Inspired By…

Happy Holiday weekend to you all.  Even though I (Janet) don’t live in the States anymore, we lucked out here with a long weekend as well (apparently we are celebrating Vesakha — a Buddhist holiday).  Either way — it’s a day off of school and off of work buy orlistat which means I have some time to cruise around the galleries and see what inspires me. And there was A LOT that inspired me!  Can’t wait for the kiddos to be in bed tonight so I can scrap!  Here are just a few of the layouts that caught my eye (images are linked to full gallery credits):

I just LOVE this layout!  What a fun way to get more use out of a Year in Review template!  I am sure her daughter will be thrilled with this recap of the year!

I don’t even know where to start here! I love the small photos mixed with small papers. I love all the “white” space.  And I am amazed with the title/date/journaling work.

Miss Kellie is at it again with a FABULOUS layout!  I love all the colors, the paper blocking, the stitching…everything!

This layout just makes me smile.  I love all the bright and happy colors!

EEEK!  Do you hear that squeal??  That is how much I LOVE this.  It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of journaling and telling stories.  I just love how she shared the story of how she chose her career!  What an AMAZING page!

I am SO glad to know that I am not alone in my crazy anxiety dreams!  My dreams are almost always about either 1) I stopped going to one of my college classes and then I had to take the final (often in the dream I forgot I was even registered for the class)  or 2) that I am naked in some public place.  I SO need to make one of these layouts.  I hope mine turns out even half as fantastic as this one.

WOW.  Just WOW. I ADORE this layout…from the awesome text work in the background to the bright and happy colors to the little graduation cap on the photo and the light bulb…perfection!  This is a great example of really letting the papers and elements help tell the story (rather than taking away from it).

INCREDIBLE element use….So cool!

So beautiful and perfect in every way.  I love the black and white photo with the pretty colored elements. Love the unique paper block placement.  LOVE it.

And could there be anything more perfect than a layout with sweet photos, gorgeous papers, fun elements, fabulous placement, and lots of journaling?  I think not!

I sure hope you are inspired as I am!  Happy holiday weekend….and Happy Scrapping!