Come Away With Me – Class by Kim


Welcome back, my “Come Away With Me” travel journalers! I am so happy to have you here! Thank you for showing up to class on time and prepared. 😉

This week we’re talking about planning. Hopefully, over the last week you have taken care of choosing your journal and are ready to download some prompts and get started. One thing I should mention — I’m going to “teach” this class hoping that you have an upcoming trip in mind while you put this all together. If you don’t have a trip in the planning stages, but like the idea, feel free to download the weekly prompts and put them aside for later. There’s no rush to use these prompts; it’s just easier for me to write my weekly entries if we all pretend we’re about to take off on a trip.


This week’s download includes a cover for your journal, as well as the first two prompts. As I mentioned last week, the prompts/cover are available in both .pdf and layered template form. If you’re wanting simple and easy, print out the .pdf, trim, and glue it in your journal. If you’d like to play a bit, use the layered templates. Or just save them on your computer, and read them in electronic form. It is completely up to you and what makes you comfortable.

During this week’s lesson, we’ll cover the subject of where you’re going and where you’re staying.


How do you decide where you’re going on vacation? Maybe you’re like my sister, and every year you like to visit and discover a new place. My sister and her husband alternate years choosing where to go on vacation. My sister usually chooses a theme park-type place, the next year, my brother-in-law will choose an outdoorsy, commune-with-nature type trip.

Perhaps you’re like my family, and our only question is “Is this a Disney year or a Branson year?” That question pretty much summarizes our choices. We love both, and the deciding factor is usually money. Or my son’s paralyzing fear of flying.

For us, this was a Branson year. We first visited Branson in 2001, and we didn’t really enjoy it on that first trip. Too much traffic, too many rhinestones, just not us. However, the next year we decided to give it another try, and we have made dozens of trips in the years since 2002. Our routine at this point is to go 4 times a year during a Branson year and 2-3 times during a Disney year. The difference is that when it’s a “Branson year” for us, we buy Silver Dollar City season passes. Since it’s the 50th anniversary of the theme park, as well as my 40th birthday year and the year of our 20th wedding anniversary, it just seemed like this should be our choice.



Maybe you’re really not planning an official vacation. You could be planning a “staycation.” Perhaps you’re going to visit relatives. Those are equally valid trips to journal. My memories of my childhood are peppered with “vacations” to visit my cousins in Illinois. Sticky evenings spent playing “Kick the Can” and “Ghost in the Graveyard.” Barbie cakes. Hearing the clip clop of horse and buggies going past. Those are the memories I wish I had captured back then. Capture those memories for yourself and your family.

The first prompt, titled “The Big Decisions” asks you to journal your story of how you chose your vacation destination. Along with your story, feel free to include brochures, web addresses, or photos that helped you make your decision.


The second prompt is titled “Just A Place To Lay Your Head?” and it asks you to journal how you chose where to stay. In my family, lodging is the key to a great vacation. When I look back at our trips, it’s really the place we stayed that makes a huge difference in the memories. I can’t tell you the details of any trip where we stayed in a generic motel, but ask me about the times we stayed on-property at Walt Disney World, and I can tell you all the details. My family likes to choose places with character”– log cabins are our favorite. In fact, we will spend almost a month in log cabins this year. It’s going to be pricey, but it was a deal breaker for me.



Take this opportunity to look back at your most memorable trips and where you stayed during those trips. How does that influence your decisions today? Read the prompt, journal the story, include whatever will help keep the memories.

Your assignment for this week? Complete one or both prompts. If you do a layout or take a photo of your journal entry, please link us up. I love to leave blog love. We’ll see you next week to talk about the rest of the planning process.


Kimberly Lund has been scrapbooking for a decade and has been exclusively a digital scrapbooker for six years. In the past, she was an Honorable Mention in Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest, and has had her layouts published in Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers publications. She is a mom of 3 teenagers, has been married for twenty years, and spends her days teaching early childhood special education. For the past five years she has a blog committed to documenting her family’s life at In her spare time, she enjoys reading, photography, and plotting ways to avoid riding “Wildfire” on her next trip to Branson.

P.S. You can also upload any photos of projects to The Daily Digi Flickr group with the tag: “vacation journal” -be sure to use the quotes in the tag or Flickr will see it as two tags, not one.

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