In The Designer’s Studio With Joyce Paul Designs


I am so excited to welcome Joyce to THE DIGI FILES this month! I have been a fan since the minute I discovered several months ago. I find all of her designs very restful and beautiful and am excited to share some of them with you! Here is a closer look at her contribution:


This is just ONE of the SEVEN collections you get in THE DIGI FILES for only $5!! Can you believe it?? We really appreciate our readers that show their support by purchasing the files!! We love doing what we do here and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support!

Here are some layouts created with Joyce’s designs:


Layout by Karen


Layout by Dunia


Layout by Katie


Layout by Karen


Layout by SharonS (a reader), supplies: Papers and Elements: Just Chill Relax, Joyce Paul, TDD 16, Sketch: Linda Albrecht, Alpha: Ashley Kennedy (All About Me, TDD), Font: American Typewriter


A hybrid project by Sunghee, Mini album (2.5 x 2.5). Inside pages were created with the frame from the kit.



I was born and raised in Limburg, The Netherlands. I have been married to my English hubby Nick for almost 6 years now. I work fulltime as an Administrative Assistant, I am a Digital Scrapbooking Store owner ( where I sell my designs as well. I love music and I always sing when I’m in the shower or when I’m driving. When I was younger, my cousins and I “formed” a girlband called: “Jolish” – the first 2 letters of our names. (Joyce – Lindsay – Sharon) LOL! Of course, we didn’t get any further than our garage 😉 (we aways used to sing and dance in their garage).





Today only, stop by Joyce’s blog to receive this layout for free as a Quickpage!!


When you are creating a layout in PS and you have lots of layers that need drop shadows, simply add your drop shadow to one elements/layer, copy your shadow – in PS, right click on the fx icon on your layer in the layers palette and choose “copy layer style” – then select all of the layers that you want to copy the drop shadow to – right click – paste layer style.


I started (digi) scrapping about 3 years ago and got hooked instantly. I loved not having the get my hands dirty and to have glue and glitter all over the place 🙂 Approx. one year after I started scrapping, a digi store held a designer contest, so I decided to participate. Of course I wasn’t very good, so I didn’t even make it through the first round, but I loved designing, so I decided not to give up. 🙂 I started to improve my designs and started giving away my designs as freebies on my blog. Not long after another digi store approached me and asked me if I wanted to come and sell at their store. (the rest is history – LOL)


It can be anything, really. Items from inside my house, outside, tv programs or the internet. When I have found a colour combo that I really like and feel comfortable working with, I am usually very inspired.


I have to admit that I haven’t got a clue! I bought my pc (windows) via e-bay last year, because my old one suddenly decided to died 🙂 All I know is that it was really cheap and has 2 GB RAM, but it works and it’s fast enough for me 🙂 We have got a laptop as well, but it’s usually taken by my hubby 😉

I use Photoshop CS4 and Illustrator to draw. I also use Artrage to “paint”.

My hubby bought me a Canon EOS 450D camera for my birthday last year and I love it! Although I might follow a DSLR course soon, because I don’t know half of what I can do with it and my pictures never come out as good as I want them to! lol

I use my little bamboo tablet to draw and I absolutely love how easy it is and how crisp clean my lines are!






Here are some of my favorite products by Joyce:







Here’s some layouts using Joyce’s products for inspiration. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits:





Layout by Katie, supplies: Joyce Paul collab with Polly & Rufus Mumbai Lullaby, word art from Joyce’s Just Chill Relax kit (this month’s digi files) template by Janet Phillips, font is CK Classical


Go have a look in Joyce’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a thank you to our readers, Joyce has created this coupon to share with all of us!


Joyce also wanted to share with you this team call for Mscraps and since Mscraps has been a contributor to THE DIGI FILES in the past, I thought it was a good idea too!


Scrapbooking the News


Newspaper created with newspaper generator.

Have you ever thought about including the news on a scrapbook page? It’s easier than ever thanks to the digital technology we use for scrapbooking, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Most news stories and images are protected by copyright laws. It’s important to respect these laws, but it is also perfectly ok to use news content to enrich the stories on your personal scrapbook pages. There are also ways to find copyright-free images and articles to use so I (Katie) will cover those as well.


There are several reasons why you might consider adding some local, national, or even international news stories to your scrapbook layouts.

  1. News outlets provide unbiased and well documented reports of events. If you want to find a concise way to tell the story of a major event, getting some help from a news source will help you get the job done.
  2. The news can fill in details that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It’s especially useful to see that older newspapers are joining digital archive files now. How else would we fill in the details of the lives and times of our ancestors? What about something that happened on the other side of the globe? See the list at the end of this post for some great resources.
  3. Even someone who leads an un-newsworthy life, will find useful materials to add to their scrapbooks. Have you ever wanted to save the obituary of a dear friend? Has a family member or friend won an award or had something printed about them in a news article? Have you written a letter to the editor? Has a news story had an effect on your own personal life? For me, the answer is “Yes” to each of these questions, and I have the newspaper clippings to prove it!

There are even some scrapbookers that use the news as the entire basis for some of their albums. I have created 3 such scrapbook albums. When the 2002 Winter Olympics came to Utah, the state’s biggest newspaper agency sponsored a contest for “Newspaper Scrapbooking” where the goal was to create an entire scrapbook using the newspaper stories of the Olympics as the primary ingredient. Out of hundreds of entries, I won an “honorable mention” award and ended up creating what I consider to be one of my family’s greatest treasures. I entered another newspaper scrapbooking contest a year before that where I focused on representing all of the decades of the 20th century. My 3rd newspaper based scrapbook revolves around sports and sporting events. A big portion of the album is about the Utah Jazz two trips to the NBA finals (and two failed attempts at winning the title – sigh).

All of these albums are paper based and I used actual newspaper clippings (and some photocopies) for the pages. I soaked the newspapers in distilled water, let them dry, and then ironed them (seriously!) before putting them on my pages. This has kept them from yellowing, but was so work intensive that I came to dread the whole process. Since that time there has been an entire digital revolution with how we receive our news and I have gained the software and skills needed to create digital scrapbooks. Sadly though, I’ve neglected my news based albums, but I now feel motivated and excited by all the great possibilities for incorporating the world’s events into my pages.


The obvious way would be the method that I used in my old paper based albums which is simply pasting the original article right onto the page. There are so many more options now though, especially with some digital tools and resources at your disposal.

  • Be the reporter. This is my very favorite approach to adding the news to a personal page. Grab your camera and document the events. Add your own personal journaling to tell the story. I love how team member Amy Wolff took the events from her own community and recorded them. A drunk driver took out a famous landmark so she took pictures of and explained the incident. This will be meaningful for her family for years to come and is actually an important historical document in it’s own way. It was probably somewhat therapeutic to get those frustrations out on paper as well.

How the news was used: Amy quoted the police in her own “report” which is information that could have come from a variety of local news sources. She also included her own memories of Mr. Bendo and her thoughts about this story. There was no need to use an actual clipping from a paper because she could create the content.

Layout by Amy Wolff credits

  • Express feelings. This is one of the most important reasons to include news stories in a scrapbook album – because they have an impact on our lives. These are REAL things that happen to REAL people. Writing down our own perspective of an event can help us sort through our own reactions. It is also a wonderful way to help others understand the significance of what happened. We can add our own voice to the historical record. Team member Karen did a fantastic job of sharing her personal feelings about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Even though she was not in an area that was attacked, her life was impacted and she even had to miss a beloved family member’s funeral.

How the news was used: Karen journaled about her thoughts and feelings concerning a major news event. She explained what had happened and included front page images from that day to support her words. The images are from the Newseum online archive.

Layout by Karen Credits: Krystal Hartley The Alpha Files No. 5 Freedom Festival papers; Lauren Reid Purely Cardstock, Old Trim Stamps, Bitty Stitchies Vol. 2 ; Bren Boone Independent Pride elements; Dani Mogstad Americana chipboard and tag; Font is Typewriter; Images are from the Newseum archive

  • Report the facts: Sometimes the best way to include the facts is to use them as they were written. News stories are written by reporters and are copyrighted material. However, just like you can photocopy a page from the newspaper and tuck it into your scrapbook, you can also include material from an official source and put it on a personal scrapbook page. I’m not going to sell this journaling or claim it as my own, it is simply a supplement to fill out the details of the passing of one of the great men in my state.

How the news was used: I used several paragraphs from the actual news story by Doug Robinson published in The Deseret News on February 21, 2009. I added a few lines of my own as well. I did not have a photo to accompany this story, but I really wanted to illustrate the impact this man had on our community so I looked for a copyright-free image on Wikimedia Commons and found this one of the arena that Larry H. Miller built.

katie remember
layout by Katie. Credits: Ali Edwards Remember overlay, One Little Bird beige paper, Shabby Miss Jenn Freedom button and star, colored cardstock by Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Century Gothic font, Image from Wikipedia commons.


I’m feeling motivated to add more news back into my scrapbooks. It’s a wonderful way to supplement journaling and to contribute your own experiences to the historical record. If you have some news based layouts you’d like to share we love to see them! If you upload them to The Daily Digi flickr group you can add the tag “news” if want to so they are easy to find.


Introduction to: Come Away With Me – A Travel Journal Project


I (Steph) am so very excited to share with you these posts by Kim over the next few weeks! She is amazing and we are very lucky to have her here sharing her talents and fabulous project with us. Here’s a little more about her:

Kimberly Lund has been scrapbooking for a decade and has been exclusively a digital scrapbooker for six years. In the past, she was an Honorable Mention in Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest, and has had her layouts published in Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers publications. She is a mom of 3 teenagers, has been married for twenty years, and spends her days teaching early childhood special education. For the past five years she has a blog committed to documenting her family’s life at In her spare time, she enjoys reading, photography, and plotting ways to avoid riding “Wildfire” on her next trip to Branson.


I’m not much for making resolutions, mostly because I never complete them and I hate to consider myself a slacker, so it’s easier not to make any. I did, however, spend my New Year in a self-reflective mood. Instead of resolutions, I made a loose “projects I’d like to complete” list. At the top of the list was a travel journal. My family travels. A lot. I’ve made scrapbooks about those trips, but I’ve never really just made time to write the story of a trip. I thought I might want to include a photo here and there, but mostly, I’d want it to be about the story.

For those of you who don’t now me, I’m Kimberly Lund, and I originally started scrapbooking in 2000. My family was taking what I then thought would be a once in a lifetime trip to Walt Disney World, and I wanted some way to remember all those magical moments I knew we’d be having. It’s been a decade since that time, and things haven’t changed much. I’m still scrapbooking, although I switched from paper to digital in 2004. I made a conscious decision in late 2006 to just focus on telling stories, stepping away from my goals to be published in scrapbooking magazines (although, hey, you may have seen me in a Creating Keepsakes or Memory Makers back in the day). In 2009, I started designing digital scrapbook kits and giving them away monthly on my blog, Document Life.

Looking back at my original motivation to start scrapbooking, it wasn’t a once in a lifetime trip. We’ve been to Disney parks four times in the last decade, and to Branson, MO, dozens of times. In the last decade, vacation has changed from something that “might be fun” to something that is an essential part of our family life. We are always planning a trip.

After I booked and paid for our Spring Break accommodations, I knew I had better get serious about my travel journal project. From recent projects I have done, I knew that it would be crazy helpful if I had the “meat” of the journal done before we left on the trip. I spent a winter weekend writing up some journaling prompts to help myself focus on what I wanted to remember about our trip. I wanted the prompts to be fairly generic, so I could reuse them for future trips and trip journals. Somewhere along the way, I thought that maybe my fellow memory keepers would like to read about my project. Maybe even use my journal prompts. I was sharing my idea with my friend, Steph, (who coincidentally had emailed me with a vacation planning question), and she thought it would be a fun idea for a class here at The Daily Digi. I’ve been reading this site since the day it started, and I’m so excited to be sharing this project with you here.

The class: Come Away With Me, A Travel Journal Project

Course Objectives:
Students of this class will create a daily journal to take on upcoming vacations. Students will then use the journal daily during their trip to record specific aspects of their trips. Upon returning, students will not only be able to reflect on their journal experience, they’ll have a long lasting record of the trip for years to come.

Sound good? Are you in? Want more information first? Read on!

Supplies You’ll Need:

First, you’re going to need a journal. I personally like to use spiral bound journals so I can add ribbons to the binding. It’s pretty that way. Size doesn’t really matter, but if you’re going to include the printed prompts in your journal, they are sized to 5.5×8.5″ (with 5.5” on the top), so you may want to keep those dimensions in mind while you’re shopping. It’s not a requirement of the class to include the prompts in your journal, so if you find a journal you love, buy it. Make it yours.

For my own journal, I chose to go with an upcycled book. I just love the idea of taking a used book and turning it into a journal. I usually go with a Little Golden Book journal when I’m getting ready to journal, but due to the size of the prompts, I went with a Dr. Seuss type book. Two of my favorite etsy sellers who have upcycled journals are Overdue Industries and ThisHandmadeLife.


You’ll also need a good pen. Personally, I’m a blue Bic pen girl. Get something that will make you happy when you’re writing.

Finally, you may want a color printer, or a good online developer if you decide to print the prompts.

If you’re a totally digital scrapbooker, you may decide you want to do this project on your computer. That is just fine. You can make it work however you’d like. I’m a much faster typist, and sometimes I’ll type my journal entries late at night or first thing in the morning, then later grab my pen and transfer my entry to my journal. That’s OK. It’s also OK to save your journaling now, and make a layout using it later. You could even just type your journal entries in a word processing program, and print later. It’s your journal, so it can take whatever form best fits you. It’s most important to get that travel story captured.


Week 1 (this week): Introduction to Come Away With Me, a travel journal project. Supply list.

Week 2 (April 16th): Before You Go (Planning Is My Favorite Part). Printable cover, prompts 1 and 2.

Week 3 (April 21st): Before You Go (Planning Is My Favorite Part), part 2. Prompts 3 and 4.

Week 4 (April 27th): Come Away With Me, part 1. Days 1, 2 and 3.

Week 5 (May 5th): Come Away with Me, part 2. Days 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Week 6 (May 12th): Footnote.

Each week, the prompts will be available as a .pdf file and as layered templates in case you want to use your own digital supplies to personalize them. You may want to start thinking about how you’ll use these prompts, and in what form you want them for your trip.

There will be no final, although I would love to see your finished journals at the end of the summer (you can always upload them to The Daily Digi Flickr group with the tag: “vacation journal” -be sure to use the quotes in the tag or Flickr will see it as two tags, not one). In the meantime, let this idea sit in your mind. I promise, this won’t be a huge commitment on your part. A few minutes spent preparing the journal, no more than 15 minutes each day while you’re on your trip. A trip souvenir that will be treasured for a lifetime. I’d love to have you come on this journey with me.

If you’re in, leave a comment and let us know. You can grab a blinkie or a button to post in your message board signatures or on your blog (please upload to your favorite image hosting site). For the next five weeks, I’ll talk you through the process of creating your physical journal, and the prompts you’ll need to put your story on paper. See you next week!



P.S. Our winner in the random drawing from the comments in yesterday’s post is, Tamara who said: I like More Than Words and Mixed Emotions. Thanks! Tamara, you just won $10 in product from Dunia’s store, check your inbox!

P.S.S If you have been wondering where our Basic Design Principles posts went, they will back this Friday with another guest that I am super excited to introduce to you!

Inspiration Dunia – Upside Down


Layout by iciclelady (Snap&Click on Flickr) a THE DAILY DIGI Reader, additional supplies: Papers, elements, alpha from UPSIDE DOWN by Dunia Designs (Available in the April 2010 Digi Files). Note that the yellow bow and black paper mat have been recoloured from the orginal files. Journalling font is DJB GIMME SPACE, journalling accent font is Century Gothic and date font is DJB It’s MEEEEGAN.


Layout by SharonS, a THE DAILY DIGI Reader, supplies: Paper and Elements: Upside Down Kit made by D?nia, TDD 16, Template: Janet Phillips, Font: Chalkboard


Layout by Karen


Layout by Karen


Layout by Melissa, additional supplies: All Worn Up In You by Penny Springmann/Lauren Grier, Font is CK Solid


Layout by Kellie, additional supplies: Torn N Tattered by Anna Aspnes; Springtime Cutups by Katie Pertiet; Fonts: Jailbird Jenna, Monster Paparazzi, Century Gothic


Layout by Steph

and a hybrid project by Kim:


In The Designer’s Studio With Dunia


We are so lucky to have Dunia on our team here at THE DAILY DIGI, but this month, she is also joining us as a desginer and we are THRILLED! I love the bright colors Dunia uses in her designs and the fun elments she creates! Here’s a closer look at what Dunia has in THE DIGI FILES this month:


Don’t you love it? You get this kit AND 5 others AND a collection of templates for ONLY $5 in THE DIGI FILES!! It is an AMAZING deal and a great way for you to try out some new-to-you designers and maybe get something from the designers you love! We’ll be revealing the rest of the contents all month long right here and you can always check the awesome designers page and see what has been revealed.

Here are some layouts created using Dunia’s “Upside Down:


Layout by Karen


Layout by Jackie


Layout by Melissa, additional supplies: All Worn Up In You by Penny Springmann/Lauren Grier, Font is CK Solid


Layout by Kellie, additional supplies: Torn N Tattered by Anna Aspnes; Springtime Cutups by Katie Pertiet; Fonts: Jailbird Jenna, Monster Paparazzi, Century Gothic


Layout by Steph

and a hybrid project by Kim:


Be sure to check the Team Inspiration page for even MORE layouts, including some created by our readers!



My name is Dunia, I’m from Porto Alegre (Brazil).

I live with my dear hubby Xico, my 6 year old son Yuri, my newborns twins Eduarda and Rafaela and my two dogs Floquinho and Pantufa.









I don’t like elements in a kit with lots of empty space around it. It makes the files heavy, so I use a simple and free preset for photoshop: Pngerizer, that cuts off all the empty space around png files. It’s great!


I started with paper scrapbooking, but scissors and I don’t get along well together (LoL), a couple months after I discovered digital scrapbooking and it was really love at the first sight!

I was a part of a scrap blog and we made a free kit for our readers, then Loreta Labarca from Digiscrappers Brasil invited me to sell in her store.


I’m inspired about many things, especially my kids stuff (toys, clothes, books, etc.)


I have a desktop with 4 MRAM and an external Hard Drive with 500 Giga, a Wacon Tablet and a Printer/Scanner. Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator and Art Rage. I have a Canon Xsi


All I Need is Love



2008 in Review



Here are some of my favorite products by Dunia







Here’s some inspirational layouts using Dunia’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






Go have a look in Dunia’s Store and come back and tell her what you like, we will randomly select a winner from those comments to win $10 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST and must include a product name to qualify)!

As a thank you to our readers, Dunia has created this coupon to share with all of us!



THANKS, Dunia for being sharing your creations with us and being a part of the digi files.

Happy Easter

We hope you are creating some great MEMORIES with the ones you love today! We’ll be back to our regular schedule tomorrow!

Supplies for Happy Easter card by FruitLoOp Sally at Catscrap

Lots of SALES going on This Weekend

I noticed on Twitter today, that LOTS of sites are having sales this weekend, so I thought I would share what I know and help you all catch some GREAT deals!





This HUGE collection is on sale at The Digi Chick for only $8.00:


Zig Zag Scrap:


Oscraps contest:


After Five Designs sale through Sunday:


Lots of sales and specials at SCRAPBOOK GRAPHICS

Mscraps will continue their Memory Mixer Friday Specials (and there are some good ones) through Easter

Gottapixel has a few events and several designers having sales:


Design House Digital has this going on:


The last one is not a sale, but an on-going deal 😉


There were a few other sites that just finished huge sales, sorry we missed announcing them this go-around!

Have fun shopping!!



I love the work that Songbird Avenue does and am really excited to share with our readers the April kit at Songbird Avenue, Inc. You might remember from our previous posts about Songbird, that it is an official charity. Each month, they team up with designers to create a kit with the proceeds from the sale of that kit going to charity. Each month, the charity is different. The only place you will see these kits for sale is at Songbird Avenue.

This month the designers at Songbird teamed up with Shaui Lee of Fei Fei’s Stuff to create Soar High, which will benefit The Big Shoulder’s Fund. Here’s what Songbird says about it:

“The mission of the Big Shoulders Fund is to provide support to the Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. 100% of the funds raised by Big Shoulders are used for scholarships, special education programs, instructional equipment, much needed facility improvements, faculty support, and operating grants. “
Included in this kit are: 22 patterned papers, 3 newspaper butterflies, 4 coordinating pebbles, 1 kite with string, 2 frames (w/ & w/o shadows), 1 swirl flourish, 1 hand drawn flower, 1 circle stamp with ribbon, 1 flower (w/ & w/o shadows), 1 flower overlay, 2 dandelion rubons, 2 circle flourish overlays, 1 stapled triple kite, 1 kite doodle, 1 BELIEVE doodle, 1 hot air balloon doodle, 1 phrase bubble (w/ & w.o shadows), 4 doodled trees, 2 tree notecards, 1 blank notecard, 2 12×12 inch dotted page borders, 2 dotted flower rubons, 1 button, 1 dotted overlay brush, 1 dotted journaling card with stitches, 1 pebble dot alpha (A-Z) and one 12×12 inch PSD, 300 DPI layered template by Janet Phillips.

Here’s some inspiration created with this kit:

RidingFree copy

Layout by Steph


Layout by Jacki


Layout by Melissa


Layout by Clair (Songbird Team)


Layout by Gen (Songbird Team)

Be sure to head on over to Songbird and show them some DAILY DIGI READER LOVE by grabbing Soaring High!!

Release of The Digi Files #16


April 1!! No April Fool’s around here (sorry), but the first of each month is always dedicated to launching a new set of DIGI FILES. That is just what we have today, a brand new issue of THE DIGI FILES for all of you and they will not disappoint! A fabulous lineup of designers are joining us and we are so excited to share with you their creations and a little bit more about them! Here they are:

Pink Poppy Press
Nitwit Collections
Danielle Corbitt
Julie Billingsley
Cindy Schneider (templates)

THE DIGI FILES is a collection of contributions from designers around the digital scrapbooking community. These designers do not pay to be part of THE DIGI FILES, they are invited or apply and are chosen based on their quality designs. This is a GREAT way for you to get to try out different designers each month with low risk to you. It also is what supports THE DAILY DIGI! Since we are a completely advertising free site, this is the only source of revenue we have. Purchasing THE DIGI FILES is a great way for you to show us your support in all we are doing! 🙂


We are going to try something new this month and if you like it and it works, we will keep doing it. We have had so much fun looking at your layouts in our Flickr group, that we thought it would be fun to feature some of our reader layouts in each designer’s feature. We have updated our LOOKING FOR page with names of each contributor to THE DIGI FILES #16 as well as due dates for layouts created with their products that are inside THE DIGI FILES #16 this month. We would love for you to send us layouts you have created with the contributor’s products. We have a couple of different ways that your layouts could possibly be featured:

  1. We could feature them in the “In the Designer’s Studio” features for the designer, or
  2. We could include them in the additional layouts that are posted in the “Team Inspiration” category. This category also has it’s own tab on our iPhone app. It also has it’s own RSS feed that anyone can subscribe to from that page.

note: Having an online gallery, blog, or site is NOT a requirement to participate. We would love to see any layouts from any of readers that would like to share!


We have a lot of winners to announce today as well!! First, we have SEVEN random winners of $20 worth of product each from our past contributors:


We also have the winners from Katie’s post all about online scrapbooking classes. We actually have more to giveaway than we orginally announced because threw in a couple of classes as well. The winners are:


Please check your emails, information has been sent!


One last note: I’ve gotten a few emails from people wondering why we skipped TDF13 and TDF14. I’m sorry that has been a little bit of an annoyance to some of you and will have something to fill those spots with soon, so keep an eye out! 😉