creating an account at the site. You can also read past issues here.

Digi Scrap Addicts: A pdf format newsletter that has layout ideas, product and designer features, coupons from sponsors, challenges, and an exclusive freebie to download. You can subscribe by following this link where you can also browse through past issues.

Digi Shop Talk: A downloadable pdf format magazine/newsletter that is free to all registered members of the site. Each month includes articles, designer and product features, projects, and sponsor coupons. Subscribe by following the link on the index page.

MScraps: This multi-designer site sends out regular newsletters to announce new releases and sales. There is a designer feature included (often with a sale or discount coupon code) and my of the newsletters have an exclusive freebie to download. Subscribe here.

O Scraps: Plenty of previews from multiple designers to announce the new releases as well as some “sneak peeks” of what is coming soon. Newsletter sent out to all registered customers so be sure to create an account.

Pickleberry Pop: A really fun newsletter with a wide variety of information including sales, gallery layouts, and free downloads. I love the articles, and how they include current photography and template challenges right in the newsletter. My favorite feature is the “fabulous font find” where they feature and link to a fun and free font to download. Sign up here and/or read back issues.

The Sweet Shoppe: For a store with so many designers, this is the best way for me to check out the new goodies in the shoppe each week. I like being able to see a thumbnail image of the new releases. Newsletter sent out to registered customers so be sure to create an account in the shoppe.

I subscribe to many more newsletters as well, but I picked these examples to illustrate the variety of benefits that come with newsletter subscriptions. We would love to hear what newsletters you subscribe to and why you like them.